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  1. Thank you for the response. Asking my doc is not an issue but I am more worried about developing tolerance to benzos pretty quickly. If I may ask, how long have you been taking? Do you take every day?
  2. Hi, I take generic Quetiapine 200 mg for anxiety and insomnia. There was a lot of improvement but I still suffer from anxiety/panic attacks. My doc tried increasing the Quetiapine dose up to 400 mg but I didn't notice any improvement. Looks like 200 mg is the optimum dose. If my sleep quality is good, the day will be very calm and relaxed. I observed that if I take Quetiapine 200 mg + Diazepam 10 mg before sleep then my anxiety/panic attacks are totally under control. Sleep quality was very good. There was no daytime drowsiness either. It was just perfect. But the problem is that benzodiazepines are not for long-term use. So, we have been trying to find other medications that can augment Quetiapine just like Diazepam did. Quetiapine 200 mg + Trazodone 50 mg caused a lot of drowsiness and daytime dizziness. I could not take the combination for more 5 days. Quetiapine 200 mg + Tegretol 300 mg actually reduced the sleep quality and increased anxiety (Tegretol and Trileptal reduce the effectiveness of Quetiapine). Quetiapine 200 mg + Lithium caused a lot of daytime drowsiness but there was no improvement in my anxiety/panic attacks. What other medications can I take along with Quetiapine before sleep to further improve the sleep quality? Is anyone taking any medications in addition to Quetiapine before sleep? Thank you for your responses.
  3. Is there any way to check if the body is becoming insulin resistant while on Seroquel? Can regular blood tests for sugar levels give any forewarning?
  4. Thank you all for the responses. If I take extra care with my diet (avoiding fats, sugar, eating a healthy diet), does it minimize the chances of diabetes even if I am on Seroquel? Also, there is a suggestion about taking Seroquel XR with a meal less than 300 calories. Does this also apply to regular Seroquel? I could not find any information regarding regular Seroquel.
  5. Thank you for your response. Does this also apply to regular Seroquel (not XR)? Thank you. But is the casual relationship between Seroquel and diabetes proven?
  6. Hi, My doctor prescribed 200mg Seroquel (regular, not XR) every day. It is mainly for my insomnia and anxiety. I have a family history of diabetes, so I am very concerned about this medicine. We already tried Remeron, Neurotonin etc. but they didn't work well. What doses of Seroquel have higher chances of causing diabetes? Is 200mg high-risk dose? Also, the Seroquel website suggests taking Seroquel on empty stomach or with a meal fewer than 300 calories. Why is that? What happens if Seroquel is taken with a high-calorie meal? Does it spike blood sugar levels? Thank you in advance.
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