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  1. All I know about my current tdoc, is that she's married and has a kid in college.....That is all, and I've been seeing her for a year. I know absolutely nothing personal about my pdoc......But I do see her professional credentials displayed on the wall, and that's enough for me.
  2. Trump is set to announce an executive order against large social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook........This announcement came after Twitter came out against 2 of his Tweets, calling them "potentially misleading". https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/28/politics/trump-twitter-social-media-executive-order/index.html Quote from article: " The draft executive order being prepared by the Trump administration tests the boundaries of the White House's authority..In a long-shot legal bid, it seeks to curtail the power of large social media platforms by reinterpreting a critical 1996 law that shields websites and tech companies from lawsuits." If he does this, it will almost certainly be challenged in court, IMO, and the court cases will drag on for months. Isn't the coronavirus enough for him to deal with?.....**SIGH""
  3. Don't hate yourself.....Weight gain happened to me also when I was on Seroquel......Would it be an option to switch to a more weight neutral AAP?
  4. I can understand how you feel, and it might be hard to accept, but the relationship between therapist and patient is supposed to be a professional relationship, IMO.....The focus is supposed to be on you and your needs, not the therapist--after all, you are the one paying for it...........Some therapists will reveal minor information about themselves, such as maybe marital status, or if they have kids, etc, and some won't even reveal anything personal. There's also another reason why most therapists might not choose to reveal their personal struggles or problems with patients.....A patient's personal information is protected by HIPPA laws......Any information a therapist reveals to you about themselves, is totally unprotected....A patient could potentially tell anyone about their therapist's problems. Not to imply that you would do such a thing, but some patients could not be trusted, therefore the majority of therapists don't share more than the absolute minimum about themselves. I'm glad you have a good therapist, though--they are hard to find.
  5. @Complicated toad, do you have any friends that might be going through the same struggles?......You might be able to talk to them....... I know you said you don't want anyone else to know, but do you have a therapist you trust that you could confide in?
  6. We continue here at Phase 1--no dine-in allowed, only outdoor dining permitted at 50% capacity......gyms, bowling alleys, bars still closed, although liquor stores are open.....Beaches open only for exercising and fishing......Non-essential retail open at 50% capacity, barbers and salons open at 50% capacity........Don't know how long we will continue in Phase 1, because cases still continue to rise.....K-12 schools still closed until beginning of academic year this fall, at least......They are still debating about how to reopen the public schools safely. Our Gov gives updates on the situation every Mon, Wed, and Friday......Word is that he is highly likely to make face masks mandatory when in public....I guess I'll find out more when he gives update today.......I hope he does make masks mandatory.....Although some people might not like it, I think it's safer to begin reopening with masks.
  7. I wish they would do that here, especially since my state has partially reopened (Phase 1).......Right now. where I am, face masks are "strongly recommended" in public places, but it's not required......**SIGH**........The good thing is, some stores are now requiring masks to enter their businesses, and I hope more stores start doing it.
  8. Congrats on quitting!!....I quit cigs in 2013, and I still like the smell of cigerette smoke....**SIGH**...Everybody's different, though. I still chew nicotine gum occasionally.
  9. Like you, I am nearsighted......I have dry eye as well, with occasional blurry vision, and focus problems.....At my eye appointment, earlier this year, my eye doc did not seem too concerned, and told me I could buy some really good drops for dry eyes over the counter (Not promoting the brand, but I have found "TheraTears" to work well for me)....he said that my level of dry-eye really didn't need a prescription. I never had any thoughts about my pysch medications causing the eye issues, but maybe so, although I wouldn't know which one. You could consider getting OTC drops for your eyes until you get to your appt......I don't think you should freak out. Do you wear contac lenses, or glasses, or both?......I wear both, and have found the issues I have get worse when I wear the contacs.
  10. No problem......I hope you can get it figured out when you talk to doc.
  11. @jarn, yes it's possible for olanzapine to cause lowered BP....... https://www.nami.org/About-Mental-Illness/Treatments/Mental-Health-Medications/Types-of-Medication/Olanzapine-(Zyprexa) https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/drugs/18192-olanzapine-tablets I also found a link about high doses of CBD causing "modest " drop in blood pressure, although I have no experience with CBD and don't know what's considered a "high dose": https://www.consumerlab.com/answers/cbd-effects-on-blood-pressure-and-heart-rate/CBD-blood-pressure/ For what's it's worth, I have low normal BP, too, about the same range as yours..........My BP tends to be lowest in the morning, and goes up a bit as the day goes on..........My pdoc doesn't seem too concerned about it. If you're concerned and worried about it, I suggest calling and talking to your doc.
  12. Did your doc tell you to take it in the morning?.......I would suggest calling doc and let him/her know what symptoms you're having.
  13. I agree on that....If you're used to drinking the diet coke, my bet would be it's the sugar...Although It could also be the caffeine, if you're used to the caffeine-free diet coke.
  14. Well, at least that is only a little over 2 weeks away.....Not too much longer.
  15. In most of my state, non-essential retail businesses will be allowed to open tomorrow (May 15) at 50% capacity...Salons and barber shops allowed also to open tomorrow at 50% capacity, by appt only.......Dine in restaurants will only be allowed to open their outdoor dining areas at 50% capacity tomorrow.....If a restaurant has no outdoor dining space, it must remain closed.....This is Phase 1 for us....Gyms and bowling alleys, movie theatres, indoor dining, still will be closed during Phase 1, which will last 2-4 weeks......Don't know any details yet about what Phase 2 and Phase 3 will look like. However, the northernmost counties of my state, the hardest hit by far, will not enter Phase 1 for at least 2 more weeks......I live in the central area of my state, so some things will be reopening here tomorrow.............I already have booked a hair appointment for myself (the appointment will be in June).....I'm a little nervous about it, but I have been with this same stylist for more than 15 years, and I know she will do things by the book.
  16. It definitely is tough to weigh everything, and decide when the right time is........Yes, I think it is a bit soon, too, for things to start opening....Many (although certainly not all) states here are trying to reopen carefully..........It's really difficult....Even if things do reopen, will people feel comfortable going?.........IMO, I think most people will not be totally comfortable for quite a while. Even when things reopen, the virus will still be around, until an efficient vaccine is available, and "herd immunity" is achieved. https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/articles/achieving-herd-immunity-with-covid19.html
  17. Trazodone knocks me out within about 30 minutes, so I take it right before I get in bed....
  18. I go to a private psychiatric clinic.....My pdoc usually returns my phone calls the same day, or the day after.....If it's a thing about me needing to refill a medication or something simple like that, a nurse usually calls me back the same day......I have never waited more than a day for a call back from my pdoc. My therapist (also private practice) always calls back the same day if I'm having problems. @Wonderful.Cheese, I realize your county clinic might be busy, but I think somebody should return your calls within a reasonable time. If you decide you might want to start looking for a new pdoc, here's a site that I found helpful in finding a new therapist....However, the link below is for psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/psychiatrists All you need to do is enter your zip code.......It even lists the insurance that the pdoc accepts, although it would probably be a good idea to call and double check about the insurance, because I'm not sure how often the site updates that info.
  19. I agree....When I have a severe panic attack, it feels to me like I'm about to die.
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