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  1. For me, pure depression-wise, when I don't feel any “fun” feeling no matter what I do, or when I lose any feeling at all then it is unacceptable. Usually though depression comes with the OCD intrusive thoughts, which are far more noticeable than depression which sometimes can come gradually and slowly until it is clearly there.
  2. I used to feel like this at the beginning, trying to explain my ocd. What helped me the most is thinking about this: They (doctors) have seen *everything* before. Each case is a particular one, but it is their day-to-day job. Don't worry. Good luck
  3. When I switched meds, countless times, my pdoc put me on a very fast tapering schedule and it worked. The “recommended” titration times are often way longer than is actually needed, for the medicine companies to leave a wide safety margin. As for Trintellix itself, it was basically a placebo for me, so I can't tell anything about it. Good luck with the new med.
  4. There are many factors to take into account for really assessing the “dopaminergic-ness”, or activity on any other receptor for the matter. Intrinsic activity, selectivity etc... and we are not yet talking about metabolism. However, looking at affinity Ki values alone, Sertraline has a 1:55 Serotonin:Dopamine Ki values, while Viibryd has a 1:370 ratio, so by this calculation, Sertraline has about 6.7-fold stronger activity on the DAT than Viibryd. Professionals say that the DAT effect of Sertraline is questionable. From personal non-professional experience it definitely is not.
  5. FWIW, I had good experience with Sertraline. Good for depression and anxiety. I did eventually change to Fluoxetine for the more SNRI-like effect, but anyhow I had no side effects from Sertraline, up to 300mg (first time) and 50mg (second time). Some nausea on the first few days but it was gone quickly.
  6. I am on Wellbutrin for the second time now. Working exactly the same on the same dosage. It is good for mood and gives an energy boost. This is nice if you have the low-energy/stay-in-bed/don't-leave-the-house type of depression. It is not supposed to be this good if you have high anxiety levels as it does act like a mild stimulant... not “supposed” to, YMMV. It is different from SSRIs and SNRIs, which most antidepressants are, by not touching the Serotonin system at all. As such it has a different side-effect profile (weight neutral and no sexual dysfunction for the most). On the other hand, if your depression is caused by an imbalance in the Serotonin system it will not be effective. Personally I like it.
  7. I am now on Abilify for the third time, on Prozac second time and have been on Cymbalta twice. Effects were the same. On the other hand, trying Risperidone for the second time caused weird side effects. When something changes, specifically with the condition or generally in life, it makes sense to try previous meds again.
  8. Don't have so many smart things to say here, other than that pure-o *definitely* exists. My pure-o OCD hit me when I was about 12 years old. I felt so bad about having these thoughts and thanks to not having compulsions I managed to hide it so well that nobody knew about it, until I decided to go see a pdoc myself, 14 years later when I felt that I finally hit the bottom where I couldn't care less if I were to die tomorrow. I got it under control with my meds cocktail. Not perfect, but possible to live with. Edit: Compulsions do exist within this type, but they are not overt... i.e. not seen... i.e don't exist, as far the outside world is concerned.
  9. This is interesting. A brief search brought up that SSRIs (Sertraline, among others) have an inhibiting effect on blood platelets and so they can make getting bruises “easier” or make bleeding more severe when injured. I didn't find in the explanation if they actually cause bruises on their own. This effect is more severe when taking NSAIDs together with SSRIs (most OTC pain/fever meds) so keep that in mind. Probably not very dangerous but worth talking to the doc.
  10. I take Wellbutrin XL 300mg. I also have prescription for Ritalin PRN. Haven't taken Ritalin since I've been put on Wellbutrin because they seem to have overlapping effects. Has anyone here been on this combo?
  11. Overactivation of certain Dopamine receptors is thought to contribute to psychotic symptoms. Antipsychotics generally reduce Dopaminergic activity on these receptors. (most) Stimulants are essentially the opposite - they increase Dopamine levels and cause more activation of these receptors. Theoretically, they may increase the risk for psychosis. That being said, antipsychotics block certain Dopamine receptors but not others. So a stimulant taken together with an AP may do something... not sure what the effect will feel like though. There are stimulants that do not affect Dopamine at all (like Atomoxetine/Straterra) or have a weak effect on it (like Modafinil/Provigil).
  12. @browri True, I am currently taking Abilify with Bupropion+low dose Prozac and it may help me lose weight if anything. But this is very recent. Before Bupropion+Prozac I've been on Abilify for quite a long time, combined with Lamictal and also [Lexapro/Sertraline/Cymbalta/Effexor/Milnacipran on varying doses]. No weight gain from any of these. I did gain a little bit on high-dose Mirtazapine, but I'll blame the latter ... and it was really the minor issue with this weird drug. I agree with you on 5HT2c appetite, maybe I wasn't clear about it not being a *real* weight gainer... mostly a self-control challenger.
  13. Zyprexa is known to cause weight gain... and elevate blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides etc.). It is very effective but has a cost. IIRC, Seroquel also causes that but to a lesser extent, though it is considered very much sedating. Aripiprazole/Ablilify is weight neutral. I am on it for several years and have no effect on weight. Risperidone also had no effect on weight for me, but is sedating, opposite to Abilify which is stimulating if anything. As for Geodon/Ziprasidone, when I asked him my pdoc said that it is not widely used by many psychiatrists because it is not as effective as many others. Pharmacologically it is a strong 5HT2c partial agonist (but might effectively be an antagonist) which is known to increase hunger and calories intake -> weight gain, again. Edit: I have no experience with Lurasidone and it is not available where I live without a special import permit. Pharmacologically, it should be weight neutral as well. If you haven't tried it before it may be a good option.
  14. According to research, Prolactin level is regulated by Dopamine D2. Antagonizing D2 by antipsychotics including Amisulpride potentially elevate Prolactin levels. Amisulpride itself is very selective towards D2 and D3 and in this sense it is "stronger" than less selective ones (ex. Clozapine). I'd recommend monitoring Prolactin closely with this one.
  15. In theory, antagonizing presynaptic Dopamine receptors enhances Dopaminergic activity. I had a bad experience with Amisulpride. But, Looking at this pharmacologically Dopamine-enhancing drugs were good for me, so Amisulpride probably was indeed a post-synaptic Dopamine antagonist (at least 100+ mg was). This was awful for me depression-wise, but should be pretty good as an antipsychotic. I'd give it a try, but bear in mind that too low a dose may have the opposite effect Edit: Since you are still on Clozapine it should reduce the risk.
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