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  1. Like @mikl_pls mentioned above, you could increase the Lexapro dose you were taking.......For SSRIs at least, you usually need higher doses for OCD.........I take 30mg Lexapro......I did have to get a PA for that, since the max dose is supposed to be 20mg, but it was approved no problems from my insurance.
  2. Thanks for your input.........I'm happy to hear you've had mostly good experiences with your front-loaders......I guess I'm revealing my age here, but I just prefer the top loaders.........I'm really sad to see the disappearance of the traditional washers. My sis had an HE front loader, can't remember what brand, but was expensive (800-1000 range), that she had constant problems with, and it died after only 4 years, so maybe I am a bit biased.....She might have just gotten a lemon, but she was always complaining about that washer. Yes, the cycles taking so long seems to be a common complaint about all these HE washers, whether they are front-load or top load..........I'm glad you seem to be very happy with your washer....!
  3. Thanks for responding.......I hope your old one lasts a bit longer....I surely do.....Because these HE machines are all that's available now, to buy new......I admit I looked into buying a used "traditional" machine, like my old one, but decided against it because it was already 7 yrs old.........I'll see what my water bill looks like next time, hope you're right about the water. I have learned a lot just from reading around on the internet....Most folks seem to not really like these HE machines, if the reviews are any indicator.....It doesn't matter what the brand is, most people just don't like them...The main complaints being that it takes so long to do one load of laundry, that the auto-sense option just doesn't put enough water in to get their clothes clean, and the onboard computers failing after only a short time.......I have a one year factory warranty. Also, whether a front-loader or a top loader, it is recommended in the manuals to do a special "cleaning cycle" every 30 loads to prevent mold and mildew growth...You have to use either bleach, or a special cleaning tablet called "affresh"......And the list goes on why I hate these things. ........So for anyone who still has a traditional washer, if it breaks, have it repaired if you possibly can.....Or you'll be faced with nightmare of having one of these "high-efficiency" machines........
  4. Mine does have dial controls, except for the START button......It also has an agitator, so what we've been doing so far is placing the clothes loosely around the agitator pole at the bottom.....I know not all the HE machines have an agitator, but mine does.. Haven't tried the normal setting, but my owner's manual said that choosing "Normal" setting will cause the "auto-sense" option to kick in.....So have the setting set on "Heavy" option so it will do the deep water wash. Maybe between brands they operate a little differently, but on my machine the "auto-sense" setting isn't even worth it, it doesn't even cover the clothes with enough water, so I have decided, for my particular model, to always use the "deep water" setting, along with the "heavy" cycle option.......That's the only way they get clean, for me personally....**SIGH**.. Now the salesman that talked to us said never to use regular detergent, or it would damage the machine....I suspect that was mostly scare talk......But I got a free large bottle of Tide HE with the purchase, so that's what's been used so far....When the Tide HE runs out, I haven't exactly decided what to use....But there's no sensitive skin problems here. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it....!!........And I hate mine, too.....LOL Oh, BTW, is yours a front load or top load?.....I read about the front-loaders being more prone to mold and mildew, so I got a top loader.
  5. Okay, so my old traditional Kenmore washer died after 10 years of faithful service. and no repairs, ever....RIP Kenmore....I miss you so much. My son took me to pick out a new one...It seems all they had available were these HE (high-efficiency) washers....Different brands, but all were "high-efficiency".....We picked out an Amana top-loading machine that has an agitator......Apparently you have to use special "high-efficiency" soap in these machines, but that's not a big deal. The HE machines are complicated for me at least, I was used to the old-school ones.......In the new HE washers, there are really only 2 options for water depth.......You have to select "auto-sense" or either "deep water wash"........The auto-sense option is supposed to sense the amount of clothes you have in there, and only dispense just enough water to wash the load..........The deep water wash option fills the machine all the way to maximum water level. First, we tried the auto-sense wash option......This option puts only a very small amount of water in the machine....It wasn't even enough to cover the clothes we put in!!.....We did read the manual carefully before using....You only need a small amount of "high-efficiency" soap. Second, the machine took an hour to do one load of wash..!!........How is that considered "high-efficiency"?....My old machine only took about 20-25 minutes to wash a load. Third, the top layer of clothes was not even completely wet when the load was done!!....How is that going to get clothes clean? I read some things online about these machines.....And a lot of people said they only used the "deep water wash" option, because that was the only choice that got their clothes clean.....So, the auto-sense option is basically crap, in my opinion. We did wash the load over again using the deep water option, and the clothes came out clean this time, but the deep water option takes even longer to finish a load, about an hour and 20 minutes..!! How can they call these machines "efficient"??.........To get clothes clean, you have to use the deep-water option, and it takes so dang long for them to even finish one load of clothes.... It doesn't make any sense...!!.......I hope I don't have a panic attack when I see my next water bill. I know this was long, so thanks for reading......Any help or tips from someone who actually has one these damn things?....Any help appreciated.
  6. Where are you getting your current psych meds?.....From a general practice doctor?
  7. Yes, I think that's a good idea to visit first, and see for yourself.
  8. Regarding the first question--I don't really know whether it's legal or not for HUD building owner to do this..........To find out more, you could call the Nashville HUD office...All contact numbers included in the link: https://www.hud.gov/states/tennessee/working/nashvilleoffice I did find the Tennessee Health Department's minimum qualifications that a hotel must meet: https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/health/documents/1200-23-04.pdf I didn't read the whole document, but it does address rodent and insect control on page 3 of the pdf. Hope this helps.......I wish I knew more......I'm very sorry that the conditions in the hotel are so bad.
  9. IMO, I think the most important thing for you, would be to decide: A) "Do I just want to have fun"? (FWB) B) Or, "Do I want to pursue a long term, intimate relationship"? Whichever one you choose, just make sure the other person understands, and is clear on what you want...
  10. Congrats on your progress...!!......Hope things continue to get better....
  11. Cool-ish here right now, about 60 F.....Supposed to get hotter tomorrow.
  12. For us here on CB, who have MI already, I think sleep deprivation hits us especially hard.....I know it was very difficult, personally, before I found the sleep combo that works for me.
  13. Yes, I have called many docs, but if they aren't accepting my insurance, I can't afford to pay cash....I live on a fixed income, so every dollar counts........Wish I had the option to pay cash, but I can't......I am still searching, anyway, though. Thanks for the encouragement.....I appreciate it.....
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