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  1. okay thankyou. I mean it went away a little, coming back in small waves
  2. Im glad it's working for you:D 30 mg is alot isn't it? The standard dose is.. 10mg right?
  3. "Does it hurt to shave over those?" "Are you emo?" "Did you do it again?" "Gross bitch," "crazy bitch," "suicial" "Hey, girl who cuts herself" "Are you suicidal," "Have you tried to kill yourself that many times?" "Ugh," "Ew" "Those are disgusting. Cover them up." "Where else are they?" "Can I see the others?" "Will you have those forever?" "You ruined your body"
  4. I feel like no one will be comfortable answering this but I just want to know what it looks like, if it feels any different from normal cuts, etc.
  5. Yea i feel. I took my first 5mg thing last night of abilify and I hope it works
  6. When do you think abilify starts to work? I know it varies from person to person, but is there a "theraputic dose" or one that generally starts to take effect? Also has anybody here had one of those ideal "this medication saved my life" stories about abilify? If so, I would like to hear those:) Thx
  7. Yea I know. I want to bring it up but I feel like its asking for a lot.
  8. Thankyou Ill look into that thread:D and yea maybe some of mine do... but its fine because Ive needed it before and they just healed.
  9. I've cut on the back of my left arm, near the top, by the wrist. I have been covering it with a headband and a bandaid, and I want to do more on my arm, like on the inside under where the headband could cover when wrapped around. But Im too scared to cut deep and hit something, or get a tendon. The urge is still there and I only want it on my arm... idk why. I know what people will say: "use coping skills," "dont do it," etc.
  10. I have this feeling for this one person that I want to crawl and cuddle up with them, and no matter how close we are, its not close enough. I want to physically become a part of them or something. How do I fix it?
  11. Im in an open relationship with somebody and theyre dating some other people, I am dating some other people (no one that I care about) and I want to break up with everybody except this one person. And I am angry that hes paying attention to other people. What do I do? Asking for all the attention is too much to ask for, as he knew (or thought) I was okay with it going in.
  12. Im probably stupid but I dont see it anywhere. Helppp pls
  13. I feel like i normally do. Kinda anxious and mind and body wont stop moving but thats normal. Waiting to see bf later at 4. Tired. Neutral.
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