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  1. Pdoc agreed with going off clomipramine, but for now I'm staying on 100 mg, since we're slowly increasing the risperidone. I'm taking 0.75 mg for about a week now. I'm supposed to go up to 1 mg in a few weeks, which shouldn't be much of a problem. No side effects except for waking up groggy in the middle of the night (because I need to go to the toilet). I've also put on a few kilo's in the last few months and I notice risperidone is making me crave food more....I can eat all day! I'm somewhat positive about this med, although I'm not sure if it's working all the time. Maybe this sounds weird. In the four, five days before I'm starting my menstrual period I always have more intrusive thoughts (though it's always the same one). I get strong feelings of desperation and hopelessness; I guess this is coming from hormonal changes, so it's not something I worry about although it's not funny either 🙂 When my period has ended after 6, 7 days I gradually begin to feel better. The intrusive thought slowly decreases. It never goes away for longer periods, but on my best days it doesn't bother me for more than 10 times a day. I'm not sure what to expect from risperidone, because it's not making my head more clear nor does it take away the intrusive thought. I do think I feel an antidepressant action.
  2. I was on Luvox/fluvoxamine last year, but I was really looking for lasting results, so eventually we decided to try clomipramine. The first two, three months (if I recall correctly) I didn't improve much. But last December I had a really nice couple of weeks so I thought that Anafranil was finally doing something notable. It didn't last that long though, by the end of February I fell back....I did try to increase to 125 mg, but side effects really bothered me. Dry mouth, tremor, (hands) very annoying twitchy muscles (legs, hands, shoulders), constipation.... My next app with pdoc is in two weeks, so I'll ask her about switching to another AD, but I would like to increase risperidone first.
  3. I think I have to agree....the first step would be to increase the risperidone. It's just that I'm so fed up with medications which don't 'do' much for me. I'm starting to hate clomipramine....
  4. I wonder what a higher dose of risperidone feels like. Could it quiet the mind entirely? Thinking of stopping clomipramine....I do feel improvement sometimes, but it's not permanent, not even for a few weeks or months. It's more like days....and then I relapse again (having more and more of the same intrusive thought). Maybe risperidone works better as an adjunct to ssri's than tca's? I don't think so because clomipramine is a reuptake inhibitor, just like ssri's....or could it depend on the combination as well?
  5. That's good news! ? Do you still take the other meds in your signature? I'm on clomipramine as well, on what dose are you? I only take 100 mg (can't tolerate more because of side effects). I take it to help with intrusive thoughts (although on the OCD spectrum it is different from Pure O). I noticed that the clomipramine does have a strong antidepressive action.
  6. Short update....I'm in the third week of 0.5 mg risperidone. I wake up almost every night (to go to the toilet) with a heavy head and feeling incredibly drowsy. It's not too bad although I have trouble with getting up. Does it help with the intrusive thought which bothers me so much? I felt some improvement this weekend, but I felt this countless times before (while being on an AAP or antidepressant and even while not taking meds). And always, after doing well for a few days or weeks, the intrusive thought returns. And because of my resistence towards the intrusive thought, it is able to remain active. So if I could find a way to stop feeling negative about this thought, then the thought wouldn't have so much power anymore. But that's more the "therapy side" of things. So aside from sleeping better I don't feel like I'm "on something". A trial of 6 weeks seems fair, but on which dose? When do you decide to increase or switch to another AAP?
  7. Yes, still taking it. I'm in my third week of taking it and feeling a little calmer than before. I think it's helping a little with my intrusive thought, but in the past I had better days and weeks without risperidone so it could be a coincidence. I take it before bed; when I do wake up from a very deep sleep my head feels really heavy. I wonder what a dose of 1 mg will be like....will my head feel even heavier when I wake up in the middle of the night? Maybe I won't even wake-up....(which would be kinda nice) If the first is the case then maybe taking 0.5 in the morning and taking 0.5 mg at night could help. I'm not sure if I have to increase to 1 mg anyway, but I am curious of risperidone turns out to be the drug I have been looking for.
  8. For OCD? Or for anxiety and depression? I think somewhere between 0.50 and 2 mg is common when used to augment antidepressants, so I have some room. My intrusive thought is almost constantly there, interrupting my normal thinking pattern. Very worried as well, that it won't work. I was hoping that risperidone would put a stop to it.
  9. Catwoman

    Pet chicken

    My mom owns 13 of them, Dutch Bantams. They are quite tame, but they have their hen house in the garden and they have a lot of space. Fresh eggs every morning. She had chicks too this summer, but we didn't succeed in making them eat out of our hands. Two of the 6 were male, so my mom had to give them away (she wanted more eggs, not more chicks ;-)). I don't think chickens are the best pets....they like to free range during the day and I think just one chicken will become lonely.... Maybe a lizard is a better idea indeed ? Or a bird? Like a cockatiel?
  10. I would love that quiet feeling. Since I started risperidone 8 days ago I've only been obsessing (and ruminating) more. I don't know if this is caused by the new med (like ssri's can make anxiety worse in the first weeks) or if it's "just me" because I'm so worried it won't work. There's this little voice in my mind saying that anti-psychotics don't work for my type of intrusive thought.☚ī¸
  11. This sounds familiar to me. Although from SSRI's I did have a lot of effect in the first 5 years, but side effect wise I just had restless legs and vivid dreams (with higher dosages). It didn't really feel like I was on medication and I could even miss a few pills without getting into trouble. Some people get side effects from 5-10 mg's of Lexapro but I needed 20 mg in order for it to work. With risperidone it also feels like "I take nothing", only the first day it made me sleepy because I took it in the morning instead of before bed. But I haven't been on it that long (just over a week), so I can't tell if I will have any benefit. If it does kick in it would be the ideal med for me: better sleep, a clearer mind during the day and no troubling side effects.
  12. Thanks you guys! I thought this kind of medication was supposed to work within 7 days but my pdoc probably meant high dosages in acute cases... My pdoc is no expert in treating ocd so maybe she doesn't know what to expect from augmenting an antidepressant with an AAP
  13. So today is my seventh day on 0.50 mg risperidone. I wanted to try this kind of medication for a long time. I've been on ssri's for about 10 years and switched to clomipramine July 2018 because ssri's didn't work like they did before. (My main problem....I have 'white polar bear' ocd and was free of symptoms for about 6 years. 3 years ago big relapse). I'm on 100 mg of clomipramine.... I tried increasing but then the side effects become too much for me.I don't think risperidone is doing anything special. I expected a little more, but maybe I'm just impatient.I was hoping the constant intrusive thought (which has overtaken normal thinking patterns) would become less frequent. I hoped silence would come.Or that it would flatten the emotion that always follows after thinking 'it'. Like: "I don't care that you (intrusive thought) are on my mind" and that my attention would quickly shift to something else.On the plus side....I'm sleeping even better than before. It is nice to be able to sleep the whole night instead of getting out (sometimes thrice a night) because I have to pee(which is a side effect of clomipramine).May I expect better results after two weeks? Of should I ask for a higher dose of risperidone?
  14. I would love a quiet mind ? That's my main problem....although very different from the typical intrusive thoughts belonging to Pure O/OCD or schizophrenia. Not doing too bad on risperidone, although after two tablets I can't say it it will work. But it's not scary at all. No side effects at all when taken before bed.
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