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  1. Hi All- I endured neglect / abuse from my biological mother from the ages of 0-4...so yeah, I have issues. One of my biggest is anxiety in relationships. I have an amazing boyfriend who I KNOW I can trust deep down. However, I still have anxiety, panic attacks and turn into a mess when he does something as simple as go out with friends. I know this is so irrational, and I have nothing to worry about (except my irrationality driving him away). I just want to be "normal" and say "bye, have a great time" and just hang out at home, get a hobby, etc. But I find myself sitting here paranoid and anxious as hell. And then I text. And then I ask when he'll be home. And then I ask who he's with ... if you've experienced it, you get it. I'm at a loss of what to do. I've been on a cocktail of meds in the past year and diagnosed with everything from bipolar to borderline, and finally I have a doctor that I think I can trust. He's told me anxiety with a bit of PTSD is my main problem, and has put me on Zoloft starting at 50mg. I'm looking for anyone who has attachment anxiety on here to let me know if Zoloft has helped at all? And if so, what has -- medication wise and therapy wise? THANK YOU
  2. Hello everyone - I hope this is the right place for this question! After months and months of misdiagnoses, my underlying diagnosis is general anxiety disorder -- seriously like really bad in relationships and social situations, as well as PMDD and mild PTSD from childhood. I'm on Wellbutrin - 300mg for about a year, gabapentin 1200mg/day and lamictal 250mg/day. Zoloft has been suggested multiple times, and every time I try to start it I am so nauseas and tired for days and I quit taking it. I am being told I NEED to get on it by my pdoc. I need encouragement. Please share your stories of how Zoloft helped you and what dosage you are taking. Thank you so much. I just need to feel better.
  3. Hello, I've been diagnosed with BPD, Bipolar II and PTSD from childhood abuse/neglect between ages of 0-4. I was started on Lithium two weeks ago. First week at 300mg and second week at 600mg. My levels were at .35 after 4 days on 300mg and .71 yesterday after 7 days at 600mg. The last few days I have been exhausted. Like to the point I want to sleep all day and can hardly keep my eyes open. I have a long road of treatment ahead of me, so I am just wondering if this is common starting lithium? I am also on 300mg of Wellbutrin, but have been on that for a year.
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