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  1. Ya anxiety and OCD really comes out for me during this, along with a bit of trouble sleeping, waking up at weird times. I gained back some weight so I hope it gets better, my goal is still about 20 pounds away 🥴
  2. thanks, i think if it'd be easier if I knew for certain that the pain I'm experiencing will subside once I restart normal calorie eating again
  3. 20 pounds in 2 months isn't unheard of especially as I'm a bigger guy, I was pushing 265 I could see 20 pounds in 1 month being ridiculous.... But ya I'm struggling to hold it off as food is sticking, the biggest issue I have is I'm generally always a bit exhausted anyways from dealing with depression/anxiety disorders so having less food and energy is making it harder to exercise and stay active.
  4. Once I set out to do something it's difficult for me to go back on it. So until I reach my goal I'll be dealing with this. Typically I'm a foodie so my thought process is to create a buffer knowing that I'm going to gain some weight back. I only have two mindsets when it comes to food. 1. eat whatever i want 2. go on extreme diet and monitor every calorie I wish there was an in between but it's not me. I guess i'm looking for coping skills, usually exercise is good for this kind of thing, but obviously it's very exhausting in this state.
  5. Thought I changed that, but ya I'm back on Effexor, had to go overseas, first through Canada, and then Turkey. Pain but at least I got it.
  6. My sister has this issue. I think ED and OCD are closely linked Any kind of stress really brings out OCD for me, and prolonged stress especially. Problem is i still need to lose more pounds and I'm worried about putting myself in an even worse place than I am now.
  7. I debated where to place this topic, but since my symptoms seem to be very much OCD related, I landed here. A few months ago I realized it was time to lose weight. I noticed i was breathing more heavily and my blood pressure was just getting dangerously high among other things. So when I commit to something I do pretty well, I've managed to lose 23 pounds in 2 months. While I'm happy about this, a lot of my Mental Health issues have gone through the roof. My OCD symptoms are really bothering me. I'm wondering if anyone else has gone through this and if it's most likely just the stress from the diet, or should I be more concerned?
  8. Thanks for replies. I had heard a few people say in reviews that Seroquel actually gave them energy, just wondering if anyone else can confirm that here, or most people just got knocked out?
  9. My PDoc gave me the ok to take Seroquel at night if I want, however, I'm not sure I want to go back into it. It's always been there as a comfort drug for me, and has saved my life before, but the eating is crazy on it, and the next day so lethargic. I'm so down though I might try it again. My question was for anyone that's taken it, did it give any of you more energy ? I've heard this before on here and other sites and it surprises me since Seroquel usually knocks me out cold, but I suppose that if it is effective in alleviating depression is might actually help some people get moving? I'd be taking lower dosages 50-100mg.....
  10. Why did you switch, side effects or did Effexor stop working?
  11. It does suck, I like that online dating makes dating more accessible, but there's a lot of terrible things that go along with that. Most people date, and then just go on actively looking for upgrades. I go through spurts of it for a few months at a time, then go off it for a while, I'm taking a break from it now.
  12. Ya I hear this a lot too, and clearly if i was able to "find what makes me happy" I probably wouldn't be depressed. Maybe you have to throw yourself into things until that spark happens? Idk, I've been clinically depressed for nearly 2 years now.
  13. I get that too of course. It's just people at the bottom like myself are somewhat screwed, especially after being on it for years and then losing the ability to get it.
  14. He seemed to act like the drugs always work, I mean that's the impression I got from him, and he's definitely a respectable PDoc, he's been in for 40 years. Maybe he was telling me that for effect?
  15. Well after 2 weeks and a few days I don't feel much different. Just feel as dysphoric as I ever did, I'm supposed to go up again on the Pristiq so hopefully that will help. I was talking to my PDoc and I said that maybe I'm just immune to Venlafaxine at this point after being on it for years, and he told me people "don't get immune" Is that true? I've always thought the drugs eventually poopout for everyone...
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