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  1. I've been in and out of therapy, I always felt like most of the time it wasn't helping. Like you say it just ends up filling the hour a lot with small talk and same old same old. Are you in a better mood after coming home from the therapist? If so, I'd say continue, if not, I'd say find another one.
  2. Anything happen recently that has you bothered or is it just kind of out of the blue depression?
  3. I tend to take long baths, sometimes with the water just running for long periods.
  4. I think everyone who has depression experiences this problem, because people who are "normal" don't have to worry about going in and out of depressed moods and different brain functioning.
  5. Hey I understand, it's always ok to vent here, that's what it's for... I've been in a clinical depression for about 18 months now, longest so far. It's so bad the whole world is different for me and I'm trying to readjust myself. I don't know if I'll ever "accept" it ya know, I feel like I have 2-3 different personalities at this point and that's making it hard to cope. The exhaustion is what seems to keep me from getting out of it. I feel like if I fix one problem another one is there, I don't know if that's just the nature of depression or what....Like if my mood ever comes up, I'm exhausted....if I have any energy I become anxious, etc etc I relate to you with last part too, that people have it rough enough without MI, then when you have MI it complicates matters 1000%. I think that having MI is going to hit a lot of people later on and I try to look at it that we're ahead of crowd by a little bit. I envy you though, in that you have a young child, because on some level that will give you motivation to keep on going.
  6. Unfortunately this generic version of Effexor isn't working for me. The Brand Effexor did wonders for me though. I'm at 300mg and I'm still depressed. Going on 18 months now...It has worked for shutting down a lot of unnecessary chatter though. I think that stuck, confused feeling is a part of the depression/anxiety. Another crappy part of it. This is my 4th severe depression and it's truly awful, I'd honestly rather have a year of cancer with no MI, than rot away like this.
  7. Not a weird idea, I've tried it before, but Effexor is odd in that it can be stimulating at times too. I decided to keep it in the morning.
  8. Ya it's a combination of the two I think, I'm just too tired to get anything done and then the anxiety makes me worry about being out and about if i can hang...
  9. Idk, that's why I'm asking...I guess the two go together anyways. I thought it was a depression movement related thing, but I suppose it could be anxiety as well.
  10. So I noticed this latest depression has brought some new terrible things with it that I hadn't experienced before. I'm not sure best how to describe this, it's a matter of things that used to be unconscious movement becoming conscious and decisions. For example, normally when I want to do something I would just do it. If I want to go to the store I would grab my shoes, wallet, and just go without a second thought. I've been having some episodes where I find myself consciously thinking about every movement I'm involved in, from putting on my shoes, to having to get into the car, and then wondering about my driving. Sort of becoming way more self-conscious than I ever need to be...And then having a lot of thoughts and worries I don't normally deal with. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I don't know whether to chalk it up to depression, or the fact I've been reclusive, or maybe it's just both.
  11. Meh not really, but I'm taking a generic version, it doesn't seem to pack the same punch as the brand.
  12. Well the good news here is that you can try out some medications since you're not on much...I felt the same way you feel until an IP doctor put me on Effexor, and within a couple of months the world got better.
  13. I always have multiple problems when going up on medications, and yes cognitive issues big time. Also increases my anxiety. Usually after a month or so things level out. You can't judge anything until you've been on it for at least a month.
  14. I always felt like Effexor helped me a lot cognitively, but it's hard to tell if that's the drug or the depression lifting...
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