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  1. There are flaws in 23andMe's health kit testing.......As it says at the end of this article, an evaluation done by your doctor would be best. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/02/01/opinion/23andme-cancer-dna-test-brca.html As for why they are selling these kits on the market?..... I'm guessing they are making quite a bit of money from the sales.
  2. If I recall, beans haven't been mentioned, but they can help constipation as well........I'm a vegetarian, so I do eat a good amount of beans..... Also, if you like rice, try to eat brown rice, not white rice.....Brown rice has a lot more fiber than white.
  3. No need to apologize at all.....From your post, you say your medication takes away the suicidal thoughts, but according to what you're saying, you seem to be affected by a lack of motivation to do all the things you want to do.....Have you spoken to your psychiatrist about the lack of motivation?......I don't know what med(s) you are on currently, but it would probably be a good idea to speak to your doc about it. You are only 16, so please don't give up on yourself......I'm in my 50s and I'm not about to give up........I hope you have a good day.☺️
  4. I could ask about it at next telephone appt in December.....I am going to definitely ask for clarification on what numbers 2-9 mean...... I've only been given clarifications on number 1= no depression, and number 10=want to kill myself....... At last appt, I said I would rate myself as number 9, because although I am still very depressed, I have no desire to kill myself at all. Thanks Gear.....I hope you are feeling better....
  5. Right now, I'm just wishing for 2020 to be over, already.....I've had quite enough of 2020......**SIGH**
  6. I'm doing Thanksgiving with just my roommate, daughter, and son.......I am scared of the surge happening now in my state......Daughter will be getting a COVID test shortly beforehand, because she has been away at college.....Son has been working at home since April......He hardly ever leaves apartment, and gets his groceries delivered...He also is very good about wearing masks, so I feel he is very low risk. I felt a little uncomfortable asking daughter to get a test, but she can get one free at her college....At her college they are encouraging everyone to get a test before going home for Thanksgiving.....Daughter has been doing all of her classes online, but says she will get a test since she can get one free, anyway.
  7. Does your doc know you are smoking the cannabis (marijuana)?.....
  8. Yes, I plan on asking for clarification at next appt.......I think I can do it.....I hope I can.
  9. Thanks Cheese, I agree with asking to clarify the scale, that's great idea......That would help a bit, I guess.......Also, I admit I like seeing a doc in person rather than these telehealth appointments, but it is what it is......**SIGH**
  10. I agree.....The 1-10 scale, with no descriptives of what levels 2-9 really entail, seems very inadequate to me. That does sound very frustrating.....**SIGH**
  11. He only has descriptives for level 1 and level 10..... For the depression scale, he describes level 1 as having no depression at all, and level 10 as wanting to kill yourself......No other descriptives for numbers in between 1 and 10, which is not very helpful at all.....At least he could tell me descriptives for all the levels, but that's not the case.
  12. Mild, moderate and severe sounds like a better assessment system, than the 1-10 scale my pdoc uses.
  13. I wasn't sure where to put this post, but mods please feel free to move it if necessary...... My new pdoc uses this 1-10 mood assessment scale.....He asks how I rate my depression, anxiety, and OCD on a 1-10 scale when we have telehealth appts.....Of course I always have high numbers.....The number 10 on his assessment scale for depression means you want to kill yourself......Well, I don't want to kill myself, so I rate myself as 9 on depression...In other words, my depression is severe, but not at the suicidal level........For anxiety and OCD I always rate myself a 10. My previous pdocs never used this scale......They always asked for details on how my conditions were affecting me....To be honest, I really don't care for this method of assessing my conditions, but he is at a teaching hospital, so maybe he is required to do it......I give him some details......I've only had 3 appts with him so far, but last time he said we need to get my numbers lower.......Well, I've been trying to get my "numbers" lower for years now.....**SIGH** My appts last about 20-30 minutes on average. He asks how I feel about my medications......The only thing I could say was, I think they are at least allowing me minimal functioning. (I can sleep, can go out occasionally, but can't go out at all without someone with me). My therapist occasionally uses this scale with me, but only once in awhile......She is more interested in the details of my functional limits. Anybody else's pdoc/therapist use this scale regularly?.....If so, how do you feel about it?.........Any thoughts/experiences welcome. Thanks for reading.
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