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  1. Have you tried something herbal like Valerian root or Kava kava?
  2. If you think you have a problem you have a problem. I've been married to an alcoholic for over 20 years. He keeps trying to be a social drinker when the truth is that's impossible for him. Then he says , "I had a little slip up." There are no little slip ups.just A a long slide downhill.Life will never be trouble or temptation free. One must wake up and commit everyday. EVERYDAY. You may not think AA is your cup of tea but no other program will be there everyday, morning and night. And no other people will understand your problem as well.
  3. Looking at your meds I'm puzzled my you are on both Klonopin and Xanax. Something I had done was genetic testing to see what meds were most compatible for me. I know abilify has helped a lot of people but pay very close attention to how it makes you feel. I kept zoningout and missing turns when I was driving and then totalled 2 cars and sent two people to the hospital. That was the last day I took that. Unfortunately my genetic test did not arrive in time and when I finally received it it showed that it was clearly the wrong med for me genetically. Yes it seems to happen in clusters. My drivers license points went down to minus -9. I was on probation for 6 months and under observation for 18 months. I'm proud to say my license is back up to +5
  4. Tealover: Scream. cry. keen,talk about her, walk and walk and walk. Start over and do it again and one day you'll find yourself smiling at a memory. It's a process and it feels like hell but let yourself go through it. There are no shortcuts. And one day you'll also find you are stronger than you thought. One more thing. Don't let ANYONE tell you it's time to move on. There's no time limit, it's not a contest. It a wound and every wound and every person has their own time period. If some one tells you you are dwelling on it too much find someone else to talk to. Talking about the death of a loved one helps tne healing and honors their memory. And remember the good and the bad. Trust that your mind will make sense of it in your own time and way. Do not lock yourself inside yourself. Sometimes the numbness may feel like a relief, an escape. But the escape is temporary and will ultimately delay the healing. In no way does healing involve forgetting. It enhances the relationship you had. The pain will feel interminable at times. You just have to trust. Do small things, that you know would please your grandmother to continue her legacy. This will near be easy no matter how many times you go through it.

    1. TeaLovingMess


      Thank you... this all means a lot to me

  5. Hi Nervous Nellie, Yes you will be okay temporarily but obviously you will not be at your best. I have two suggestions. Try Melotonin, an OTC nuerotransmitter that signals the body it's time to sleep when it get dark. The other is prescription. You can talk to your dr, about. It's actually a blood pressure med that they use for anxiety. Good additions to have if you don't want to load up on more medicine. Also try not to take Benadryl unless it's an allergic reaction. Research has linked it to Alzheimers Oops I forgot to say it's brand name is Inderal the generic is propranolol
  6. Yes, Yes, Yes, contact your doctor. I don't care if your Dr. cares but you do. It is essential to advocate for yourself. You can not function properly without enough sleep. It's as bad as driving drunk. You may feel alert but you can not trust your judgment under the circumstances. Do not allow your physician to brush you off. Plant yourself in the office if you have to.
  7. I'm bi-polar and ADD. I take Prozac, lithium and methylphenidate. I take a very moderate amt of methylphenidate so as not to have withdrawal if I don't have it but not so much as to trigger a manic episode, of which I've had very few. My biggest problem is a disabled alcoholic husband and unfortunately I don't know of any meds that can solve that problem.
  8. Melissa, thank you for adding the website reference to my comment. I think it is a valuable addition.
  9. I recently learned about a fairly common genetic mutation, which can cause a wide variety of these symptoms. You can ask your Dr to have you tested or direct you to someone who can. It's called MTHFR and has to do with the bodies ability or inability to metabolize Folate. If you've tried everything else it's worth checking into. Wish you the best.
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