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  1. So i went to a base ball game today and autism speaks had a stand and i asked the guy what their all about and he says "were not for autism, were against it. we dont want it to be around anymore." I said so you think autistic people arent good enough to be around. he says we just think they should be like everyone else. what the fuck. maybe they should cure normalcy instead i told him.
  2. I dont think its bad to bind evil if you direct it towards good. and especally if their telling you to hurt yourself or others, its necessary to get rid of them. once they are bound they must go to the light as it is the only way out. Its not fighting evil with evil because it doesnt hurt anything. It only disables the evil entiety from doing evil. I do not use black magic. all my magic is used for the good.
  3. yea, i take rispridal and effexor. I dont think the meds have any negative side effects. Sounds like your on the wrong meds.
  4. Im not worried about getting tangled up in his issues becuase i dont see him very often except when he comes to my bands shows. Hes been a long time supporter of my band. At first I thought he was a spy from the government becuase of his unusaual behavior until i did a background check on him and then his ex roommate told me more about him.
  5. does anyone else communicate with the aliens? I talk to ones from another dimention. I call them aliens because there not from here so there aliens. There not bad, although there can be bad ones as well as good ones. They tell me how the universe works and have told me how to time travel, but i dont know how to make the time machine yet. I dont think this is delusional, but i think my crazyness lets me be more in tune with things that have not yet been explained by science. I would be intrested in chatting with other people who may have had similar experiences. The "aliens" put our reality together like a puzzle and the puzzle peices create our reality as they are connected. I have drawn all kinds of weird pictures they have shown me such as time webs that have explain time and dimentional travle. our universe is made out of equasions they have created. each equasion is like a word and the words tell the story of our 3-D reality that we live in.
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