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  1. Just a short thing, but first, welcome to the boards. There are plenty of smart, funny, wise and of course crazy people here. But I just wanted to say, very simply, that there has been a bit or a lot of narcissism in everyone I have ever known, including me. I think it's just part of being human. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Glad you are here.
  2. Get through day without drinking alcohol. Stark raving sober success so far.
  3. Forgot this yesterday. Also forgot breakfast. Today: 3 meals Tidy kitchen Laundry Waterproof little tent
  4. Breakfast, lunch and dinner noisy house work done by 1:00 Make a mask so I can visit high risk elder friend in her back yard. I'm taking my own chair so I don't touch anything of hers. Ate breakfast and lunch. Making dinner shortly, found 4 dust masks in the garage which are probably better than anything I could make.
  5. Giving this a shot, not listing everything, just some of the things I currently struggle with, in no particular order: Eat breakfast 2 Eat lunch 3 Eat dinner 4 Dishes/noisy work done before my day sleeper son goes to bed 5 Inventory cleaning supplies The food thing is going to be a big deal if I don't get my shit together here. It's just really hard for me to eat right now. I don't seem to have a strike through option on my phone. Did everything on my list today.
  6. What a lovely reunion. It's so good to see old friends here, and new ones too. This has always been a good refuge. I struggle with new tech. Quoting, for example. It's not healthy for me to worry about that now. The important thing is to connect. Dammit. Crying. just a little. Love to you all, also from the momentarily sunny Pacific Northwest.
  7. I kinda stumbled back in too. Good to see you again. This is the safest place I know.
  8. My old eyes will have to use a bigger screen than my phone from the trash heap on. Great link, thanks, echolocation! *looks for magnifying glass*
  9. Ok. You guys are wonderful thank you. I can't sit still and do anything(adhd) but I can walk. There is a park close by with a nature trail. Don't know why I didn't think of this. Also, tried to make a fucking mask. Can. Not. Do. It. No. Matter. What. And I need to stop trying because it brought me to tears after hours of trying. I've looked at the videos and pictorials, I'm just kind of broken in several areas and a little unteachable or something.Can't do math, Can't spell, Can't read a map or find my way around. Can't believe in god or gods no matter how hard I try. I can't will away my depression. These are the things people yelled at me for. At home, at school, at the drug and alcohol treatment center that used attack therapy and made me the scapegoat and yelled at me daily for nine months. Didn't plan on that tangent. Going for a walk in the woods.
  10. Other peoples anger has always fucked with me. Now a new thing happens when I get yelled at, or now at any sudden noise, I jump. Sometimes I also cringe. It's entirely involuntary, but it irritates the angry person when it happens. I am making things worse, but I can't make it stop. It happens a lot, lost count around 50 yesterday. I can't escape due to the pandemic. What I am looking for is some way to control this. I no longer have a tdoc or pdoc, just my GP Any ideas?
  11. I've been trying to figure this out. It's grief. I feel grief.
  12. Me too. Used to be very active in blogs, but lost internet for a few years other than on my phone, which had a tiny screen and itty bitty buttons that hurt my thumbs to use. So I guess I'm an old member. Nice to meet you, echolocation:)
  13. I can tell the difference when I forget my Ritalin, which I did when we went out of town recently, but I dont feel sick or run down or anything; I just feel like I did before I started taking it.
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