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  1. Ive tried drawing on my skin and even just slashing angrily at it with a red marker but it still doesnt do much to stop me and after a while the urge turns to a sort of "itch". Its nearly impossible to ignore at that point
  2. Im not the best at advice but i can validate most of what youre going through you are not super dramatic you dont need to be "normal" (that term is relative no one knows what it means) and to call you a "teenage girl" is incorrect obviously. Its meant to demean your mental issues and help you push them aside but it doesnt seem like the right way to go about doing so. for now take care of your wounds wear long skirts/pants and avoid sharp objects as much as you can, if you have the patience to scratch you should also file your nails down, and talk to your gf seriously sit her down and tell her whats happening she should understand or at least try best wishes and good luck! [Im operating on a lot of assumptions here so feel free to correct me]
  3. I find my urges and si habits in general are tied to just seeing blood as opposed to the pain. Im wondering if anyone else experiences/experienced this and how do they deal with it since most alternatives ive found relate to pain and the others dont work for me.
  4. do you know why the phantom sensation occurs? its something ive dealed with since the beginning of my si but its never made sense to me
  5. yes, its similar to the high i get from painkillers but more sustained? honestly think im addicted to it but since my adults have yet to consider it an issue im constantly experiencing withdrawal
  6. It feels like tingling? my old scars feel like theyre screaming at me and my entire body is tense. Almost like creepy crawlies but strung out
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