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  1. Well, the latest is that my appointment this past Tuesday was cancelled due to my therapist having a family emergency......I have another appointment scheduled for this coming Tuesday.....I will update then what she plans.......
  2. Thanks for sharing......I'm happy to hear this helped you..........I am not sure how my therapist is going to do exposure with me.....It would make sense to tackle the least distressing thing and move up, although I have read that some therapists go all out and address the most distressing thing first. Most of my OCD is centered around everyday things that a typical person wouldn't think twice about doing, like going outside, cooking, driving, going to the grocery store, etc.......I can't do any of those things because they scare me......Someone has to drive me to all my appointments, and to get meds, etc. My therapist's goal, I think, is to try to get me to do some simple things first, by myself.....At least I hope so.......Her specialty is actually ptsd, and she works with a lot of military people with ptsd, so she is familiar with exposure therapy.......I am not sure how she plans to address my particular fears, since they are not really centered around traumatic events. I will update tomorrow after my appointment on what her plan is.......Thanks again, so much......Reading about your experience really helped.
  3. When I needed to stop mirtazapine, my doctor at the time put me on a taper plan.....She said that mirtazapine is a med that should be gradually tapered, and not stopped cold turkey.........Just my experience.
  4. Yes, I will doing updates on this.......My therapist and I will be planning for it at my next appointment in a couple of days....I will post what we plan to do.....I am trying to think positive, and have some hope....
  5. Thanks @Iceberg, I appreciate it.......Nice to know your family member had good results.....I'll try to keep an open mind....I've been with this therapist for 2 years, so I do trust her pretty well.
  6. My therapist wants to try "exposure therapy"......I have read about it and it sounds terrifying to me. She is going to talk with me more about it next week. Has anyone ever done this type therapy?.......If you have, was it successful or helpful? Any thoughts and experiences welcome......Thanks !
  7. Do you currently have a psychiatrist? If not, I would recommend seeing one about these symptoms......We can't diagnose here, because we aren't doctors, but it certainly sounds like these things are bothering you a lot. I have been diagnosed with OCD, but my symptoms are somewhat different than what you describe.
  8. I totally agree......The scary thing about lifting mask mandates is that there's really no way to prove who's vaxxed and who's not.....Yes, at least some people are definitely going to lie, and as far as I know, no stores are even making an effort to check yet. To give example, my sister refuses to get vaccinated, and, now that mask mandates have been lifted, she goes inside places without a mask !!...AARGGHH....She says no one in any store she's been in, has even asked if she's vaxxed...I'm very ashamed to admit my own sister is risking her health, and health of others.... I have heard of some cases of people trying to get and sell fake vaccination cards....Those links are in my other thread about the WHO. Like I've said before, I don't trust the general public....There's certainly going to be at least some unvaccinated folks walking around inside stores with no mask........So even though I'm fully vaxxed, I'll still wear a mask on the rare occasions I go inside a place of business.....
  9. I'm also concerned about the children under 12, who can't be vaccinated yet.....Another good reason to still mask up.
  10. Here in the U.S., most if not all states have lifted their mask mandates, which I don't agree with....I think it's way too soon to lift mask requirements. Overall, only about 50% of the population in U.S. is fully vaccinated, although in my state itself, it's close to 60%.......As of now, here in the U.S., the vaccine is freely available to anyone 12 yrs old and older, but we have some pockets of very low vaccination rates, especially, in the deep south and midwest states. I don't trust the general public.....Some, maybe quite a few, unmasked folks aren't vaccinated yet......So, I'm still wearing one.
  11. Maybe you already found this one....... Here's a clinical study, that showed mood scores improved in depressed people who augmented an SSRI with T3: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16483669/ Here is a similar study, but this one was done only with female patients: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17289154/ I have personally never heard of T3 being used as a augment for depression........Maybe many pdocs are reluctant to do it for the reasons you listed (possible heart/bone density side effects)...........Perhaps you could bring it up with your pdoc, and get some feedback on it......Never hurts to ask.
  12. I'm mostly a checker, too, but I have other compulsions and obsessions....I check if windows locked, door locked, stove off, all appliances off, multiple times per day. I also check my medications, counting the pills, to see if it's all there........I worry all the time about my house catching on fire....Don't drive because I'm scared of having an accident.......Also worry and ruminate about health stuff, mostly cancer, I think because both my parents died of cancer....I worry about additives and/or pesticides being on my food. I also wash my hands a lot, after I touch something that I think had some germs on it......I use very gentle soap to wash hands, and my hands are still pretty dry, but not cracked or bleeding. So yes, I think a person with OCD could possibly have several different subtypes......I'm sorry to hear you're struggling....OCD really takes a toll on me, speaking personally.
  13. I'm mostly scared of the unmasked folks who aren't vaccinated.....They are putting others at risk, not just themselves.....How selfish they are......I have already heard of unvaccinated folks trying to get fake vaccination cards...... https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/08/health/forged-covid-19-vaccine-cards-warning/index.html https://www.npr.org/2021/06/08/1004264531/fake-covid-vaccine-cards-keep-getting-sold-online-using-one-is-a-crime
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