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  1. I have joined a bereavement group. I am looking forward to going.
  2. I dont even know how to set up notifications, please tell me how
  3. when I go to the therapist all i do is talk and she never really tells me anything. i have bad crying spells at work mostly. I just want to stop hurting so much. A couple of weeks ago i wanted to end my life. Im just so messed up
  4. It has been since July but I am still not coping well at all. I still cry a lot at work. I just cant help it. How do get myself togetther?
  5. recently my mother passed away. Now we are trying to her sell her home. we have a buyer but he wants to do an inspection today. Please pray that this goes well for us. Thanks so much in advance
  6. My doc said I could stop taking the Pristiq and go back to Celexa. I am so relieved. I was having more problems on Pristiq than when I did not take any medicine at all. I also kept a jornal on how I felt before and compared it to how I feel now (3 weeks on Pristiq). I was going downhill the longer I took it. I could feel the increased anxiety/depresson and my husband could tell too. I hope it works for you all. I know meds work differently for each person so I don't want to put down any meds. It just did not work well for me.
  7. Gee, I was hoping I would see some relief from depression sooner. I stopped taking Elavil so that I could try Pristiq and I am really missing the pain relief from Elavil. I have arthritis.
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