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  1. oh ffs, it's a decent treatment for anxiety. Angela Rintoul has missed the point that people need the short term benefits regularly. "Hur dur, I'm going to be a doc Tor." did anyone edit this article? engage brain before publishing morons.
  2. It's hard enough going out let alone having to deal with dumb and agressive drivers. I also hate feeling like an ant when in a huge line of traffic, it is so demoralising.
  3. It can be a gateway to meeting people who take and sell other drugs. That was my experience anyway.
  4. I just keep trying and the non-smoking periods are getting longer and longer. I have found that cigarettes are tasting more disgusting each time I go back to smoking so that is a big motivator. Just keep trying and the benefits that are important to you will start to become apparent. For me it is my fingers. I hate the smell of smoke on them and the yellow/brown skin. I like having nice clean fingers.
  5. I had problems when I switched from Effexor XR to generic venlafaxine ER (extended release). It started to "poop out". I switched back to Effexor XR and it started working again. Weird. I read that the problem is with the different release mechanism. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/19653973/ I believe some people don't have a problem with it though.
  6. bfff

    the alphabet game

    My name is Boris and i am bungy jumping in Bunbury to beat Beth's bet.
  7. True, i like to be able to find important papers easily otherwise i freak out. The person below me does not like prunes.
  8. All online, i have never had a chequebook. I used to go and pay cash. What do you eat for breakfast?
  9. bfff

    the alphabet game

    My name is Xavier and I'm going to Xai Xai to x-ray xylophones for Xanax.
  10. False, I absolutely hate it. The person below me likes the rain.
  11. Yes, take two ibuprofen before you drink. Do you play a musical instrument?
  12. My understanding is that almost any major life events can be a trigger. Positive and negative. I haven't really found a good explanation for it but I visualise it as, if you are predisposed to bp and get knocked off your "mood axis" it starts a "wobble" that you can't correct (because of some unknown predisposed factor). This is my opinion anyway.
  13. I have been IP a few times (private hospital) and the main thing I remember is it is boring, so so boring. The group sessions are pointless because most people don't give a shit. They were supposedly compulsory and as someone mentioned in an earlier post if you didn't go you "weren't serious about getting better" or "didn't need to be there". I was lucky because my pdoc knew I needed to be there whether I went to groups or not. Another thing, after you have done the groups of couple of times they repeat and become even more tedious. Some people seemed to really benefit from them though so it's worth a shot. The best thing from a care point of view was seeing my pdoc every day and tdoc every couple of days. Apart from groups all there was to do was watch tv or smoke. Some people read or played games but I couldn't concentrate. The patient's smoking area was the only relief from boredom and where I felt I got some benefit from the stay, as strange as that may sound. Hanging out and talking with people with similar issues was really great, in hindsight, and I credit those people with helping me the most. Unfortunately, they have closed it and you have to go out by the road to smoke. I need to find out if there are any places that still let you smoke. The staff were mostly nice, some really tried hard to help, some were very wary of me, some really didn't give a shit about patients and weren't afraid to show it! The ward doors were locked at night but the rooms weren't. Some people were allowed to go out during the day (better than groups), I wasn't. If you had been there for 10 days you could get an overnight leave pass, but not if you had been naughty. A few people ran away while I was there so the security wasn't that great. I have gone in because of overdose, suicidal ideation and for med adjustments. I was discharged too early on my first visit and subsequently had to go in again. Third time was way too long, I was extremely bored but also becoming too settled in.The past few times admission has been suggested I have said no but that is because I have known that I'm safe at home. I would voluntarily go if really pressed or if I was suicidal. The discharge papers I were given weren't really of any use because I knew my dosages, my doctor's contact details, etc.
  14. Yes, I liked the purple one. I think it was some kind of berry flavour. Maybe blackberry? Do you live near the beach? If so, do you go swimming?
  15. bfff

    the alphabet game

    My name is Percy and I'm going to Perth to prosecute presumptuous penguins.
  16. True, I have been on many picnics before. The person below me has a Dr's appointment this week
  17. True, but I hate my voice and I don't sing much because of that. The person below me eats five serves of vegetables a day.
  18. I have experienced that "rush" feeling when i have changed dosage of Effexor. It is different to the withdrawal "zaps" imo. It can be disturbing as it feels like something has been injected directly into your brain, somewhat similar to an intense come-up on Ecstasy. I used to stand at work staring off into space, barely able to move and it felt like I was going insane at that exact moment. This was a really scary side effect for me. My pdoc said it is nothing to worry about as it is only temporary. Easy for them to say! Talk to your doc asap.
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