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  1. When I talked to her a while I basically tread lightly by saying how glad I was it was working for her. And she is ok with the effect if she feels fine. All I want is for her to be happy and that is why I haven't brought it up more than a few times. I do not want to mess with her meds just for me, I mean thats pretty selfish. so there is nothing I am gonna or willing to do on that end. I am a push over anyways, I mean, I cook, I take her places, I try and be a good boyfriend an suprise her with flowers and stuff. And thats how its always been and I am a-ok with that. But I lay in bed just hopi
  2. I'm not contemplating leaver her, I am contemplating leaving the planet. But what ever, I guess I knew it was selfish. Just close the thread or something please. Thank you
  3. I dont have a tdoc, and my pdoc appt. isn't for months. and there is no way to get in sooner. plus I really dont want to have this with him......
  4. Someone please, I'm loosing it. maybe I should put this in a different forums since it seems the no one goes down this far.
  5. Hello everyone.... My significant other is mentally interesting as am I. We have been together for a few years now. Before you judge me on what I am about to say, let us first examine the double standard. When you search for this issue, the only forum post you can find are women complaining about their man's reduced drive. I am not pushy or anything, I am not a manipulating sicko. That being said, ever since she started effexor roughly 7 months ago, it feels like our relationship is that what you might have in middle school. I am glad we still cuddle and everything, but that is all I get
  6. For some reason a bad depression turn me into a christian. Since then I have gone back to being an atheist. Funny enough the whole time was fighting my atheist beliefs, it just gave me a good feeling about death, and I didn't want to face reality. But now that I am stable I am back to being an atheist, I am done lieing to myself.
  7. No. Unless you have habitually been taking .5 extra
  8. http://store.steampowered.com/app/698780/agecheck My girlfriend got me to play it. It looks cute and innocent at first, errrrrr, wrong. It goes back quickly. Just look at the first tag lol
  9. So, I think I know were the stress came from, because that is my known trigger. 1: that co-worker being a total bitch to me. 2: I played doki doki, and that fucked me up for some reason. IF YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL, DON'T PLAY THAT DAMN GAME!!!
  10. I amaze myself sometimes as to how the hell I can power though some shit. Granted, When I get really anxious I take a shit ton of Klonapin, and drink a pot of coffee. And that makes me somewhat functional. "Do you usually turn to alcohol when it gets this bad?" Sort of, When then shit started back in highschool when things got bad I abused niquil and other stuff. But there were times that my bipolar and anxiety where blurring. Back when I lived with my parents once, I tore the house apart looking for cameras and microphones.
  11. I don't really know. I am not sure why, We were gonna have a meeting on thursday at work, and when I found out about it on monday, I instantly started worrying that it was about me. Because one of the employees has been pretty bitchy towards me lately, and she is known for running people out. Right off the bat I started worrying more and more all day. It hurt so bad that when I got home a little after 3:00, I was already wasted drunk before 4:00. I dont think I made it to 5:00pm. I woke up to my alarm at 4:45am the next day. When I get fucked up I can drink hard liquor out of the bottle like
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