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  1. I I think you are just thinking whit your guts, you are in a situation were your obsession is starting to distort your reality to a very dangerous point, i myself passed trough this kind of obsession whit a person and i can tell you whit the hearth in my hand that the very best you can do is to seek psychological and psychiatric help to calm the sea of darkness were obsession takes us.
  2. Yes i live whit them, the college is in the same city as we live.
  3. Hello, yes i have responded to them, i have told them that we are only friends, i try to invent excuses so she cant go to my home, as far as ive done they like her but they thing i will end up having sex whit her, which it would have happened before but it doesnt annoy me if it happens, after all we are adults now. The problem is that they are very religious and i dont share their religion.
  4. At least your obsession will not give any fruits in regards to finding that person, but ive been obsessed whit people in the past, the best thing for me was to accept hat they were just unreachable and that i needed to move on.
  5. So i have a female best friend, im a man and we are the best friends of all time, she really helped me trough my depression and addictions. There are no more than a friendship, we already talked about it and we date other people. The problem arise when my parents, very religious, start to say that i spend to much time whit her, but we really just do the normal friend things, she come to my home, we eat, we hang out, etc. We see everyday because of college. It obsesses me that my parents annoy me whit their shit that i will end just having sex whit her, or that she just want that, we had the opportunity before and we choosed to not, and even if that happens cant just let me alone?. Im all day thinking that they are against me, also they annoy me and its hell. Can someone give me advice? Thanks in advance.
  6. I think theres a psychologist in my college but im afraid of going because one friend of my parents work there and can snitch on me.
  7. Thanks for commenting. There are clinics and treatments but i really live undet my parents shadow, i cant reach for help to them. Apart from them i habe no way out or support, i really hate that. I wish my parents would undetstand.
  8. So basically im dead inside. I currently being emotionaly dull, i cant feel any motivation or desire to live, despite that im still doing my everyday things, going to college, working out, doing my usual duties and chores. The thing is that i have an schizoid disorder, and im very paranoid. I posted in addiction because one of the most destructive things is my addction to many things. I smoke, not weed, regular cigarettes, the thing is that my parents think that i quited smoking but i dont, i wanna quit to, i hate it, and i hate it because my parents are well known religious leaders in my town and a lot of people know them and know me, when i smoke outside im always paranoid, i dont wanna live this way, my paranoia is getting worse but i always end up smoking again because my friends smoke and i always fall but i wanna quit. If my parents get to know that i still smoke they probably stop paying my colleges fees, a lot of people know them and can snitch on me. I have this fight, i cant keep going anymore, at the same time smoking helps me cope whit my side effectos made by my antipsychotics, but they dont understand, they always judge merciless even do im an adult in my twenties. Can anyone give advice, all advice is very helpful.
  9. Yeah i know, ill try to do that. Forest bathing?, sound great ill search it.
  10. So, i have more than a year excerzicing, i lost in the beginning like 10 kilos or more. But this past months ive loosing my motivation ans starting gaining belly fat, in part due to my anxious eating i accept it. Right now im always tortured by the fact that im getting more fat againg even if people around me say that no, im convinced i am, also if i dont feel the nergy to exercise one day or i cant exercise for whaterver reason that day i feel like crap, obssesed about the fact that i didnt exercise and that im going to get even more fat. Its hell, also it mixes whit the fact that im quitting smoking and i have other obsessions and also depression. Im feeling very bad, i feel whitout energy and motivation, the girl i was going out decided that i was so "good" for her that she changed me for a 13 years older guy. I wish i could be in a country where i can acces more different drugs for my treatment but in this God forgotten country south to the USA they dont give you new medications or alternative treatments. I really need help.
  11. Oh sorry, i dont like those boards that much. Thanks for the info, ill take it in count.
  12. Im not saying that doing coke is good, i have done Ketamine on the past whit no bad reaction whit my meds. Im taking Sertraline and Fluoxetine and also on 300mg Seroquel XR. I have acces to cocaine, i can take cocaine whit my meds, or it will blunt the effect of cocaine?. can i have a serotoninergic syndrome? I know drugs are bad ok, dont need to tell me that.
  13. So I currently take 300 mlgs of seroquel,not xr, at night, plus I take sertraline 50mlg and fluoxetine 20 mlg both on the day. Also take clonazepam and alprazolam at nights, sometimes one or the other or both. I have access to Ritalin 10mlg, I was doing research that some people use it whit other antidepressants or antipsychotics, I wanna take it because I just feel emotionally dull and I have anhedonia, also I suffer from tiredness and lack of energy. And a lot anxiety sometimes but not as often as before. Can I take it safely or I could get a serotoninergic syndrome or a dopaminergic syndrome?. Thanks.
  14. Well I have problems whit obsessive thoughts even do I have an schizoid disorder. Currently my obsessions are screweing things up whit a girl that I like and thinking she is talking to another men or she likes another men or that she is tired of me, that takes me to the point o thinking the worst every time she replies a short message. And second but not less powerful is my obsession whit sex, to be specific whit my foot and high heels fetish, I just have the obsession of making out whit the girl i see wearing sandals or high heels. Both obsessions are hell.
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