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  1. My depressive episodes tend to be more frequent and last longer than my manic, so hopefully this will work and even me out. from what I'm getting from everyone that's been on lamictal, it's worked really well, so I have at least decent hopes for it, if not high.
  2. I wasn't sure either, but yeah, I was assuming he meant bipolar 2. and no, doesn't really seem mild to me, but i guess everyone gauges it differently. I think he was just trying to break it to me nicely lol.
  3. Thanks, I'm glad. I was honestly worried about weight gain. Almost every medication I've ever been on before now have made me gain massive amounts of weight, (and I've had a problem being overweight since I was a teen) where as wellbutrin and Topamax actually made me drop and stabilize . So gaining again would only bring on more anxiety and depression for me.
  4. Hey All, I'm newly diagnosed with what my pshychiatrist put to me as "mild bipolar", whatever the hell that means, but I've had depression and severe anxiety disorder for years. I've been taking 300mg wellbutrin for my anxiety for a few years now, and I've been on 200mg Topamax for chronic migraines for almost 4 years. My new Psychiatrist just added Lamictal to my regimen today to try to aid with my mood swings. Has anyone been on this combo before? And Did it help? just looking for info on what I might be expecting. Thanks ?
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