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  1. For the past few weeks I have been experiencing a phobia of sorts. I am anxious to get into cars for fear that I may be in an accident. I am not sure if this anxiety is caused by actual anxiety disorder or if it is stemming from paranoia. Needless to say this has been wrecking my life, I have brought it up with my Dr, who took me off prozac and prescribed Vistaril. I seem to be getting a little better. My question is has anyone else ever experienced something where they couldn't tell if it was paranoia or anxiety?
  2. I hope this helps a little. I have had this discussion with my Pdoc. After episodes my delusions still seem very real to me. It was explained to me that since during an episode my brain is believing these delusions to be real that even once I come back and are stable the brain still perceives it to be real on some level because at one point it "was".
  3. - Middle of the night baking (brownies, cakes, cookies etc) - Ran away from home because I was given a mission from supernatural beings and knew if I made it to New Mexico that I would achieve fame and fortune (was a teenager for this one) - Attempted to convert friends and family to a new religion that I was "tasked" with forming. This religion was a mixture of satanism, demon worship and eastern philosophy. I also spent a pretty good amount of money ordering books and other supplies so I could do this. - Shoplifted as a teenager because I thought I was working undercover with security. Sidenote: I did get caught. Worse was the fact that I stole stupid shit like beads, packs of pens, erasers, cleaning sponges and other odds and ends. - Hung around Neo Nazi's because I was going to write a novel about them. - Became convinced that there was a listening device implanted somewhere in my body so others could steal my ideas. Attempted to find said device and got hospitalized for self mutilation. - Many many sexual encounters that make me cringe.
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