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  1. My sister and I have -never- gotten along. We are only a year apart, so basically always felt like twins..yet we are extreme opposites. She honestly brings out the worst in me so I try to avoid her and we have a horrible, un-loving relationship. We're both home from college, and got in an argument today. It turned heated, and I slapped her after she shoved me. I know it was wrong..but my emotions got the better of me and I reacted without thinking. My mother wants me to apologize, but after all my sister's rude/mean/cruel comments to me (which led to the fight in the first place) I don't feel I should be the one apologizing. /shrug. I honestly just want to get out of the house and be done with her in my life forever.. is that so horrible? =/
  2. I recently graduated from college, and now have to begin the dreaded job search. I've always had social anxiety, and rarely leave my house unless it's of extreme importance. (FYI, took me 6 years to finish school because I only signed up for online or night classes). I know I have to work, and just started Paxil for the social anxiety, but the idea of going in for an interview or having to work with people scares me! So I'm curious as to what others of you with social anxiety are doing for work. =)
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