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  1. I’d wait awhile on an increase- especially because the combined effect with the other ad might take a while to level out
  2. So your starting the latuda ? Or restarting the abilify?
  3. Yes, most are very different, or at least the approaches/dosing can be
  4. I unfortunately often get that issue- unknown cause sleeping too much or inability to get up. I set about 8 alarms to get up for classes, each at 3 or 4 minute intervals so that I just become annoyed enough to get up. Sometimes I mess with dose timing- but if you not taking sedating meds I doubt that would help. Also, you said you take a stimulant? I keep my adderall right next to me and try and set an alarm to wake me up 1/2 hour earlier to take it and then just fall back to sleep- it helps me come out of the grogginess faster
  5. Could it be the early onset of some depression? That happens to me sometimes - especially when the seasons change it can mess up my wake up time
  6. Just remember, abilifys long half life means it can take a while to kick in and wear off... so going up too fast before it hits full effect can Land you with side effects that stick around
  7. Combine? Add on low level of lithium to lower level of Depakote and maybe get synergistic effects while being below the doses of the worst side effects, maybe? Did you try both IR and ER lithium? They were very different for me, ER stopped some of the nausea. Lithium + lamictal is another option- one that I’ve used for several years now (although I’m on the higher end dose wise for both) Also, you might want to wait and see what the higher dose of abilify dose cuz you might need less stabilizer once it kicks in
  8. Even if they do- doubling it is a pretty huge jump which makes it risky. I would say that Depakote and lithium are the best mood stabilizers for mania, Depakote often more actute uses than lithium but lithium great for long term stability of both sides. However, I wouldn’t say they are the “best” above some of the antipsychotics especially for quick onset
  9. Sorry I’m on my phone so I can’t see ur meds so I missed the Depakote. Depakote has a wide range do you know the level? also even thought u didn’t say anything about the Zoloft that is a big increase for a BP person odd that he didn’t think of or at least mention it
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