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  1. Basically this is my final year in highschool. Every grade counts but I just cant concentrate on anything at all. Well, that's not true, I can concentrate on the subjects I love, but everything else, I lose all focus and I get lost in the teachers words and my mind starts wandering and then at the end of the day, I forget everything the teacher taught us. This doesn't only affect school however, if someone is telling me directions I get completely lost in their words. Everything else draws my attention and the noises, oh god the noises, every noise just sucks me in and distracts me. Basically I thought my career was over before it even started, but then I got some news after talking to my psychologist (he cant prescribe me meds in Canada). He believes I have ADHD, and a very classic presentation at that. But im not going to meet with my pdoc until next year, she is extremely busy. Then there's my family doc. Not too sure if he is willing to prescribe me anything to help, but I did get my psychologist to send him my full psychiatric evaluation since I haven't seen him in two years. I also got him to send the report of the latest meeting and why he thinks I have ADHD. So I'm hoping he will give me a prescription to help me. I've had to deal with issues like these my whole life but I never reported them because I thought it was just really, really dumb. But I guess that might not be true. Anyways to get to my point, what can I do in the meantime while I don't have any meds? I'm losing all motivation and my grades are suffering a lot. What can I do?
  2. I don't know what's wrong with me but my dad is really angry at me and he's saying that im just fishing for attention right now and that im not really mentally ill. All I asked was for his advice and he told me to get a job, reason being im probably going to fail out of school and no university will accept me anyways so I need a backup plan. He also said if I fail out of school at any time he isn't going to accept me back into the house and I will have to be on my own So yeah looks like there's another problem on top of my already strenuous mental issues
  3. So I've been pretty stable on my current meds since the summer ended, not too many OCD symptoms other than intrusive thoughts and very little compulsions. But I cant seem to concentrate on school at all! I try and listen to the teacher explaining some new concept and I just lose focus immediately. I try and study for tests and I get distracted by random things, something by nothing! I just cant concentrate. The only time I can concentrate is during mindless activities like watching TV and even then im not really paying attention. If someone were to give me verbal instructions I would ask for it written down because I cant even process what they are saying after the third word. Even know I keep getting distracted and I cant finish this post fast enough! I also get very distracted and anxious when there is multiple auditory stimuli around me, so much that I feel like leaving the room or leaving school and putting in my noise cancelling earphones and just trying to drown out the noise. I've also stopped caring about all my work because its too hard to get done so I just give up, and if I have to do work I just get so angry at myself because I cant concentrate enough to get any work done. This isn't really related but ive given up on processing what people are saying so much that I have to ask them what they mean when they are being sarcastic or joking with me. I just cant understand people anymore it seems Anyways have any of you experienced this? Is this just my OCD acting up or something I should look further into? How do I stop it short term? Any advice would be appreciated, this is the year I start applying to universities and it seems like with my current marks because of my situation, im not getting in to even my last choice.
  4. Sounds like diagnosing to me, just like: That sounds like diagnosing. If you weren't diagnosing her, then why randomly bring up your hypochondriasis?
  5. This is exactly why i thought autism was a disability, because it does impede a persons quality of life to some degree, and in canada most conditions that impede a persons daily life are considered disabilities. But i can understand that for alot of cases it isnt a disability at all, just a different level of being. @Hopelessly Broken I have already cleared up that i made a mistake in calling autism an illness. All im saying is that autism is a case of differences from the norm (which in most cases is considered an illness if we were talking about literally any other condition). Ok but can you see why i believe autism can be a problem for alot of people? Most mental illnesses are just that- a difference in hardwiring (childhood onset schizophrenia being one of them). Still, i am by no means calling autism a mental illness, just a difference so significant that it was given its own diagnosis. Anyways my point here is that if you like doctor shows, the good doctor is a really nice show with a genius main character, not only because hes autistic, but because hes a different person than others. Much like house was in his show.
  6. Im literally just saying i like a show because it portrays someone whos different than others in a good light, and, as i said before its a doctor show. I dont see the problem with that. And whats wrong with trying to see positives in a mental illness? Especially since all ive seen so far is suffering. I dont see what i said that was so wrong?
  7. Ok i tried to be civil but what the fuck? Autism isnt chronic? Im not even going to fight you on this, ill just cite my source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autism "There is no known cure.[4][11] Children recover occasionally, so that they lose their diagnosis of ASD;[13] this occurs sometimes after intensive treatment and sometimes not. It is not known how often recovery happens;" It says children recover occasionally, but that dosent mean its not all of a sudden magically not a chronic illness Also @Hopelessly Broken how is it not a disability? Yes i can understand in alot of cases its not a disability, but what about the people who cant communicate with their words? Isnt that a disability? Now i may be wrong that autism is a disability, and if i am please feel free to tell me why rather than saying something like: Maybe try and educate me? Also by the way sorry to say but if your autism has lasted more than three months it is infact chronic: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronic_condition "The term chronic is often applied when the course of the disease lasts for more than three months" If you feel otherwise feel free to explain to me why im wrong. Im always open to learning something new
  8. First off I would like to apologize to you hopeless, I thought all chronic illnesses were disabilities to some degrees. Also I can see how a show like that would be offensive to someone with autism, since it does show that autism makes you a "suffering genius", which, isn't the case for everyone, and I completely forgot to acknowledge that in my post. Now the reason I think its interesting is because first of all when I was younger I used to watch House with my dad, good times, and a great show. Ever since then I fell in love with doctor shows, and now that there is another show about someone who also has a diagnosis and is a genius at the same time is really exciting to me, because I come from a family that used to stigmatize mental illness (not so much autism as I was friendly with a low functioning autistic child when I was a kid). Now when I see the show I see a huge contrast from what im used to seeing and believing about diagnoses that can have a certain negative effect on people lives. When my brain melted about three years ago and I developed anxiety depression and OCD, whenever I saw someone similar to me I only got to see them in mental institutes, not doing well at all. But when I see this show, I see someone who is high functioning and has had his fair share of hardships because of his illness, and is now doing very well and is extremely intelligent. Anyways, that's why I like the show. If I offended anyone with my previous post I am really sorry, but I hope I've cleared up the reason why I like the show.
  9. Personally im not autistic but I do have OCD, and I find that by being mentally ill I can relate to the main character in the show (I can go into detail about this if you guys want). It is a great show and I definitely recommend watching it if your either mentally ill/ into doctor shows. Has anyone watched this? Do you think the show will go beyond focusing on his disability and focus more on his genius level skills?
  10. Thanks everybody for the replies! So ive regained some appetite after working out a lot and ive been drinking protein shakes like crazy, and they've been keeping me full for now. Hopefully I can talk to my pdoc about this whole situation, although I don't know how much I can trust her. Im not able to trust most people nowadays...
  11. Ill have to ask her, but for now I just need advice on how to force myself to eat and maybe someone can give me a hint of what this may be part of? Maybe no one will because that's against the rule, but can someone tell me if they can experience one or two symptoms of depression without having most of them?
  12. Help me guys I don't have many symptoms of depression anymore (especially no low mood most days) and no more suicidal thoughts (except for the occasional OCD intrusive though telling me to kill myself) BUT I CANT FUCKING EAT. What the hell I thought I was getting better. I started on Prozac last month, and its still gonna go up but what the hell is this? Is this a sign of residual depression? Can I still have symptoms while not having the full on disorder be present? How do I force myself to eat? I don't want to lose too much weight like I did at the start of my depression
  13. I just had a huge anxiety attack because of... reasons. Probably due to my social anxiety. And it happened in the comfort of my home. Who knew social anxiety could happen anywhere? So what do your symptoms look like when your in the midst of an attack? Mine are: -Heart palpitations -Shaking and numb hands -Mild chest pain after attack -ALOT of sweat
  14. For me my diagnosis changed a few times. It started out, if I can recall correctly, first episode psychosis, then psychosis NOS, then attenuated psychosis, then we added on depression, OCD, social anxiety, and general anxiety. then attenuated psychosis became full on psychosis, then it went away, not because I got better but because another doctor said I never had it in the first place. Finally they added illness anxiety disorder, because of reasons. so that makes me an anxious, depressed hypochondriac so far. it has only been 10 months since my brain went all fuckey on me, so lets see how much it changes after this.
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