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  1. oh ffs, it's a decent treatment for anxiety. Angela Rintoul has missed the point that people need the short term benefits regularly. "Hur dur, I'm going to be a doc Tor." did anyone edit this article? engage brain before publishing morons.
  2. It's hard enough going out let alone having to deal with dumb and agressive drivers. I also hate feeling like an ant when in a huge line of traffic, it is so demoralising.
  3. It can be a gateway to meeting people who take and sell other drugs. That was my experience anyway.
  4. I just keep trying and the non-smoking periods are getting longer and longer. I have found that cigarettes are tasting more disgusting each time I go back to smoking so that is a big motivator. Just keep trying and the benefits that are important to you will start to become apparent. For me it is my fingers. I hate the smell of smoke on them and the yellow/brown skin. I like having nice clean fingers.
  5. I had problems when I switched from Effexor XR to generic venlafaxine ER (extended release). It started to "poop out". I switched back to Effexor XR and it started working again. Weird. I read that the problem is with the different release mechanism. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/19653973/ I believe some people don't have a problem with it though.
  6. bfff

    the alphabet game

    My name is Boris and i am bungy jumping in Bunbury to beat Beth's bet.
  7. True, i like to be able to find important papers easily otherwise i freak out. The person below me does not like prunes.
  8. All online, i have never had a chequebook. I used to go and pay cash. What do you eat for breakfast?
  9. bfff

    the alphabet game

    My name is Xavier and I'm going to Xai Xai to x-ray xylophones for Xanax.
  10. False, I absolutely hate it. The person below me likes the rain.
  11. Yes, take two ibuprofen before you drink. Do you play a musical instrument?
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