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  1. Thanks for replies. I had heard a few people say in reviews that Seroquel actually gave them energy, just wondering if anyone else can confirm that here, or most people just got knocked out?
  2. My PDoc gave me the ok to take Seroquel at night if I want, however, I'm not sure I want to go back into it. It's always been there as a comfort drug for me, and has saved my life before, but the eating is crazy on it, and the next day so lethargic. I'm so down though I might try it again. My question was for anyone that's taken it, did it give any of you more energy ? I've heard this before on here and other sites and it surprises me since Seroquel usually knocks me out cold, but I suppose that if it is effective in alleviating depression is might actually help some people get moving? I'd be taking lower dosages 50-100mg.....
  3. Why did you switch, side effects or did Effexor stop working?
  4. It does suck, I like that online dating makes dating more accessible, but there's a lot of terrible things that go along with that. Most people date, and then just go on actively looking for upgrades. I go through spurts of it for a few months at a time, then go off it for a while, I'm taking a break from it now.
  5. Ya I hear this a lot too, and clearly if i was able to "find what makes me happy" I probably wouldn't be depressed. Maybe you have to throw yourself into things until that spark happens? Idk, I've been clinically depressed for nearly 2 years now.
  6. I get that too of course. It's just people at the bottom like myself are somewhat screwed, especially after being on it for years and then losing the ability to get it.
  7. He seemed to act like the drugs always work, I mean that's the impression I got from him, and he's definitely a respectable PDoc, he's been in for 40 years. Maybe he was telling me that for effect?
  8. Well after 2 weeks and a few days I don't feel much different. Just feel as dysphoric as I ever did, I'm supposed to go up again on the Pristiq so hopefully that will help. I was talking to my PDoc and I said that maybe I'm just immune to Venlafaxine at this point after being on it for years, and he told me people "don't get immune" Is that true? I've always thought the drugs eventually poopout for everyone...
  9. Hey haven't thought about that either Mikl, never heard of that one. For the last few days the side effects have diminished, but I don't feel much benefit yet if anything at all. I do feel a bit more organized mentally so maybe that's a good start? I went today to see my PDoc, I've generally noticed just talking to him made me feel better, so I'm considering counseling again. Anyways, he mentioned Viibryd or something again, but he wants to go up on Pristiq to 150mg saying that the generics are sometimes lighter, and since 300mg Effexor was an effective dosage I might get a benefit from increased norepinephrine, he seems really into trying wellbutrin too but I can't do it, both my experiences with Wellbutrin were horrific, are there any alternatives to Wellbutrin out there?
  10. I've had some headaches starting pristiq, but I've had a lot of migraines just from Depression, I think they go together.
  11. I have seroquel, altho I don't use it much, only for sleep/anxiety issues
  12. I'll look at the goodrx, good idea! Their patient assistance program dried up last year, they have a card but only offer like 2000 worth a year which wouldn't nearly cover it... Does anyone know why they charge so much? It seems pretty fucked up to me...If I could get it for 200-300 a month I might be able to pull that, but wtf thousands a month?
  13. I can't say for sure if the Brand Name would be working, but every time I've been on Brand Effexor I've felt good. Ya I don't understand the pricing of some of these drugs or why they do what they do, it's a shame.
  14. Ya it's mostly the 4-5 hours after taking the pill, it's a strange chemical feeling, absence of emotions, and further I get away from it the better I'll feel....Is that how you remember it? I really wish I could go back to taking Effexor, why do they have to charge 3k a month tho
  15. Thanks argh Last few days I haven't felt too good, especially a few hours after taking the Pristiq I feel dysphoric, and to add to the problems I'm starting to have insomnia.
  16. Btw, Does anyone actually know what the difference between Effexor and Pristiq? Only information I've seen is that they are processed in the body differently...
  17. Fourth Day on it I don't feel too much different, still out of it, dealing with a lot of dizzyness and confusion.
  18. Pretty spaced out, weird, exhausted, nausea, dizzyness, confusion So pretty much like every other day 🥴
  19. Hey guys here I am again swinging wildly on med merry go around. I'm gonna try and post updates here on how it goes. If anyone has been on Pristiq and wants to share their experience that too is always greatly appreciated. I switched from 300 mg Venlafaxine (generic garbage) over to 100mg Pristiq about 3 days ago. First day i noticed no changes. Second day nothing, but I felt very itchy all over. Third day I did notice a few small changes in my thinking, a bit more organization, alongside that I noticed some side effects, extremely dizzy and a little bit of nausea. I also hear a buzzing noise in my head when I move my eyes from side to side or up and down. Hard to tell if this is a withdrawal from effexor, or just a start up of Pristiq, I expected some adjustment effects so I'm none to concerned.
  20. I've been a night owl for so long...idk how to wake up early. The only thing that would truly work I think is having some kind of obligation. I sleep til 1-2pm at least.
  21. I've had this issue in the past with both Lexapro and Effexor, interestingly not anymore, I've often wondered if the sweating is a sign that's it's working. The best thing I can say is do what you're already doing, running and exercising, cause you'll feel cooler the rest of the day.
  22. No not really, I switched over to Pristiq which is very similar to the Effexor. If I had the option though I would go back to Effexor XR Brand in a heartbeat, it felt like that drug was made for me. While on Effexor I had those moments where I said, this is the person I was meant to be...I even fantasized about cutting off the pharmacy suppliers and grabbing some just to let you know how much of a hold that drug has on me. But without insurance a 1 month supply of Effexor XR is $2900
  23. Personally I loved Effexor XR and wish I could afford the Brand again cause it not only wiped out my issues, it gave me confidence and a conquer the world feeling. I took the same drugs as the OP, from Lexapro to Effexor XR, I just switched over to Pristiq. Coming off Effexor is no picnic, I ended up cycling through a lot of different drugs trying to find stability which I still haven't got. I got all the symptoms you're describing there. The whole world seems different now. Hopefully Pristiq works, /fingers crossed If you feel like things are going too bad, just go back on Effexor until a different point, slower the better. I was on Effexor for 8 years or so.
  24. Will do, I can't believe 18 months of my life are gone though, that's what is really gonna disturb me if I find something that finally works and begin to climb up.
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