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  1. Dayvigo too which is pretty new and has a similar mechanism of action as belsomra. Probably expensive as hell though
  2. I don’t blame you for not wanting to take it, just wondering since you’ve take. Lots of other stuff.... sonata? That’s the only other one that comes to mind easily
  3. Have u ever tried restoril or ambien? (On a phone sorry of repeat)
  4. Would you consider going up to a more “antidepressant-y” (long day))dose like 30 to see if that helps before the add on?
  5. From my experiences with psych classes/programs academically (this obviously Doesn’t mean I am right) the designation “holistic” often is a way to indicate that a practitioner is not just treating a patient with meds but also with other modalities ... though as you said there isn’t a set formula @Fluent In Silence I agree- when everyone starts to use a “keyword” what’s the point... sorry for both quoting and mentioning that was an accident
  6. I think I should add that “holistic care” is often a positive thing not necessarily related to having a specific med strategy. Holistic (as they teach it academically in many places) means supplementing a med approach with other stuff (like therapy, family counseling, exercise plans, nutrition .... blah blah.) so to me you can have a pdoc who is somewhat aggressive with meds but also promotes holistic cate
  7. Unfortunately, in looking for a family member I realized that most private docs are slammed right now, so I don’t think that is a representative sample of what’s out there, just a symptom of pandemic plus mental health crisis. I’ve had 3 docs Since turning 16, none were benzo phobic even when I was an adolescent
  8. You don’t feel that Remeron + SNRI carries the risk of increased cycling? ... that’s an actual question I’m not trying to tell you it’s a bad idea
  9. Well I was using them for bipolar, so I’m not sure my experience exactly aligns with your situation. I was in horrible shape when I tried abilify and I don’t think anything would have worked. Rexulti lifted me a little after starting for bipolar depression. There is definitely evidence for using them as a “next step” in depression when the first line tries dont work. Abilify and rexulti are the ones I’d look at first, but there are others like seroquel and some used off label less frequently (like Vraylar) curious- I know you said all the SSRI and SNRI but does that include bupropion, mi
  10. Many people can take low doses of antipsychotic without substantial effect on weight. Neither abilify or rexulti, two of the most common for depression, changed my weight at low doses
  11. To me it just came off as being prevailingly short tempered
  12. To clarify @Will I wasn’t trying to challenge your earlier statement I just thought it was a relevant story
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