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  1. Thanks for your response. Yes, it's definitely stress-induced. My loved ones are telling me "oh this is just work related and not due to your mental illness." I know they're trying to be comforting, but it's frustrating, because I know myself and what's in the normal scope of "stress" and the differences between when I feel actually depressive or hypomanic. They just can't understand the constant tunnel vision in my head. So for them to dismiss this as just work stress can be really annoying. Thanks for listening!
  2. Thanks for sharing Dogluvr. While I can't give actual advice on the medication because I haven't taken the medications you are currently on, I wanted to let you know that you're not alone! I agree with the printing out the posts like others have mentioned. What really worked for me was bringing in drafted "notes" i made on my phone with daily updates on how I was doing and feeling to share them with my doctor. That way, even if in the current state I was in was too depressed to remember, I at least had it saved to my phone.
  3. Interesting! I'm very unfocused as well but can be productive and energetic. Euphoria would be pretty cool to experience but I've never reached it before. And then really bad, so it's not worth it. Ha.
  4. I do think it's time for a discussion with my pdoc! Totally relate to you re: no euphoria. Mine is more just like "charged up." I will forget to eat, sleep, take care of myself because my brain is just going so fast, and I'm feeling pretty happy, nothing like Euphoric though.
  5. Hey everyone! Hope you are having a nice morning. I wanted to chat with likeminded individuals about something I've been struggling with lately. I have anxiety and bipolar type II that has been controlled for nearly 4 years with regular therapy and the right medication, with milder interruptions that can be upsetting from time to time (such as the below) in stressful times. I am wondering if anyone has experienced a similar "pattern" so to speak. This was the cycle.... Sunday/Monday (down, depressed) Tuesday and Wednesday (charged up, making tons of plans, no appetite, no need for sleep/caffeine) , Thursday (agitated depressed- no need for sleep, racing thoughts, etc. but very depressed mood, crying for no reason, not handling stress well). I imagine now it will just be more depressive symptoms for a couple of days. these "moods" seem to follow a very set pattern day to day (slightly up, very up, and then down) and last a couple of weeks at most. I definitely know the down mods can be prompted by alcohol consumption (when I'm slightly hypomanic I tend to drink more than usual at dinner, etc.) Anyone else experience this? I want to make sure I am categorizing my moods correctly, if they ARE in fact moods and not just a bad bout of anxiety! Looking forward to hearing from y'all!
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