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  1. I'm worth 9 goats, too! I couldn't believe it! I thought I'd be lucky if I were worth two!!! Yay!!! Some more links to enjoy: (These are all by the same people) Overheard at the Beach Overheard in New York Overheard in the Office Celebrity Wit Overheard Everywhere A funny adults only page (DON'T SAY YOU WEREN'T WARNED!): The 100 Worst Porn Movie Titles - All real titles!
  2. It's a scary thought, but I've heard about that type of thing before. Being dependent on a medication can be scary, because you might not be able to get it when you need it. And if you do manage to get some, what if you run out before you're able to get more?
  3. We've had fast food and soft drink companies in the schools for years, but they're finally doing something about that, because of kids' health. I hope they will put a stop to corporations in the school, but schools need money, so who knows.
  4. There's a plague causing Asians to eat people? If I avoid Asians, I'm a racist. If I socialize with them, I'm lunch! December, I know what "considering" means, but the fact that you would consider switching parties because Obama didn't pick Hillary is illogical to me. If we get McCain, we get someone who votes in line with Bush. If we get Palin, we get a vice president who hunts. (Remember what happened with Cheney!!!) Seems a bit repetitious, don't you think? McCain compared Obama to Brittney Spears. If Democrat is the Brittney Spears party, then Republican must be the Jamie Lynn Spears party! (Ok, I stole those jokes from The View [i think that's where I got the Cheney-Palin comparison] and Jay Leno [brittney-Jamie Lynn], but it's funny!!!)
  5. Yeah, I agree with VE...I don't get voting for McCain if you were a Hillary supporter.
  6. And much of it isn't news at all, or it's presented in a way to make you think a certain way. Reports might say a study backs its claims up, when in fact, the study may say something else entirely, and the reporter just took a couple things from the study and turned it into a "story." A while back, a study said something about exercise makes you happier, and news stations turned it into doing housework makes you happier (because doing housework is physical and a form of exercise). The news can make a person sound like they said or did something really bad or really good, when what they said or did was quite different.
  7. I just want to vent a little. I am soooo sick of the OCD. It permeates every part of my life. OCD is involved with almost everything I do: I can have to deal with thoughts and/or do rituals just for looking at the wrong thing or looking at something the wrong way or it can randomly happen for no reason, even if I've looked at or done something millions of times. I read things repeatedly (often, it's because I have trouble absorbing what I've read, but it's usually because I had OCD thoughts, or my mind just wandered); scribble things out that I've written (because they have to be written the "right" way); avoid touching almost everything around me (at home, that includes walls; doorknobs/handles; dusty things; dirty things; things my OCD makes me feel like I will have to wash my hands if I touch, even though the item isn't dirty, contaminated or whatever--it could have just been cleaned and sterilized, but some things are still not to be touched for me; most parts of my body; and much, much more); washing, counting, repeating and skin picking; smells can bother me; touching other people; and so much more, it's unbelievable. I've been on so many drugs, and there are a few more to try, but my pdoc is nowhere to be found. I'm going to try calling her again today, but I expect the same answer I've gotten before: "We don't know when she'll be back." I tried calling the last pdoc in the area I haven't seen (not that close, about 40 miles), and he's not taking new patients. So, I'm left with the local clinic, which I've been to four or five times in the 30 years I've been in treatment, and they didn't help at all (one psychologist there told me I should get a hysterectomy because I told her I didn't want children; I was in my 20's, and she said she'd had one, and it was no big deal, but I know otherwise!), or go back to the clinic I was going to before my current pdoc, but it's about 40 miles away, and I have to stay there all day (from my bf's lunchtime till he can pick me up after work), feeling horribly dirty (because of my OCD) and not getting helped, anyway. On top of that, I don't want to hear their "See? We told you that you couldn't handle it without medication" crap. I wasn't doing good before on the meds they had me on, and I am stuck at a low dose of meds while waiting to see my current pdoc, so I can't try anything new. I've really gone through a lot of depression, anger and frustration. I have been really bad with it. And the OCD and panic are getting worse--fast.
  8. Um...I don't get it. What is that blue/green thing in the pic?
  9. I'm on a state prescription plan, and it recently increased from $5 per prescription to, I think, $6 for generics, $7 for brand name, so I pay about $13 a month (Clomiprimine and Lexapro).
  10. What miab said. Try posting a personal ad talking about your mental and behavioral issues. See how many replies you get.
  11. My mom tells people stuff about me, including my mental illnesses, but she gets a lot wrong, and spreads what she thinks is going on, which is even worse. She thinks everyone is mad at her about the silliest things (she asked me to ask my boyfriend how much gas his car gets to a gallon, and then told me not to, because he might get mad), and she thinks I'm mad about things I'm not (usually, when I am mad, it's because she's assuming I'm mad--it irritates my boyfriend, too, when she does this). I recently told her I'd ask my boyfriend about something she wanted to know, and she was worried he'd get mad, and I told her he doesn't get mad when she asks things like this, and she actually said, "You know he does." It drives me crazy!
  12. I love men, but sometimes I feel like shit because it seems so many men judge women as this man (I use that term loosely) does, and they feel they're entitled to women (and women's bodies). I'm sorry you're dealing with this, and I hope your daughter doesn't get hurt, but I also hope she sees him for what he is--an asshole.
  13. Marijuana isn't legal because the government can't make money off it (yet).
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