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  1. This is helping me. I have taken the Sertraline at night, but it could be interfering with my REM. I am waking up and not feeling very rested. That only adds to my yuckiness. Maybe I will start tomorrow in a.m. as it is too late in the day now to switch over now.
  2. Thanks for your reply and suggestions. At this time,, after finally speaking to my pdoc who is marginally helpful, I am off the Imipramine and on the Sertraline. Not feeling particularly well, some headache and nausea, but thankfully the Sertraline is low dose. I even decided on my own to cut in half and take 12mg for a week then up to the 25mg. I very likely feeling some withdrawal from Imipramine, it this is hard to decipher. I am trying to move forward and hope for good results with Sertraline. Pdoc has given me no idea when or if I will take a larger dose. I think it is time to find another doctor.
  3. I am going off 100 mg Imipramine to then try Sertraline @ 25mg to start. My doc has me doing every other day for tapering and I have only done this for one week and feel some anxiety side effects. Eventually I will do 50 mg and she really is wanting this to be very very slow. I guess I want to hear experiences from others on getting off Imipramine for an SSRI. Thanks.
  4. I bought a bottle of CBD water soluble solution to help with anxiety, but I think I suffer more with depression currently. Any others out there trying just about anything for help? I'm even considering getting a medical marijuana card and some marijuana for my depression and lack of motivation here in Florida. The process isn't cheap though and I don't want to bother unless I can hear from some trusted folks that it can help. I am first trying the CBD oil since it is legal due to not containing any THC. I would be interested in a discussion on these topics. I am surprised these aren't already topics here. I am at my wits end trying to find a fucking AD that works.
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