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  1. I have - problem is i won’t be very helpful because it was in the summer while I was having other issues... and the number one common summer issue for me is irritability
  2. I think it depends. If it’s pre arraigned and you discuss and get it approved with insurance you might get it covered if you can provide a valid reason. But my doc did DAW for my Depakote for awhile and I paid a ton more, although it may not have been full price
  3. Iceberg


    Personally, I can hate my meds and know they’re necessary at the same time
  4. Iceberg


    Yeah I sympathize. I felt like this with my first pdoc- it’s really unpleasant - I went inpatient and switched docs, which helped for awhile, but then I ended up back in the same place
  5. That makes sense, I guess it’s not always smart to overshadow progress with a not-that-serious issue
  6. This is the one area where I got lots of benefit from good old CBT. The therapist drilled into me that it is not logical for the worst option to be the only option... and it took some serious time but I can now catch myself if I go down the “what if” road. It was kinda like, ok this is scary - but is it realistic or am I just scared for the purpose of being scared. I’m a bit suprised tdoc had no contributions - this seems like a perfect issse for a therapy setting
  7. I’ve heard of it being very effective for resistant suicidal ideation
  8. My pdoc gave me adderall but I don’t know that every doc would be comfortable with that. For me the fog was sedation Based so I doubt donepezil would have done much
  9. How much/how fast on the Vraylar? for what it’s worth I had a much lower level of agitation type symptoms with Vraylar than with seroquel
  10. I’d say It’s hard to tell how long cuz you have other antidepressant effects as fortification...so the threshold might be lowered...I also think it’s not a bad idea to go slow and leave it at the 500... 1) cuz of the other meds on board might help create a synergistic effects ... and 2) better to go low and slow than to get all fucked up with no pdoc around
  11. Seems like either a bad joke or a lapse in understanding what they are talking about
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