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  1. I am stuck in an awful cycle of becoming obsessed with a person, usually someone I had a failed relationship with that leads to a cycle of stalking the person, heavily drinking, depression and reckless behavior. I am currently stalking/obsessed with someone who recently started a relationship with someone else. It has lead me to severe drinking where I am craving it if I don't drink. I spend at least 4 hours or more a day looking at this person social media, googling him, driving by his house and work. I am unproductive at work and withdrew socially because of it. I have recently gone to a therapist, as my psychiatrist advised me to do, about the situation which was unhelpful. He told me to get a hobby. How would that help when a job wouldn't even make me stop. It has lead to drinking where I wake up hungover or still drunk for work. I am currently taking a mood stabilizer and anti anxiety medication that I've been on for about 3 years. I do not feel as of this is problem medication can fix.
  2. Alcohol seems to help me concentrate as well. I am not a student anymore so I'm unsure whether it would help me with an essay or not. I would try to limit your alcohol intake to just a few drinks during social events as well drinking just enough to help you concertante.
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