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  1. I am wondering if will eventually get supplanted with the newer focus on using eeg to predict medicine response. Apparently, they had quite good luck figuring out who would respond to lexapro. https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/neural-signature-predicts-antidepressant-response ... not a new study it’s from feb but I didn’t want to mention it without the link
  2. Curiously here: do you feel the same way about the genesite (spelling?) one that predicts med reactions? I just had a conversation with an NP about it (not for me)
  3. I looked at the side effects sheet and it didn’t say anything about major issues, but did mention “thinking abnormal” whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. I took it at pretty high doses (3000 mg, to the point of toxicity) and noticed dulling/sedation but not overall thought disorder specifically
  4. That doesn’t seem like a hijack to me. RE: sedation. It depends. For me low does clozapine was about as sedating as high dose olanzapine. Higher dose clozaril (400 mg) forget it, I had trouble going up steps. And yes that’s usually what dirty means. I think that whether it gets recommended also depends a lot on symptom profile. I think that pdocs are mor likely to use it when psychosis is a major factor.
  5. Clozapine is a massive pain in the ass at times, but it helped both my manic and depressed symptoms way more than zyprexa
  6. You’re not being difficult at all, meds are inherently complicated. I was just asking because Thorazine didn’t get along with me at higher doses, but I occasionally use it at low dose for sleep and it works like nothing else
  7. Could you retry chlorpromazine at a lower dose? Sorry if that’s stupid given my lack of info there What about ditching the nozinan and going up higher on the loxapine ?
  8. Yes, it’s not used in the US. However, if you know the serotonin action on Prozac is helping, it might make sense to stick with that and go with the trintellix
  9. Yeah, I’d say you have to give it some time after you hit the level you/pdoc are comfortable with before knowing if it’ll kill the anxiety. Does Latuda impact it? I know some find latuda activating especially at lower doses
  10. Is ur pdoc looking at blood levels of Depakote? That is a pretty low dose
  11. @Fluent In Silence you make a great point. My psych advisor (and professor in several different classes) would start each new class with a reminder that cultural norms will always have an inseparable relationship with our method of “assessing” psychology
  12. Round 2 of ideas- can’t remember if you’ve tried saphris... also, some studies show that the combination of clozaril + abilify is more effective than either alone. my mentioning of Thorazine disclaimer- they rarely use it anymore but it a) anecdotally helped me in the acute stage and b) is sometimes favored as the add on by ECT docs https://academic.oup.com/ijnp/article/23/4/230/5658435
  13. Heavy typicals like haldol or Thorazine maybe? ECT theoretically. The conventional move is clozaril but you’ve already tried that right? Oh, or add back a mood stabilizer
  14. 600 x 3 is on the upper end. While lots of people get there i don't think its necessarily a target dose that you must aim for
  15. It is definitely used for anxiety, but never heard of it for MDD. Were you targeting a specific symptom?
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