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  1. HI Im shinny from TOronto also dealing with satorare or real thought broadcasting, mind-sharing etc. They are able to describe everything in our consciousness to memories in present or past with real good accuracy, repeating etc.

    Please message me or reply! thanks

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    2. shinny


      Im sorry to hear that, I was wondering why? there are so many people around the world experiencing this, we have founded a facebook group online to try to connect people... can you at least let me know what you know or have found out? hahah we love to have you join our group! respect!

    3. Teh Gaben

      Teh Gaben

      Like I said, stop contacting me.

    4. shinny


      Alright, well I wish best for you! I'm sorry for the reasons that you are not willing to contact... I'm sorry for keep contacting you. I have gone through people reacting to my thoughts, repeating it, coughing, to them talking indirectly to me, treating me discriminatively because of it, but I still keep going on with my day and pushing through because I know whatever they do is only a reaction to this... Now since it stopped, I am like invisible, I hope that for you too, I do not take any medicine due to it doesn't stop the experience, but might add even more side effects. I got voices I hear from  sounds and noises recently but that doesn't affect my reality either because I know what we are going through and experiencing is only temporarily. Keep focusing on yourself, moment, now, and what is ahead, the plans, dreams and future etc. take care and best to you! message me if you wish to talk, been going through real thought broadcasting for 5+ years, I think it is more of a shared mind with people around us, a certain radius depending on how strong it is, that allows them to talk about it as if it was in their head, describing with accurate details what we feel, all our senses to our memories, dreams we dreamt, past, what we thinking before we even say etc.

  2. hi, you experience real thought broadcasting, satorare where people react by repeating what you just thought, what you think, memories, dreamt etc.?

  3. Hi there, thought broadcaster, satorare friend?


  4. Hi there, thought broadcaster, satorare friend? Please check your messages!

  5. check your messages

  6. yo u still there?

  7. Hi Im thought broadcaster from Toronto too! Please see my messages!

    1. shinny


      Sorry, how are you Jarn? I am Shinny, I have been going through thought broadcasting too for almost 6 years or so... People just love to talk about my thoughts, memories, senses from what Im looking at to feeling etc. There is a radius to this because when I watch nba raptors online, they dont seem to react to my mind... Do you hear voices too? I get them from sounds and noises and stuff and they comment on my thoughts too and stuff... mostly negative so I ignore it...

      my friend matthew Sousa from Richmond Hill, also been dealing with this too, but he takes medicine to help control it and voices...

      I don't believe in western medicine and keep trying alternatives..

      Just want to get to know you! Hope all is well with you!


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