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  1. errr ok some good some bad, I don't expect it to help much tbh but i've got nothing to lose
  2. I've always thought Lithium was more of an anti-manic medication, but I've been reading it's used for depression too. PDoc wants to add this to my Effexor to see if it'll give it a boost in the right direction... Wondering the usual, has anyone tried it, side effects, and did it help or not? Be Honest. Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. I can second Aurobindo being awful, it's where my Generic Effexor comes from, and I might as well be taking a sugar pill.
  4. My problem is I can't move on with life until "it's fixed" I think this is part of my OCD problems, I prioritize things in my mind with obsessing about them, and if the depression is still present I can't really focus or do anything else with my life so I shut down.
  5. That's resilient that you're going without any meds, is it because none of them worked? Or was it the side effects? I do try various drugs to give me that false placebo hope that lasts for a few days before realizing it's not working. I do still believe there's a drug or combination that can make me forget about this, but financially I don't know if I will ever have access to it. The Generic Effexor I'm on doesn't work at all like the Brand, and the Brand for me is literally $2100 one month supply before any attempt at coupons. Who could possibly pay that? So I got hooked on the brand had to switch generic which is like taking a sugar pill and now i'm just sitting here basically screwed.
  6. Well I didn't say without drugs or vices, I'm genuinely curious about anything that will help cope.
  7. The depression, mental illness,, issues, etc. Mostly the depression is what I have trouble with.
  8. I don't think I'll ever be able to accept it. It just doesn't feel normal on any level to me.
  9. If this is too personal, you don't have to answer, but how do you cope with it then? Are you taking any drugs legal or illegal to get through the day? I have to say goodbye to my old self, but I'm struggling with any new self being created as I've run out of any comforts I used to have...
  10. I guess I wonder how long do you go on suffering until you finally admit your mind isn't coming back to anything functional or stable or enjoyable... 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? My latest episode hasn't lifted and it's coming up on 2 years now...After certain point I have to wonder how I'll regain my personality or thoughts.
  11. I came across this sweet woman recently on Youtube who has been struggling, she lost her teenage son to suicide a year ago. I know the the CB crowd has always been supportive for me, I was hoping some of you could pay her channel a visit and drop some kind words. She's been reaching out a lot lately and having suicidal ideations of her own. She wants to build her channel up for more people to discuss and mostly she wants to share her story. Thanks in advance
  12. TBH this is the only reason I'm still here. The thought of leaving my family/friends with a scar still bothers me just a bit more than jumping into the abyss.
  13. Welcome to CB, I come here often to vent or mainly ask questions to others who understand. Have you thought about therapy or seeing a psychologist? You can usually find affordable ones, talk maybe once or twice a month.
  14. Effexor when it did start working after 4 months....man did I feel great.
  15. Effexor can definitely cause this, but what's crappy about depression/MI issues is they could also be causing the fatigue. When I first took Effexor at 300 I remember feeling sleepy for months but overall my mood and energy picked up. I'm on a generic of it now and it doesn't seem to be helping much and I'm exhausted.
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