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  1. This home test must be fairly new....Haven't heard of it, so I don't know how accurate it might be..... When I had an FSH test a while ago, I had to go to my doc's office.
  2. I definitely suggest talking about this with your pdoc.......You do have room to go up on the Remeron, if your doc agrees.....Max recommended dose is 45mg/day......However, the lower doses tend to be more sedating, from what I have seen here.
  3. My therapist has recommended getting a therapeutic light box since my depression gets even worse during fall and winter......I have never used one, so don't have much knowledge about choosing a good brand, or how to use it. If you have ever used one, did it help any with your depression?.....All feedback welcome and appreciated...
  4. I tried low dose Seroquel (100mg) for sleep only, but even that small dose made me gain weight, so I stopped it after about 6 months.......I would like to add that not everyone gains weight on Seroquel.
  5. I agree with @browri about Klonopin (clonazepam).......I only take it 2x per day (morning and night)......It is a good long-lasting option, IMO.
  6. When I tried Remeron, I was on 15mg for around 6 months or so....I experienced strange dreams the whole time I was on it.....The reason I eventually stopped it was because I gained a bunch of weight on it........However, I'm not downing Remeron at all, it works really well for some people.
  7. Pretty good.......He's said he's not going to change my sleep meds, because they are working....YAY..!!.......However, some others could be changed eventually, but that's okay......I was mainly concerned about keeping the sleeping meds (clonazepam and Trazodone).
  8. Have you discussed any of your concerns with your pdoc?......That would be a good idea if you haven't already done so.
  9. I have phone appt with new psychiatrist in about 20 minutes....The anxiety is overwhelming....I totally don't know what to expect from this pdoc....
  10. If you are taking 100mg Traz, you still have some room to go up a bit, if your doc agrees........It takes 200mg for me to sleep.....Just a thought....
  11. Technically speaking, there is a potential for interaction if you are taking 2 SSRIs......Both Paxil and Prozac increase serotonin levels. However, it all comes down to what your doctor thinks is best for you.....For instance, I am on 2 SSRIs (Lexapro and Trintellix), and personally, I have never had any problems.
  12. The intake person I spoke to at the teaching hospital said that benzos are bad for you, and addictive......She was only an intake office person, not a doc or a nurse, so I think she spoke a little out of turn......**SIGH**......
  13. @notloki, thanks.......That's very interesting.....I'm having to change pdocs because mine is retiring, and it's a teaching hospital I have to go to now.......The intake person indicated that many pdocs there don't like benzos.....I certainly hope the new pdoc will let me stay on my clonazepam..
  14. Do you have any family members or friends you could stay with?........If so, you might be able to share a place to live, and pay less rent. Just an idea.
  15. I agree..... @100catscrazy, Have you tried to straighten out the meds issue with your pharmacy/doctor?
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