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  1. Yes, I'm very sensitive to bright/flashing lights as well. Some days I'm very sensitive to sounds too and can't stand the sound of people talking. It feels like it just takes so much energy to pay attention to everything. But, other days I can go somewhere bright/crowded without much difficulty.
  2. Oh writing about my experiences sounds like a good idea. My brain always goes blank during counselling/psych sessions and I'm more eloquent when I write anyways lol. Colouring books sounds like a good idea too, thank you. That's really pretty, is that your colouring?
  3. When I first saw a psychiatrist about hearing things that came from nowhere and no one else could hear, he said he didn't think it was psychosis. He said it was "pseudo-hallucinations" and "mis-perception". I sort of felt better and worse at the same time about that. Firstly I don't want to have a serious disorder like that; my uncle had schizophrenia and had a very hard time in life. But second, it felt like very suddenly I was having a lot of trouble doing anything and was acting quite hysterical sometimes. This would explain why and probably I would be able to resources to help me be a prod
  4. I found this site while searching for info on different disorders, and I thought I would join to have somewhere to talk with people who have had similar experiences. I'm 24, like to draw, paint, write, and play old RPGs. I've always been kind of shy and odd, but a couple years ago I just started falling apart. I started seeing a psychiatric nurse and she suspects it's schizoaffective. I hope I can get it under control soon so I can move back out of my mom's house. It's nice to find a board like this
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