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  1. Yes that's the injection Invega. I picked up some 1% THC 16% CBD bud today. My two day break is out the window. I'm chronic but at least the ratio I bought today is not so bad. Things are slowly calming down. Driving is the worse it really tries my anxiety. It seems like I get every red light But overall I took a overnight stay with my folks and have felt relatively less anxiety since.
  2. Thank for the advice. I was able to talk to my pychiatrist last night. He thinks it's the high dose of riperidone which is causing the anxiety. No real plans to take me off it but switch to injection in two months. I assume less side effects with this method? The last strain I bought was 3mg thc and 8mg cbd. I will continue to seek the ratios you mentioned.
  3. Yeah I don't know if today will be my first day off. Had my morning meds, risperidone and clonazepam and now feeling stiff and anxious. That's no other drugs or alcohol today. I have to go visit my folks on Tuesday Wednesday so I am going to choose those days. I had an Epsom salt bath and essential oils. It felt nice until the hot water ran out I do breath in through the nose out through the mouth really deep breaths I try to do 30 a day. Thanks for the input.
  4. Yeah and there it is. There are a variety of articles via WWW for this. Give me a convincing one and I might re-consider, actually I'm on the fence. I think combined with medication it can help somewhat depending on your focus needs, via work etc... be that exercising the demons from my subconscious would clear this whole mess up Tell you what I will give two THC/CBD free days and let you know:)
  5. Pretty good day. Minimal tension. I had 5mg THC edible. Feeling chill. Doc knows I have a problem. Awaiting appointment to tell him I'm using. Could be the 6mg of risperidone. I've only ever been on 2mg before never higher. I seemed to get that way of tension nearing my release. I would get so worked up about feeling trapped. They should have released me in 7 days
  6. Diagnosis: Bipolar 1, ADHD, THC Misuse Disorder. Age 46 Male I've been in the psych ward for 14 days and just got released 6 days ago. It was full blown mania that brought me there. I decided to stop taking my pharmaceuticals for a week and was determined to free myself from the stigma/chains of the label bipolar. Fast forward to now. I've been released with the following meds (Note the asterisk means I was on before my episode, but not necessarily the same dose): *Lithium Carbonate 1200mg Risperidone 2mg morning, 4 mg night *Clonazepam 1mg morning, 1 mg night *Zo
  7. I can't seem to find the recommended taper guideline anywhere, just references to taper under the supervision of a doctor. I was on Concerta starting at 36mg and within 3 years I was up to 54mg+18mg. About a year ago I switched to Foquest 70mg. Given my doctor initially prescribed the wrong dosages (as in they don't exist) for the taper, I figure he doesn't know what he is doing anyway. But here is what I have been prescribed for a taper: - 55mg for a week, then 45mg for a week, then check in with the doctor in 6 weeks and asses. I am currently halfway through the 45mg week
  8. My pdoc has increased my concerta from 36mg daily to 54mg daily. All on the recommendation from me. I may have bitten off more than I can chew cause I am feeling manic now since the increase. My current cocktail: Lithium 900mg, Lyricia 75mg, Abiify 2 mg, Serequel 25mg, Latuda 60mg, Concerta 54mg. I guess my question is now do I keep trying this combo for now and see where it takes me? The plan is to ween me off the Ability within two weeks. I am currently abusing alcohol to sideline the ill effects, but this is nothing new. I will make up in introductions later when I have more time. Di
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