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  1. In my very non-professional opinion... my advice to you is to quit masturbating. Trust me. It will help.
  2. Um, I "might" have "overdone" it at "Karate" tonight. Shhhhhhh......Don't tell Mr. Antigone!

  3. yo... did you wax on or wax off?

  4. I'm "going" to a write-in "today."

    Hope you kill or fuck someone too!

  5. i feel like crap today. hope you did some writing.

  6. Where's your Wikipedia page again...?

  7. Tell your "husband" that a "helmet" will protect him from the "forces" trying to control his "mind." And I'm using the term "mind" loosely. There is, however, a "d" in mind.

  8. I hope you are having a nice "party" and that your "family" is "helping" out.

  9. You're forgiven. Actually, you have no reason to be sorry. Really.
  10. What's hangin', sista? I wish my avatar said "You smell like pussy." That would be way funnier. Sigh.

  11. I am really worried about you. I tried to call. Please just find a way to let me know you are okay. I don't want to harrass you, but I need to know you are still breathing.

  12. damn it. i can't sleep. trust me, fingers not hooves. thanks for responding. i just want to delete it all, like in my first post. forget it all. like i have tried every other time.
  13. Thanks. That really made me smile. No, I am not a racehorse and obstetricians don't really smack the ass of the neonate (anymore). I am such an idiot. I can't wait for therapy tomorrow. Sarcasm.
  14. ... sorry. i just don't want this out there.
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