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  1. hi crazyboarders. i was taking seroquel 25 mg, at night, for sleep, and have been switched to trazodone at night, 50 mg. how have you fared with trazadone?
  2. thank you both for your input and information. much appreciated. hope this note finds you both well!
  3. hi crazyboarders. i have been off of work for a week due to major depression and GAD. i am doing an "intensive outpatient program", which includes psychiatry, meds and counseling services (individual and group). i wanted to gather some info about applying for short term disability. i find the whole idea overwhelming and was seeking info. from those who have accessed s.t.d. thank you, in advance, for your help, input and guidance.
  4. @Iceberg and @melissaw72thank you both for your input. re: ativan- i take .5 mg once in morning (anxiety is high) and as needed (occasionally) later in day if really having an anxiety shit storm.
  5. hi dog cuddler. i am a cat cuddler. would love to have a dog, but due to work, etc. not sure i can/could. also seeking a friend for this difficult journey. dealing with depression and anxiety. and wow are they doozies. my name is elisa, i am 46 and live in the san francisco bay area. here to listen, support, share and chat.
  6. thank you iceberg and melissa. seeing responses to my post made me feel less alone. iceberg- i sent you a note asking about your experience with e.c.t. melissa- tried prozac, effexor, lamictal, ability, gabapentin. current meds are lexapro (for last three weeks), buspar (started yesterday), atavan (taken for a long time) and seroquil (just prescribed) if i can not sleep. and flexiril at night for jaw clenching/tmj. also in therapy weekly.
  7. saw my psych. today. been struggling with depression and anxiety (bitches, both of them). not finding a med or med combo that helps. he mentioned partial hospitalization and/or e.c.t. as possibilities down the road. i dont know what to think. feedback welcome....so confused and depressed.
  8. not taking, for some reason i can not put my finger on, seroquel scares me. taking 10 mg lexapro and needing more help!
  9. thanks crazyredhead! tried the seroquel and felt like a zombie. did you find it helpful? i am dealing with depression and a bitch of anxiety. i am feeling a bit more human taking the Lexapro. Thank you for your response.
  10. have decided to not seroquel right now. any good or bad experiences to report with seroquel? rx at 25mg (generic). Taking rx lexapro, starting at 10 mg.
  11. Hi crazyboarders. Starting lexapro 4 days ago and seroquil last night. The idea of seroquil freaks me out- not quite sure why. I Deal with anxiety and depression and my anxiety ( while on Trintellix) went through the roof. Question is about sleepiness- do you think I should rest or try to keep moving and busy. I just want to lay in bed but not sure that's the best of ideas. Would appreciate your input.
  12. hi poem. the ring freaks me out when my anxiety is high. it kind of shocks, startles me. and i want to avoid. you're not alone.
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