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  1. Have you spoken to your doc specifically about your morning depression?....If so, would you feel comfortable sharing what your doc suggested or recommended?
  2. Doctors and researchers have not really determined what causes "diurnal depression", or "morning depression", although they think it might have something to do with circadian rhythms............There are also people whose depression gets worse towards the evening. There is no separate diagnostic criteria for "morning" or "evening" depression, both can be classified as major depressive disorder. I'm not a doctor, but IMO, the pharmacological answer might be trying an anti-depressant (AD), if you aren't already on one....You may have to try different ADs, or combination of meds, until you find what's best for you. Here's a good article I found on the subject: https://www.verywellmind.com/diurnal-mood-variation-1067149
  3. You have an NP prescribing your meds, but do you have a therapist or counselor to talk to? Having a good therapist can be very helpful. It seems from your post that you've tried a lot of things....At this point, ECT could be worth a look.
  4. I have tried it, but unfortunately it didn't do anything for my anxiety.....Hopefully you might have better luck..
  5. I've been living so very long with severe depression, that I can't even imagine myself getting happier. But at least I'm still alive...I guess that's something....**SIGH**
  6. Plus, NSAIDS, with long term use, could increase risk for stomach ulcers. https://www.verywellhealth.com/nsaids-and-peptic-ulcers-1941723
  7. I've never taken the first 2 you listed....I have taken ibuprofen for the occasional headache....I've never noticed any mental benefit when I take it.
  8. I've never tried Chantix, but have you ever tried nicotine replacement to quit smoking (patches, gum, lozenges)?......This worked for me, and I still chew a piece of nicotine gum once in awhile if I get a craving. My doc knows I occasionally chew the gum, and agrees it's better than smoking a cig.....Also, for most smokers, it usually takes multiple attempts at quitting smoking before a smoker quits for good. https://www.fda.gov/tobacco-products/health-information/quitting-smoking-closer-every-attempt Give yourself some credit for staying off cigs for 2 years..!
  9. I've never had it done, but I did find an article, written by someone who had it done on her belly fat, and what she experienced: https://www.shape.com/lifestyle/beauty-style/coolsculpting-froze-my-belly-fat-and-how-it-felt
  10. I can totally understand.....My OCD is so bad now that I cannot work, and can't leave my house without help. I have counting and checking rituals, too, plus some hand-washing rituals.....I know it's terrible, I live it every day. Just wanted you to know you're not alone....
  11. Yes, I have tried Luvox.....I forget what dose I got to, but it was in the higher range.....Unfortunately, it didn't do anything for my OCD,.........But it didn't cause any terrible side effects, either, at least for me. I tried clomipramine, too, with little success.....**SIGH**.... IMO, I would say Luvox is at least worth a shot if you've never tried it, though....It is approved by FDA for treatment of OCD and social anxiety..
  12. Feeling irritable and very tired.....Maybe because I'm tapering off my Wellbutrin?
  13. Yes, I know people who are unhappy with their experience are more likely to post.......Seems like there is no super accurate method to weigh options, when it comes to choosing a pdoc, unless you actually talk to the doc on the phone, or go to an appt.
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