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  1. I get “typical” mania symptoms: lack of sleep, racing thoughts, gradious thinking, delusions, hallucinations, spending sprees, hypersexuality I also tend to become anxious, agitated, experience OCD symptoms, psychosis. Even on meds, I still have mania 3-4 times a year.
  2. Sounds like mania is rearing it’s head. I’d be more concerned with your contractors slacking off for that many hours a day.
  3. I think I found him. The guy who sees the crazy, steps when there's danger but doesn't try to save me. He accepts it as part of me. Tells me he loves me and talks about forever. Problem is, forever is a scary place filled with unknown turns and wicked highs....bottomless lows. What guy would actually stick around forever with that?
  4. Everything else is going pretty well. I've been on new meds and stable for 3 weeks now. Got diagnosed with celiac disease at the beginning of the year, cut out all gluten and am feeling much better physically. Been awhile since I've felt honestly good, mentally and physically. As much as I hated going back on meds, it has been a different experience this time and I have hope for long term stability.
  5. So, funny thing happened since I first posted this....I met someone. I wasn't looking and had resigned myself to give up on dating to focus on remaining stable (a whole new cocktail of meds seems to be working) and just be healthier in general. Things are going well. We have a lot in common, same sarcastic sense of humor and we both have children from previous relationships so there's a nice level of understanding about schedules having to change last minute. I like him and I haven't liked anyone this way in a long time. That being said, I haven't told him about any of MIs. I'm stable now and am working hard to remain so, and I don't feel the need to tell him about having BP1. The only thing I am worried about is when our relationship becomes physical, and how to deal with not only medication side effects but also PTSD due to sexual assault.
  6. Oh, believe me, she's got her own crazy going on and her advice is never good. She thinks because she has settled for some douche guy but pretends to be happy, that what I should do.
  7. I never had luck with lamictal. I've been on depakote for 3 weeks now and I'm starting to feel better. Hope the switch helps you.
  8. My mom's favorite thing to ask is "Isn't it lonely doing things all by yourself all the time?" Or "If you had a boyfriend he'd be able to help you with (insert whatever task she deems to be a man's job)" My sister says I need to try harder and I should lower my expectations. Because low standards are always the way to get a quality relationship ?
  9. I'm also 32 and in the grand scheme of things being single in your early 30s isn't that bad. I think the problem is, I don't like being alone. I don't need a man but I'd like to have someone to come home to and experience things with. Hell, just a plus one for all these dumb wedding invites I get!
  10. A little background: I was in a long term relationship with the father of my children for 10 years. He knew about my bipolar and stuck by my side through ups and downs....until I had a severe manic episode with psychosis. I've been single for 3.5 years now and I am kinda avoiding the dating scene because of my bipolar. Who dates? How do you approach the subject of having a mental illness? Should I just settle into spinsterhood?
  11. I'm new here and I usually don't use online boards for support, but thought I'd give it a try. I was off meds for 3 years and would still be if it weren't for this unusual depressive episode. I hate meds. Hate feeling groggy, numb and lifeless. Hate the weight gain and hate that my moods are determined by a cocktail of chemicals. However, I also hate inpatient care and my therapist gave me only two choices; meds or a stay on the unit. I chose meds.
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