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  1. I'm on 15mg of Adderall once a day. I want to be on at least 20 twice a day. My pdoc refuses to go this route because my blood pressure is too high, even though a big factor in my bp being too high is that I drink so much caffiene to compensate for the lack of brain stimulation. This is driving me nuts, putting my stress levels higher, and further increasing my blood pressure. I have GAD and PTSD as well as some form of paranoia-psychosis, and naturally Adderall isn't good for all that anxiety/freakiness, but I don't know what else to do. I won't try Strattera (partially because the person who pays for my medication says it's useless and doesn't want to pay for it), and I'm on 10mg Lexapro and 5mg Abilify to take care of the aforementioned anxiety/psychosis problems, but still it's pretty clear to me I have two options. One: Live with fear and anxiety and high bp but have the energy to get through the day. Two: Live without fear, anxiety, or enough drive to get out of the apartment on a daily basis. I guess the third option is to balance out all of the uppers by taking more Lexapro and maybe more Abilify, but I don't want to think that increasing my dosage on all my drugs is the only viable option. I also shudder at the thought of more Abilify, as it really knocked me out when I was on 15mg, so bad that I stopped taking it after three or four days.
  2. I've only recently been diagnosed with PTSD, although those around me that I've told have said they knew I had it before. I had gotten the thoughts out of my head for two round years, it was great, not to think about the abuse issues that I had for a long time been thinking and reliving every single day. Now, however, I'm being forced to confront the damage that was done on two fronts: by my therapist and by my father. My psychologist, understandably, is interested in probing the issue if it's what I want, and everything that we deal with seems to come back to the abuse. My father wants to develop a relationship with me where I'm not afraid to answer the phone when he calls, but he freaks me out-- partially because while he did not abuse me, he indirectly let it happen due to money control issues (and he still plays a big role in my financial situation). I'm trying to get over this, but I had found running away from the issues to be a sublime solution to the problem. The more I think about it, the more depressed and uncomfortable I get-- and I'm already on anti-depressants and anti-psychotics to cure some of the damage done. I guess I want to know how much help you all think can come from addressing rather than blocking out the problems. Has it been helpful or harmful to drag up past memories and lay them all out? For me, so far, it seems the effect is only harmful, leading to more depression and anxiety, and thus to more and more drinking, which already has some of my friends worried. I want to know if it'll get better on this road, or if I should start backpedaling now to save my sanity. By the by, I am currently on 15mg Adderall, 5mg Abilify, and 10mg Lexapro, as well as Trazadone for sleep.
  3. Hey, new here. I was just put on Seroquel 25mg (among other drugs) to help me with some paranoia and sleep-related issues with depression. I'm wondering how safe/unsafe alcohol is with this medication. Should I avoid drinking after I've taken it for the night, or should I avoid drinking altogether while taking this medication? I know I -shouldn't- drink with the depression and all that, but I have to live the day-to-day, too. I want to know what the reaction between this drug and alcohol is. I'm not looking for the answer that alcohol furthers my problem at-large, I have a psychiatrist to tell me those bits.
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