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  1. thank you for responding from my point of view people live far too much in the first person like cars following each other in an endless roundabout in whiteout conditions the only thing they see are the taillights in front of them but dissociation allows a different perspective it allows one to realize and to view one’s own behavior with no emotional attachment at least in my experience so what I'm wondering is that are they any drugs that kill emotions I'm already on 1000mg Depakote and 60mg Prozac the Depakote worked wonders for my impulsivity and Prozac has helped my social anxiety but I feel as though some things missing your response is appreciated
  2. I feel it is my ultimate goal to depersonalize once and for all my life was a living hell until 18 when I hade a life changing drug experience and realized I was fucked up next day I was setting up a visit to the psychiatrist I am very introspective and realized what I hade better than ay outside source could tell me I hade bpd mixed with a family history of bipolar ouch now imagine the most emotionally sensitive and vengeful woman on steroids and lock her in your head the mind can only take so many temper tantrums before it pulls the old 1930's era divorce from its self which it did I am terrible driving a car almost maimed my family one time they had me drive on the highway big mistake also had 5 or six really close calls I zone out in the car while driving I am constantly almost rear ending people also I have what is considered the thousand yard stare if we are standing 3 ft. away I can split you into two like double vision here come the question have you hade similar experiences and what drugs help you and what drugs make your dp worse also can you think clearly while you are dissociated how much do emotions factor in on your decision makeing process
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