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  1. Your episode sounds like a bad anxiety/panic attack.......I've had these type attacks before. Sounds like your SO is being a little controlling........Hopefully the Ativan might help. If you feel comfortable sharing, why aren't you taking all your meds?
  2. Welcome to Crazyboards.!!.....I'm sorry to hear you're going through such a tough time. I am a long-time insomniac, so I can list some possible non-benzo options to try for sleep: Trazodone, Lunesta, Ambien, Belsomra (Belsomra is on the expensive side), low-dose doxepin, low dose Seroquel.......Of course you would really need to run these by your heart doc to make sure they're compatible with your health conditions. I personally use Trazodone as my main sleep med, and it works pretty well for me.
  3. I have seen cases in dogs where this shirt worked great....
  4. I can tell you my personal experience... I'm in my 50s, and I have struggled with depression since high school....I was started on my first AD when I was just 17.....SSRIs weren't available yet, so the doc put me on a TCA-amitriptyline........It worked pretty well, but I did have a few side effects.. When SSRIs came out, I tried Prozac, and it was like a miracle drug for me back then.....I took it for many years, and it never stopped working.....During this time, in my 30s and 40s, I was pretty stable, could function well, and had good jobs. Shortly after I turned 50, everything went down the drain, so to speak......I quit smoking, and was going through menopause. Somehow, all of a sudden, I became unable to sleep and started having panic attacks and severe anxiety......It was at this time that my GP thought I needed to see a pdoc......Before this, he had been giving me Prozac, but the anxiety was so bad, he felt I needed to see a pdoc for further evaluation. Ever since the anxiety component happened, things got worse and worse and I developed the OCD.....My pdoc tried me on many meds.......By this time, I lost a good job because I was missing so many work days. Finally, because of all the depression, anxiety, OCD, and lack of sleep, I felt I could no longer hold a job......I applied for disability, and was accepted......I am sort of stuck now in the same mode, and things have even gotten a bit worse........I now have horrible panic attacks, OCD rituals and compulsions, and crushing depression.........The only thing that seems to work are my sleep meds. At least I can sleep now, but not much else.....I can't go shopping, can't leave the house by myself or drive, unable to cook, do housework or laundry.....I have to have help from others now. I want to try TMS, but I can't afford it..........So I'm pretty stuck now .......I'm not really in denial about my condition, I accept that I might be this way for the rest of my life.........I do have hope though, hope that this could change. Sorry I painted such a gloomy picture, but that's just my experience......Hopefully some others will respond that have a more positive story.
  5. You could try a "thundershirt"...It's a special garment for dogs that's highly effective in calming anxious dogs....Over 80% success rate.....Could be worth a try, IMO... https://www.thundershirt.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI48eVgImy4gIVDYTICh00SAWwEAAYAiAAEgI7nPD_BwE
  6. Sorry the insurance company is being such a PITA...........How much does Abby weigh?....Diazepam for dogs is usually dosed by weight.
  7. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.....It's good to know I'm not alone........ I hope the extra risperdone helps soon......Pdoc and I are going to discuss it next appt in early June.
  8. My pdoc said they were possibly "delusional", but she really hasn't decided if they are really severe intrusive OCD thoughts, or "delusions"............I guess we'll probably talk about it next appt.....**SIGH**
  9. Well, according to @HydroCat above, seeing disasters about to happen is common in OCD, but at a certain point, if they are really severe intrusive thoughts, they could be called "delusions" at a certain point.
  10. Wow.....I know that had to be scary......I'm just wondering why these type attacks just started recently for me......Wondering if it's something to do with the OCD......Oh well, I did tell pdoc, and she increased risperdal to 3mg.
  11. CVS is starting to offer home delivery--I don't know all the details yet, but here's an article: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2019/04/04/cvs-pharmacies-launch-same-day-delivery-prescriptions/3363090002/ That's a good idea to go in and ask pharmacist a question......
  12. I use CVS, they've always been pretty good.....Employees are always very polite.....But, that could vary according to individual location, I guess.
  13. You know what, I've never really noticed if manufacturer was listed on my info sheets or not....Yes it will be a PITA to confront them.
  14. That, I am not sure about....Don't know if listing the manufacturer is legally required.
  15. According to this link, there is an FDA regulation that requires pharmacies to include an FDA medication guide with each med, but surprisingly, some pharmacies still don't do it. https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2011/06/can-you-read-this-drug-label/index.htm
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