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  1. ask your pDoc about withdrawal FROM cymbalta should it not work for you. be sure your pDoc will be supportive (rx for relief from w/d symptoms) and read up on the withdrawal on this board and other sources. it can be an effective medication but VERY had to discontinue.
  2. here's a very nice retrospective: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5tb6-gOtrM tg
  3. An MAOI is a big step. Just be sure. Look at my signature and you'll see the long list of things that did not work. Only remeron worked for a while - 2.5 years, and the rest have been near hit and miss since 1998. 10 years of trials. MAOI is a commitment. Diet restrictions, lots of drug interactions, I wear medic-alert dog tags now in case I'm in an accident, and I have a card in my wallet on top of my license. This is in addition to telling SELECT few people (my typical emergency contacts for work, etc.) about my MAOI status without elaborating on why. I'm sure they've googled MAOI - Wikipedia states this in plain english: "Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) are a class of powerful antidepressant drugs prescribed for the treatment of depression. They are particularly effective in treating atypical depression, and have also shown efficacy in smoking cessation...." Be prepared that those you have trusted with this private info CAN PROBABLY GUESS why you're using one. My experience with MAOI is limited to the Emsam patch, which I'm finding easy to use and discrete. I also carry with me in my PDA the list of foods / meds to avoid, and have informed ALL relevant med care providers of my status - meaning they scribble MAOI USER in big letters conspicuously on my charts. Like I said, if you're gonna do this right, safely, it is INVOLVED. The diet changes are not too bad, although I have not had sushi since I began. That's a pisser. For my own part I use Emsam with Lithium and I am increasingly hopeful this is the right direction. Do your research and good luck tg
  4. layperson here. a Google of "pyschizophrenia" yields 207 hits like this just sounds like a typo / misspelling, albeit a somewhat uncommon one. spelling is a bane of my existence. George Bernard Shaw put it best spelling GHOTI skroo it. tg
  5. i have recently began tinkering w/ my flight simulator and my bass guitar. these are things i have not touched in about a year +. i don't know if i'd say i enjoy them as much as they pacify or soothe me. they are also ways to make the insufferable time pass. ___________ i was recently asked about my personal experience with atypical depression. here is an excerpt from my reply. me thought it only slightly relevant to this thread. forgive me if i'm wrong --------- "...atypical is something I stumbled upon only over the last years. "...The DSM-IV-TR... defines Atypical Depression as a subtype of depression or dysthymia, characterized by Atypical Features..." here's my checklist: "...A. Mood reactivity (i.e., mood brightens in response to actual or potential positive events)..." if I have a good thing happen to me I brighten. If an attractive woman gives me the time of day I brighten. a couple of weeks ago I played in a tribute to fellow musicians who have passed on. I buzzed for almost a week. That said, i have a true external locus of control. a bad email will make me want to crawl under my sheets forever, even if it is something minor. ANY minor advance will make me bounce around as if on air. so even though my baseline is a few clicks above catatonia i can be roused. "...B. At least two of the following: Significant weight gain or increase in appetite ("comfort eating")..." i have a history of, when faced with my poor financial outlook, I seek a fast food joint, order way too much, take it home and devour it so I don't feel so poor that I cant feed myself. of course i feel sick after, heartburn, indigestion, etc. but eating reminds me that I can at least feed myself. "...Hypersomnia (sleeping too much, as opposed to the insomnia present in melancholic depression)..." left to myself I will sleep 18 hours a day. I will then stay awake for 20, then sleep again. basically the Earth spins too quickly. I would be better suited for a 38 hour day. ANYTIME is a good time for a nap. I'm wrongly convinced that I can 'bank' sleep. I will sometimes sleep when I see my work week ahead involves getting up @ 3:30 AM to be at work by 5. the fear of not getting enough sleep will prompt me to sleep whenever possible. other times, when something bad happens, like a power bill comes in WAY too high, or I get a mildly negative email, I will sleep it off. I wake a couple of hours later and the sting does not feel as bad. "...Leaden paralysis (i.e., heavy, leaden feelings in arms or legs)..." i'm 43 and i feel like i'm 80. the ONLY thing that has helped me it delta-9 THC. but they drug test @ work so I can't use cannabis. I LOVE jogging with my iPod after smoking a bowl. I feel like i'm living, moving about the surface of the earth, working my body, making it stronger. as I run I move past fragrant patches of atmosphere; cut grass, bushes, even the sweet smell of anti-freeze. I feel like I am participating in life, not a victim of it. "...Long-standing pattern of interpersonal rejection sensitivity (not limited to episodes of mood disturbance) that results in significant social or occupational impairment..." never been married, not even close, broken dates send me to bed for HOURS. I used to mix sitcoms but a few bad episodes and my confidence fell through the floor. I tried my best to remain positive but I'm sure it showed. my work got worse, and the feedback cycle drove me out of the industry after 9 years. "...C. Criteria are not met for Melancholic Depression or Catatonic Depression during the same episode..." I don't think I have any of these. I think the big puzzler for my friends who have no idea i struggle with this is that i can be so upbeat in social situations, like a good party. i'm good at scrabble and trivial pursuit, so when invited over I tend to rock like a hurricane. when I'm on fire I shine. then I go home to my cat, crawl under the sheets, and sleep for 14+ hours..."
  6. the lights in my room are dark, so I can tell you about how the green light from my bedside clock plays on the wall, how the light from my computer in the living room glows enough that I can see the cat silhouetted when she walks out. i can say that my eyelids are mostly light proof. I can say that my cat prefers me to be asleep when she sits atop my shoulder. ...
  7. i will be watching this thread intently... from my couch, my bed, my desk, my bed,... thanks for asking the question i've not gotten around to. waiting, with Rita... tg
  8. well as far as #4 goes, I'm currently unattached - so i'm holding my own.
  9. I began Cymbalta a year ago and did not notice weight gain until about 4 months later when my then pDoc added neurontin. This along with a foot injury (i was running 10 miles / week) that stopped my running, and by this Jan I had gained 35 lbs! I finally tapered off cymbalta in early april and I still get the occasional fit of brain shocks despite being on an MAOI now for almost 2 weeks. I have lost about 7 lbs in the past 2 weeks but have not yet started running again due to an injury @ work. I do a great deal of walking at work. I am 43 so my metabolism ain't what it used to be.
  10. welcome. read the rules. read the posts. have regard for the members and respect for the moderators. do your best to post in the right forum. don't try to be an expert on what you don't know; there are LOTS of smart people here. don't assume everyone here knows what they're talking about. talk and listen to your doctors. this is NOT a substiture. learn. you'll be fine that's all I got
  11. Being an ADD vet, I can say this about that. losing keys, wallets, etc. can be affected by compensatory routines. I have learned to ALWAYS put the keys and wallet IN THE SAME PLACE every time. I carry a PDA and use it for notes, phone numbers, etc. It also has my schedule for every hour of the day, including alarms. Theses schemes have been life savers. on the other hand, medicating assists MINDFULNESS. when I'm medicated I SLOW DOWN and am more thoughtful about where I leave things, and, consequently, instead of 'shooting from the hip' (which is something I have become VERY good at) I have a proportionate response to to all stimuli around me; from opportunities for putting things away to detail-oriented tasks. so I think it's a combo of trained active mindfulness and medical assist. that's all i got.
  12. I have no experience in this, but, am curious as to what your memory is like? Can you recall stuff from childhood w/ the same clarity? how about short-term? how are you doing with names, faces, and phone numbers? does anyone know how soon memory can be affected? tg
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