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  1. Everyone will be happy to know that the man who committed this heinous act was arrested today shortly before 3pm......He is only 20 years old: (Warning graphic photos) https://www.virginiafirst.com/news/local-news/richmond-man-charged-with-killing-burned-dog-tommie-/2014760262 Yay....Justice for Tommie.!!....I hope this dude rots in jail for a long time.....Give him the maximum! In Virginia this is a Class 6 Felony, punishable by 1-5 yrs in jail........5 years, IMO, is not long enough for this vile human being.
  2. I have severe OCD, too, but it's more of the "checking" type. According to your signature, I see you are only on klonopin and ativan currently......Has your pdoc recommended any other meds, like maybe an anti-depressant, and/or a mood stabilizer or AAP?....... I am not a doc, but IMO, benzos alone are not going to adequately treat your depression and OCD. Deep Brain Stimulation is more of a last line treatment, after failing all medications and behavioral treatments for OCD: https://iocdf.org/about-ocd/ocd-treatment/dbs/ Quotes from the article: "This intervention is only for individuals who do not respond well to cognitive behavior therapy or medication." " Patients eligible for DBS will have had very little or no response to all currently available medicines and behavioral treatments for OCD."
  3. Buspar did nothing for me......I am still on klonopin, 3mg daily........Buspar does work for a few people, so no harm in trying..
  4. Info on the internet can often be outdated......I would just call her office directly, and ask if she accepts it....... Personally, I would check before making switch to a different plan.........If you have to switch back to the one you're on now, that could take at least a few months to straighten out, and I wouldn't want you to be caught up in that BS............Just a thought.......
  5. No problem.....I hope all your docs do accept it.....Especially pdoc.
  6. Yep, MANY doctors take Humana......I didn't think you'd have a problem with that, happy to hear all your docs accept it..!! You can probably find a a good tdoc who accepts it, too.
  7. I hope so, too..........I had somebody to help me pick out a plan also....They called and made sure all my docs accepted the plan.
  8. Whatever plan you decide on, make sure first that all of your current docs take the insurance.....That would be important to know.
  9. It's not hard finding a doc who accepts it.....Lots of them do......The problem for me has been that not many pdocs in my area are accepting new patients, and that could be a problem with any insurance, depending on your area. If someone has Medicaid only, that's where there would be more of a problem finding a specialist like a pdoc.
  10. I am so sorry to hear what you are facing......When my mother (at age 80), was diagnosed with brain cancer, doctors told us she might live 6 months-1 year at the most. She had the same kind of cancer that Senator John McCain had before he passed away. They did remove one of her tumors, but the other one was way to deep to reach.....She also had radiation treatments......I can tell you it was devastating to watch this intelligent woman who was very independent, waste away gradually until she could no longer feed herself, and had to wear adult diapers... Eventually, the large tumor that they removed from her frontal lobe grew back, and then she was totally bedridden, and unable to speak......The only positive thing doctors told us was that this type of cancer was painless.....Still it was hard to watch her waste away........She died 6 months after diagnosis......One night she went to sleep and just didn't wake up. I had a similar experience with my father's death.....He also had cancer, and a very painful type cancer.....For the last 2 weeks of his life he was on high doses of morphine.......He went through chemo, and died about a year after diagnosis.....He was only 67. Yes, I had to watch both of my parents die a slow death from cancer......It is something I would not wish on my worst enemy.........The grief I endured while they were dying became almost unbearable at times.......They were both very good parents who gave me a wonderful childhood..........I still miss them so much. It is totally normal to have grief before someone actually dies...It prepares you, in a way, for when they actually pass away, but it is still never easy........I hope you have someone you can talk to about this.
  11. I use a Humana Medicare Advantage Plan......Haven't had any problems with them with drug coverage. When I had to get a PA for my 30mg Lexapro, they accepted it right away. The plan I have also covers vision, dental, and hearing.
  12. This source says that beta blockers may actually help protect and strengthen the heart: https://www.heartandstroke.ca/heart/treatments/medications/beta-blockers Quote from the article: " If your heart has been weakened, may protect it and help it get stronger"
  13. Well, if it does come back, that's great...!!........I would certainly use it again.
  14. Well, I was switched to the Accord brand late last year, after the Teva brand was no longer available, To be honest, the Accord brand works just as well as the Teva for me....haven't had any problems with it. Does your clonazepam have "C 1" imprinted on the front?--if so it's definitely Accord. To my knowledge, I don't know if Teva is going to be bringing back their clonazepam'........I've looked around and I don't see anything about any plans to bring it back........But who knows, they might sometime in the future.....
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