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  1. Yes I explained it. He mocked my telling me "I have lots of fantasy to read that as a 9". he is not a psychiatrist as you know from america. Like 45min for every patient. you just wait until you get in and you are treated for 10-20 minutes. maybe less or more. just like GP. I didn't take the fish oil anyways. And I found a new doc as it seems. I went to ER the weekend before my appointment to get some Biperiden because I had EPS from the Seroquel and the doc on call was Iranian (I'm iranian) and seemed to be very reasonable and told me I could go to him if I wish. He also told me that if
  2. This is your opinion. which is judgmental, narrow minded, and hurtful. I'm used to everybody except me being right about every f-ing thing, but people who don't know anything about be telling me that other people who think they are right about me are actually right (note: you don't know those people either.) just adds instult to injury. "Do you even want to get well?" what kind of question is that? do you even read what you type? i suggest you do so next time. You are not supposed to feel sympathetic. and more importantly, not supposed to watch me doing anything.
  3. I take 800mg XR. topamax 400mg. akineton randomly. I had an ap with my doc today. Came 1 hour late. Doc's fault. wrote my app plan in "doctors handwriting" undeciferable. my app was on 8, i read 9. and then kicked me out of office after 10 minutes because "i was an hour late and he had no time". At first he wanted to prescribe me an AD, then I made the mistake and brought up the theory (and I stated explixitly that its just a freaking THEORY) that I might be wiser now and i might have trouble handling my life situation and then he said he wont prescribe me anything until farther notice and kic
  4. I seriously can't figure out my own mood. it's killing me. I was on topamax, zyprexa and perazine till about 2 weeks ago then stopped the zyprexa and perazine and went on seroquel. I still take the topamax. I was fine on zyprexa and perazine, or was I? i would compulsively buy stuff for pleasure, change ideas every 3 minutes about what i want to do with my life and at the end do nothing. do random stuff, crafting, playing the piano and stopping after 5 minutes because i played too hard and got super exhausted. No one thought i was manic. I wouldn't act manic. everyone though ok that'
  5. Oh I got it. We shall not talk about absolutely legal substances. And first and foremost, Math is forbidden. People from FDA have superhuman (alien?) brains and superpowers we do not have and we are not entitled to try to think like them ( not even speculating, theorizing, phantasizin, or alike) or our brains would explode or they would come and "get us". Right? At least you can quote FDA. Instead of figuratively telling me to stop talking. There IS a RDA for Sodium Benzoate. I just dont care anymore for this thread to post.
  6. Wikipedia: Lets say I get 1 liter or kilo (both make 1000gr). whatever of a food or beverage etc. with Sodium Benzoate as preservative and eat / drink it. That would be 1 gr. sodium benzoate. Right?!?!? 0.1% of 1000 = 1 right? I do not mean that I'm going to dring eat lots of soft drink/sauerkraut etc. I'm just trying to figure out whether this sodium Benzoate stuff is a benign thing we are eating unknowingly all the time in great proportions or not. Note: they gave 1 gr. per day to the patients in that study. not more.
  7. I strongly apologize. I lost my nerves over German docs. I respect Aspies a lot and they often know more than most people who are f-ing supposed to know things. that's what I meant. If the people who are supposed to treat me in the past 14 years did their job well shit like this wouldn't happen. blame brain atrophy.
  8. good point about talking to my prescriber... on the other hand..... Do you really expect my prescriber, who doesn't know that chlorpromazine is sedating because it blocks norepinephrine receptors and believes that all antipsychotics just block dopamine receptors, to help me with this or know about the newest research, or the interaction of a random chemical with my current medication? I don't live in the US. I don't pay to go to docs. that's true. but on the other hand, if I call today I get an appointment in 2 months, I wait for 2 hours, I get to talk for 7 minutes and the doc
  9. Olanzapine is one of the most effective meds around. My doc told me it's the most effective after Clozaril. And it's chemically very similar to Clozaril, which is the most most MOST effective but it's not commonly prescribed because of a single rather rare possibly fatal side effect. Olanzapine (Zyprexa) is basically a very effective one. it is a weaker version of Clozaril without that rare side effect, basically.
  10. I was just researching while I'm sooo out of options. While researching about the health effects of cinnamon (yes cinnamon) I accidentally came across "Sodium benzoate" which happens to reduce the symptoms of Schizophrenia at a hefty 21%! http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/24089054 Sodium benzoate seems to reduce microglia activation. Which I have no Idea about, but I have read many MANY times that that schizophrenia is all about microglia activation so it sounds all good to me: http://www.ncbi.nlm....les/PMC2862570/ According to wikipedia, this sodium benzoate stuff is "
  11. Hello, long time no see. I'm just cuirious. so I'm asking your opinion and it would be nice if you can back it with some papers or something. If someone exclusively developes schizophrenic (-like) symptoms, like hallucinations and symptoms like thinking like others are looking at him on the street or are laughing at him / her ONLY in stressful situations (like failing at college, or finding college extremely hard/ very stressfull and toxic relationships / etc. ) and is totally fine if you leave him / her alone or he / she is not in stress at all, and the person is also otherwise kind of
  12. I have been diagnosed with MANY things. Just figured out myself it could be "just" asperger's and OCD (more OCD that would come automatically with Asperger's, much more) I have been diagnosed with both at various points, but the OCD never got that much of attention because I had mor grave problems going on all the time. I tried many meds and antidepressants are not among the ones I could take for the OCD. they make me manic/thought-disordered and generally produce horrible results. I also can't tolerate Lamictal, possibly because of the antidepressant properties. my question is: is th
  13. Zoloft and other SSRI can TRIGGER psychosis. have seen that first hand. It's the worst possible idea to stop abilify and go on taking an SSRI. the less bad idea would be stopping both but that's still a very bad idea
  14. Hey you may have noticed that I tried Potassium with good results. now I have "designed" a "protocol", called "Uber's protocol" for improving symptoms of schizophrenia, which does wonders for me. In my protocol I suggest to stay on antipsychitics but take some nutrients (all within the RDA) alog with that. It's even backed by some (pseudo) science! take a look, I need traffic to get on top of google ;-)
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