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  1. 18 hours ago, Flash said:

    Um .....

    Sorry that wasn't clear.  Lack of power/control over how much you drink is what I meant.  So drinking a nine beers doesn't make you an alcoholic, but always trying to limit yourself to 2-3 and ending up drinking nine anyway might be a different story

    my point being that you can't determine alcoholism based on the amounts someone drinks compared to someone else, that's just plain not enough information 

  2. This isn't unheard of.  I read an article recently that I don't feel like looking for right this minute, but it talked about how a small amount of alcohol actually enhances essay-writing.  Literally what you're describing.  I wouldn't recommend it.

    alcoholism is not about amounts, rather lack of power over when you drink, how much you drink, etc and how much damage it causes not so much externally but internally although both.  Do you control your drinking, or does your drinking control you?

    medication makes it complicated you probably shouldn't be drinking much of even at all when on strong meds especially mood stabilizers, not so much for mental illness but for chemical purposes. 

  3. Yeah mjs is correct, it's not just about feeling drugged or sedated or out of it... It's definitely recreational in high doses.  Doctors are becoming *slightly* more aware of this.  I'm a recovering alcoholic and had my struggles with heroin and crack which doctors knew so never gave me benzos but handed me gabapentin like candy.  I actually preferred gabapentin to benzos to be honest as it enhanced all my drugs of choice greatly and was very strong on its own.  I'd never go near it again, and anyone wiTh a hint of a drug problem shouldn't fool themselves into thinking this is a safe alternative to benzos 

  4. I've known people who were on that combo and did very well.  Remember, haldol (and prolixin for that matter) are now dosed much lower than they were previously, at least by competent psychiatrists.  It's not as intense as you might think and honestly it's probably more rational side-effect wise and as far as being specific to what you're doing to you're brain than taking two different medications that do a whole bunch of things to whole bunch of receptors

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  5. Yes it is very possible.  First you need to understand that while your home life has impacted you greatly it is not the cause of your addiction.  It took me a long time to realize this for myself but the longer you associate the two is the longer you stay stuck, trust me.  Those from perfectly stable environments also become addicted.  For people like us, we need adequate addiction treatment and also concurrent trauma-type therapeutic therapy as it is traumatic to experience that growing up but it's separate from our addiction

    take it as you will but what's gotten me the most clean time I've ever had in 10 years is a 12 step program.  Feel free to message me if you want to know about it, just need to talk, or for any reason at all id be happy to chat

  6. Two APs is generally considered redundant however what about using clozaril plus a strong D2 antagonist that doesn't do much else because clozaril is so broad-spectrum, same with zyprexa, as in it hits a ton of receptors but doesn't block them crazy crazy strongly like some of the old school antipsychotics

    i don't know much about vraylar, as far as its mechanism of action, have you considered a very strong D2 antagonist typical AP like prolixin or haldol with clozaril?  That would theoretically cover the major bases fairly well, just my thoughts

  7. Please bear with me, my situation is multi-faceted I'll try to be concise

    diagnosed with complex PTSD, borderline personality disorder (basically interrelated let's face it) have had suicidal depression in the past but zero depression atm

    ive spent the last 10 years abusing drugs.  Lots of alcohol, pills, etc.. Last two years have been on and off IV heroin with periods of suboxone maintenance, also regularly smoking crack and IV cocaine.  I share all this to emphasize that my drug use was pretty severe.  I'm coming up on three months clean through a 12 step program

    long medication history, high high doses of Thorazine, Zyprexa, many ssris, lithium, depakote, prolixin, the list is extensive.  I worry that I'll never be chemically normal again

    stopped Zoloft and Abilify when I got sober, now on 200mg topamax, 150mg Lamictal (300 target), 60mg baclofen and 2mg stelazine prn for emergencies

    pure rage, over tiny things, I've broken several objects in my apt, it's like I see red.  More than irritability.  Is this part of early sobriety?  Part of stopping certain meds and will clear up?  Will a higher dose of Lamictal help and I just need to be patient?  

    I stopped the ssris and Abilify because I couldn't feel any emotions whatsoever and I refuse to believe that my only options are numbness and rage

    sorry for the length thanks for any feedback

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