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    Previous crazy meds that worked: Cymbalta, Provigil, Prozac, Remeron, Strattera (effectiveness debatable), Wellbutrin, Zoloft.
    Previous crazy meds that didn't work: Chloral Hydrate, Gabitril, Lunesta, Midrin, Trazodone, and Zyprexa.
    Previous migraine meds that worked: Imitrex (nothing's better for my migraines, but my heart doesn't like it).
    Previous migraine meds that didn't work as good as Imitrex: Axert, Frova, Maxalt, Relpax.
    I've also had brief affairs with Celexa, Lexapro, and Serafem.

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  1. I took Danazol for several years for severe PMDD and menstrual migraine with relatively good success. It's an old-school drug for endometriosis and suppresses menstruation if taken continuously. He originally had me taking it like birth control - 25 days on and 5 off (it builds up or something), but the 5 days off resulted in severe migraine. I switched to every other day (I think 200 mg, which is a very small dose). I was able to take that continuous for several years. It does not induce chemical menopause at that dose. 6 months ago I finally got up the nerve to ask my OB/GYN about a hysterectomy (mainly removal of the ovaries). I never thought she would consider it purely on the basis of PMDD, but she did. I did a 6 month trial of Lupron-Depot (monthly injections) - another treatment for endometriosis that DOES induce chemical (but reversible) menopause. Mood-wise, I never felt better, but was getting migraines every 2-3 days. A very low dose of estrogen add-back corrected that and I had a total hysterectomy yesterday. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will solve a LOT of problems! I'm 43 and didn't want more children - obviously that's a factor for someone younger.
  2. As of today, Medco (online pharmacy) had brand Adderall (immediate release) in 10 mg (out of other doses). They told me they would fill with brand even if my script wasn't written "Dispense as Written" (though I assume the higher co-pay I have for brand would have applied). Also, if you are in southeast Michigan, the CVS in Rochester Hills (Adams and Walton) has generic in 10 mg (I didn't ask about other doses or brand).
  3. This seems to be the most current topic on Vyvanse (in general). I'm surprised since it's still pretty new. Thought I'd add my two cents. Just switched to it after being on Adderall for 12 years (20 mg XR). Never been on anything else for ADD. Adderall seemed to be slightly losing its effectiveness, so pdoc has me trying this. I procrastinated for a while because when he first prescribed it, they didn't have all the different doses and he wanted me to start at 30 mg so I had to go through this complicated routine of dissolving the contents of a 70 mg capsule in 7 tablespoons of liquid and then taking 3 TB (he says you can pre-mix it and store it for at least a week). I've only been on it for a few days and the only major difference I've noticed is an even lower appetite than usual. In my case this is not desirable as I'm chronically (and sometimes dangerously) underweight. Hopefully that will improve. My pdoc said it doesn't kick in as fast/abruptly as Adderall, but I never noticed that with the Adderall. Overall it seems to be working at least as good as Adderall, possibly slightly better. No issues with sleep (insomnia is reasonably under control with medication). Am interested in hearing newer stories - especially from people who have been on it for a while. Thanks!
  4. I've been taking XR for several years, but when I was taking IR, I personally noticed no difference between generic and brand. However, despite what everyone tries to tell us, while the "active" ingredients are the same between brand and generic, the fillers usually are not. And even the active ingredients can vary by up to 10% (per the US FDA). So it's NOT "just in your head" if you notice a difference between a generic and brand medication. And like all other crazy meds, what works for one person may not work for another. For example, the generic Ambien from TEVA didn't work for him, but worked fine for me. Prasco also works fine for me. But my pharmacy recently switched to Apotex and it didn't work at all for me. Go figure.
  5. I think you should use the pants hat avatar (even if you have to put it on the 4-eyed polar bear).

  6. Katt, As previously mentioned, this is an unusual side effect for Wellbutrin, so I don't know if this will work, but my b/f takes cryproheptadine to counter this side effect from Lexapro (which is one of the many meds he takes for migraine prevention). It works like a charm. More info can be found in this post.
  7. HI HI!!

    I miss you! Just thought I would give you drive by hellos! Hope all is well on your side of the planet!


  8. I was on Adderall and Cymbalta, which is as close to Effexor as anything else. I never found that I could get by with less Adderall, but since depression can exacerbate ADD symptoms, alleviating the depression may cause you to need less Adderall.
  9. It seems perfectly logical to me that there's a connection. Some/most forms of depression are thought to be caused by low serotonin levels. Triptans basically flood your brain with serotonin. That's a good enough connection for me. How long were you on Celexa and at what dose? Have you tried any other SSRIs? I'm thinking more for the depression as I haven't seen anything to suggest that they work well to prevent (or even treat) migraines. You might also want to look into and/or ask your doctor about Cymbalta. It worked great for my depression and has been known to work well for some types of neuropathic pain (it didn't do anything for me to prevent or abort a migraine, but YMMV).
  10. It's possible, but it shouldn't be. Remeron is one of the few crazy meds that you don't usually need to titrate (up or down) with... especially at lower doses (30 mg is less than the typical therapeutic dose). It's more likely that your symptoms are the return of depression or psychosomatic (could the anxiety be from knowing you are off the med?).
  11. AM: Would you believe I copied all of my posts from the old YaBB forum before we switched to Invision? Good thing, because I know I took Chloral Hydrate once and I remember that it didn't work, but I couldn't have told you the particulars without my old posts! Unfortunately, I only copied my own posts, so I don't have the entire context. But FWIW, here are the ones that pertain to Chloral Hydrate: Reality, I took it once (1000 mg) and didn't even come close to falling asleep. A small dose of Xanax early in the evening followed by Ambien and Remeon at bedtime seem to be working pretty good. Dropping the Wellbutrin should help a little, too. Thanks for asking! ~sunshine My pdoc has suggested it several times when my insomnia has gotten really bad. I finally gave it a try about a month ago. I took 1000 mg and felt zip. Nadda. Nothing. Except for the taste (which is as horrible as I heard it was). I was so disappointed because from everything I read I thought it would knock me flat on my ass. I still have a full bottle of it, so maybe I'll give it another try one of these days. For now, a little bit of Xanax early in the evening and an Ambien/Remeron cocktail at bedtime is mostly doing the trick.
  12. That's just sick. Even me, the very ex-Catholic, couldn't go there!
  13. What Maddy said. Which means I'm not sure how to vote. It probably averages out to more than once a week, but not enough to average once a day. Over the course of a year, anyway!
  14. Don't mix the Xanax (immediate release) with the Lunesta (or Ambien).... unless you enjoy hallucinations (and sleep paralysis). Trust me on this one. For some bizarre reason, this doesn't happen with the XR formula. Xanax XR is fine as long as you are prepared to be on benzos 24/7 (and eventually go through the associated withdrawal). I personally would try some other things, first. Also... XR only lasts about 17 hours. So if you take it at night (as I do), you start feeling the withdrawal some time the next afternoon or evening. Sometimes I can deal with it, other times I'll need a small dose of immediate release to get me through. But I've got a pdoc who doesn't have a problem with benzos. Rozerom was just FDA approved (in the US). It's a whole new class of sleeping pills. It's supposed to help reset your circadian rhythm. We've got a thread going on about it around here somewhere. It's working for some (me!), but not others. ~Sunshine
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