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  1. Just went to church in a while. Was able to sit with my entire family and just be normal. Feels great!

  2. sounds like a trip. So sorry for your loss. Hopefully you have seen a therapist by now. 3/24/17
  3. Pretty much stayed in and wondering about what evberybody else was doing. Glad thags over with. Caught up with the family on sunday, went well.
  4. Hey guys, So I totally get where y'all from. I am in the same boat. I have been on countless interviews, but yet no Job. I think I have been treated a lot better in middle school. The thing is I'm really sick with auto sim but no one cares. I'm actually really smart like I went to MIT. Oh well , hopefully they will stop being jerks soon enough.
  5. Hey guys, if your interesting in following this story. Follow my blog at Thanks
  6. Hey @blabla the facto alcohol is a poison and not neccesaary by bodily functions. I also avoid bars and places with outstanding alcohol abuse. It doesnt solve your problems , and it never will. Im newly medicated and havent had a drink since, and plan to keep it clean and sober. Just drink water lol society can just f themseves.
  7. Lol you game too. It's pretty awesome. I'm on halo 2 right now. The graphics are sweet!
  8. Thanks woo, I will re read this at some point. Most ppl are dumbasses who wouldn't figure that out. But that's another subject entirely. @Gearhead Por favor. I'll luv you long time. You can email me the link plz. If necessary I will do you my email address.
  9. Thanks @Gearhead. Im just gonna be writing about it on here. That way everybody can view my notifications. m :-)
  10. Wooster, i started a new blog which was slowly taking down. I guess they feel it isn't important.
  11. Thanks JT. Im going to post weekly updates of how I am doing. I'm only on week 1 rn. Ill keep that in mind remnants.
  12. The answer to your question is depression. I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist. The medicine is 20mg I think have to double check on that. Nb The substance abuse stuff is unreleated i quit cold turkey already.
  13. So I went out last night and didn't have a drink. Maybe I think this is the first time In my entire life. 24 years. I have to admit the dinner was awesome and kind of great with coke. Not the drug. And I am so freakin proud.
  14. Trying new medication. Pray for me.

  15. Hi guys so im starting my first day of treatment tomorrow, 1/20/17. I must say I am extremely happy to be at this stage and be fully functional. I will give you an insight as to my past. I have struggled with substance abuse for about the past 7 years or so. I wont get into too much details, but I had my share of tough patches...blackouts, chain smoking, near death experiences. Anyway the point being is im still alive today and I am taking medicine to cope with everything. I am writing to you to give me some advice on what to expect while taking this and how to make it through the rough patches, so I've have heard. Please comment in this thread below I would really appreciate it. I am taking Citalopram.
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