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  1. So, I said I'd check back... It does get batter for like 98% of the time. I have a new dog and all. Peolpe don't aks where Sam is, everyone knows. And the shock is over. But I miss that dog with everything I am. I had him all of my adult life and really as dumb as it sounds had to learn how to be birdie without Sam. I went everywhere with him, sought out dog friendly restaurants, bars, hotels, everything. I still can't took my new dog to the vet and being in that building where Sam died nearly made me have a nervous breakdown. I guess you just have to learn every day and be happy about t
  2. aw. my good friend got dumped:( and lady want a hunky aussie former firefighter?

    1. Indigo 'n dye

      Indigo 'n dye

      If he doesn't mind chopping weeds, send him over to the Abode!

    2. fluffybirdie


      well, if you don't mind all your female neighbors crowding around...

    3. Stickler


      I'm, frankly, surprised he's not having to beat them off with a shovel!

  3. Kind of an interesting thread hope I answer appropriately! I'll pee most anywhere a shield from view is provided and I prefer nature over festering nasty public rooms (at least the kind we have around here). with enough privacy I'll also drop the deuce here, if it's WAY outta the way. I'll find the proper place to dispose of my paper. #2 is mostly reserved for at home, work or nicer places with proper facilities. Showers? Home or the spa. Period. And alone or with a bestie. Wanna get all those private goodies nice and clean! edited for clarity
  4. I've done this countless times and without problems. Take them in the bottles and carry a copy of the rx from the doctor or if it was called in, a receipt from the pharmacy. Take what you need plus 3 or so extra in case of delays, etc. Put them in your carry on and so they can be clearly seen. They may look in the bottles and such--no biggie. This has only happened to me entering Asia. There is no form letter needed from your doc or anything, just the bottle with your name. Enjoy your trip!!
  5. hair, hair everywhere! can't decide if I should get a cut or continue to bun and braid...

  6. pork satay from a street cart for dinner earlier which is now causing extreme tummy issues, so now sipping ginger tea.
  7. thinks her toe is broken :(

  8. one night in Bangkok makes a pissed girl better

  9. won't sleep tonight. And I hate when that happens.

  10. Just got back from dinner and had chicken and cashews stir fried with green onions over jasmine rice. Super yum. One of my the best dishes at my favorite place!
  11. I take a generic women's daily multi vitamin because on some days my love of junk food does get the best of me, so that's an overall health thing. A biotin supplement daily after my hair thinned on Lamictal, it did grow back, but I continue to take it because I hear that my current miracle worker Topamax can do the same :/ And 4 175 mg capsules of milk thistle every day for elevated liver function numbers. I've cut back on drinking, changed up my diet, I work out like a dog and still the same: crap liver. So I keep taking it. And while I don't take anything like fish oil for my frame of mind
  12. Wow, who dug up this fossil? Anyways, I love it, but I'd never taken benzos for an extended period of time. And I need something can relieve anxiety and still leave me functional and able to work, socialize and not feel or appear drugged. Vistaril does take the edge off the anxiety (I'll take one or two 25 mg pills depending on whatever the heck happened to upset me) and it will keep me from pacing, drumming my fingers and all that other stuff that I do when I become anxious. But my thinking isn't slowed and I certainly don't get drowsy.
  13. I'll just throw in my 2 cents--if you paid for a friggin membership and you are courteous and clean up your sweat, you deserve a time slot on the equipment, spot in the class, whatever. I don't care if you weigh 450 lbs or 95 lbs. I don't care if you're a pro athlete sent by their coach or someone who finds themselves wanting to work off 10 or 200 lbs. Maybe you don't need to lose weight? Maybe you need to gain weight? Maybe you just need to be more flexible or manage your asthma better? Who cares! Every person in that gym presumably has some goal or they wouldn't have paid any money and haule
  14. I kind of get your question, but that's just not really how it all works... I'm probably one of those people. I take Wellbutrin to get me "all wound up" right? Then Vistaril to "bring me down" and Topamax to level it all off and when it's all over for the day, I'll take an Ambien and sleep. It might seem that way on paper, but it's not like that in my brain. And no one drug cancels out another. I never feel jacked up, jerked back down, or anything like that. It just keeps me normal. And I'm sure that's how people on any such combo feels or the probably wouldn't keep taking it. As long as i
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