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  1. Mika your therapist saying that you are going to turn out just like your mother--is a terrible thing to say. For us thems fightin words. Is there some way that you could maybe find someone else to work with? It makes us really angry that someone treated you that way. You should be pissed.
  2. Our experiences were similiar to Rage 15's. We did get intouch with the memories and the feelings associated with them. This was the only thing that brought our self-destructive urges to a managable level. We used talk therapy, hypnosis, specialized inpatient centers, group therapy, 12step groups, art therapy and EMDR. For us it was all about timing. Things that worked at one time didn't at others. Educating ourselves about the nature of the disorder was helpful. Researching treatments was important, too. We always recommend ""Trauma and Recovery" by Judith Herman to people recovering from trauma. It is an excellent over view of the recovery process. We have made so many changes that depending on where we are in our recovery-our needs change as we go. Today we are more focused on the present--on current relationships and our aspirations for our future. We have achieved co-consciousness(most of the time)and cooperation. This part of the work is a lot less messy--less extreme-less chaotic. We are concerned with creating structure-inside and out that will allow us to fulfill ourselves in the ways we have chosen.
  3. Not at all. I know it is a very contraversial subject for many and people are passionate about their beliefs. So am I. I see alot more support in the PTSD boards so that gives me hope. :)

  4. can we be your friends again?

  5. we read your comments on the DID forum. We can relate to you a lot. Hope you end up liking it here. Even with some discomfort it has been worth it- coming to CB.

  6. Nice to meet you, Rage15. Hope the DID discussion did not make you feel unwelcome here. It's just a very diverse group of people.

  7. DID is such a charged subject. Wish it wasn't so polarizing. Will try not to take the discussion so personally.

    1. luv2run


      Thanks for the post on my profile. Just added a comment to that long DID discussion. It's a little stormy for me on the inside at the moment. Good to "meet" you.

  8. Stickler I am not trying to get you to shut up. I have responded to you in a pm because I don't want to answer in a way that will add fuel to this fire
  9. Should I sue my last 4 therapists for giving me multiplicity? WOW you think you could possibly have the power and ability to create a dx in a person?Maybe when you become a therapist you should have a disclaimer on your your door"Suggestable People Stay Away!"You think you have the power to make people into something that they are not. That is pretty scary. When I visit a new therapist I ask if they are comfortable treating people who disassociate and who have CPTSD. When you become a new therapist will you tell someone like me that you have concerns working with a someone who could possibly be DID? You would certainly owe it to them to say something. This post was meant as a response to Stickler. But maybe we overeacted. As a new therapist it would be appropriate for her to send someone with a dx that she was not comfortable with to a more experienced therapist. It is just so hard to hear people who are trained to help people express so much confusion about a dx. But that actually reflects the truth of the situation.
  10. hope everyone here is doing ok. things have been kind of muddled lately.

  11. Had the hernia repair and have lived to tell the tale.

  12. Sending you all my best wishes from afar. Hope your surgery was speedy and relatively painless.

    Cheers, Indigo

  13. Going out to celebrate 31 years of wedded bliss.

  14. are you currently making art? your pictures are great.

  15. the smell of alchohol on someone's breath, red flannel plaid pj's, the sound of things being moved around in an adjacent room, pt cruisers, car lights coming in the window and moving around the room. those are some of the weirder ones.
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