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  1. Back to only wanting to eat the same shit over and over again: coffee, peas, nuts, popcorn and apples. Craving sweets. I'm restless and bored and I feel like I'm on the verge of doing something bad. I want to be left alone. The presence of others around me irritate me. It's all tangled up. The jiggly fat on my body disgusts me. The thigh gap is not enough. My belly is soft and this disgusts me.

    1. heilmania


      Aw, wotwot. Tummies are supposed to be soft! They're much better to cuddle with when they are.

      I'm sorry you feel like you've taken a step back by going back to safe foods. Could you talk to your shrink about your irritability? Being less irritable may help you with self-acceptance as well- when I'm irritable, I'm usually irritated with myself when it comes down to it. Or I'm just hangry or forgot to take my Adderall or Klonopin.

    2. KnickNak


      I'm sorry you're feeling this way.. sometimes it's good to be left alone, we all need alone time. I get you on the sweets part.. I have learned if I keep them out of the house, it's easy not to eat them.. and the longer you stay away from them you don't crave them. 

      Plus popcorn is awesome! I know it's not like cake or brownies.

    3. dragonfly23


       I go to only almonds and apples.   They are safe.  I am sorry your feeling so irritated.  I agree with heilmania, tummies are supposed to be soft and warm. 

  2. Have you ever heard about the "highly sensitive person (HSP)"? http://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/ The sensitivity to sounds, light, etc. could be a part of MI certainly, but I thought HSP is quite interesting as well.
  3. Just wanted to once again say, welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy it and feel it empowers your mental health knowledge. 

  4. Some manage well with MI and a lot of people don't. It's hard not to compare ourselves to others, I know. But at least you are on your way to some level of self-awareness at age 26? This is a good thing.
  5. Noise seems to bother me much more than usual today. It's going to be a fun day at work today!

  6. My body is my prison. 

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