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  1. I understand how you feel, because I suffer greatly with my disorders. Do you have a therapist you can talk to?.......If not, therapy might be worth a try. I have a therapist that I talk to regularly.....Talking with someone about what you're going through could help.
  2. I tried Paxil in the past, but am no longer on it.....I took it in the evening, because it had a sedation effect, for me personally..... Did your pdoc give you any instructions as to when to take it? If you have just recently started taking it, it's also possible that the lethargy is a start-up side effect that could improve with time.
  3. Some of the start up side effects from zonegran might go away in time. However, if you continue to feel very depressed and hopeless while you're taking it, I think you should let your pdoc know.
  4. My best advice would be talking to your doc or pharmacist about this.....They would be the ones best able to give you more info.
  5. I really hope the zonegran works out for you !!..........Please keep us posted.
  6. Thanks so much for the suggestion....I'll ask pdoc about trying the pregabalin...!!
  7. @basuraeuropea, just for what it's worth, the only notable side effect I've had from Trintellix, was some mild nausea when I first started it....The nausea went away after a few weeks.......I've been on it a little over a year. I haven't had any vomiting or other GI problems from it, and absolutely no hair loss, either. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I can understand your doc's reasoning, but my already high anxiety has not gotten worse on the trazodone, in other words it's pretty neutral as far as my anxiety goes, but it does at least help me get a decent night's sleep, and I don't gain any weight on it. I have tried ambien before, but unfortunately, it did nothing for my insomnia, so I stopped it...Can't remember exactly what dose, but it was pretty high as I remember. Trintellix is pretty neutral for me, definitely not activating at all at 20mg.....But when I tried Wellbutrin I can say it was VERY activating, so that was stopp
  9. Have you ever tried Trazodone?......It's technically an anti-depressant, but is prescribed very often for insomnia due to it's sedating properties.....It has a pretty wide dosage range....For instance, a typical starting dose might be 25-50mg, but I take 200mg, because I've found that to be what works best for me. I've even lost a few pounds on it......I take it at bedtime with clonazepam.
  10. Does it say anything on the prescription bottle about not splitting the tablets?.....Are the tablets scored? I don't have any personal experience with Nuvigil, so I can't tell you for sure about splitting it. It might be best to wait and ask pharmacist. Hopefully someone who has used it can better answer your question.
  11. I have OCD , too, and have taken 30mg escitalopram (Lexapro) before, and it didn't affect my QTC........Only reason I went down in dosage to 10mg, was that my doc added Trintellix (another SSRI) to my meds. Sometimes, higher doses of SSRIs are needed to help OCD symptoms.......What you do is up to you, but I would certainly consider at least trying the higher dosage, as recommended by your pdoc.........If the higher dosage doesn't help, or affects your QTC, you always have the option of stopping it.
  12. I have struggled with my OCD so long without a solution, so you are not alone. Thank you for your support, I appreciate it.....I hope to find a better solution than brain surgery (YIKES)....IMO, there is relatively little known about the human brain, so I definitely don't want surgery on mine. According to the article I posted, only about half of the people who receive the surgery return to normal brain function....So even with this surgery, there's only a 50% chance it will work.......Not good enough odds for me.
  13. Well, now you are going to get a fresh start, with getting the plaque removed......I think the waterpik is a great idea.....You can do this...!!
  14. Genetics can play a role, too, in gum disease......Have any of your family members had gingivitis or problems with their teeth/gums? Also, hormonal changes, or using birth control pills, can sometimes be a risk factor.
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