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  1. That was the song I was listening to before the one I’m listening to now which is now or never by Halsey
  2. Greeting everyone...here are my updates, including blood pressure meds to combat increased heart rate from my adhd meds 1. Strattera 80mg po am 2. Dexedrine Spansules 15mg x4 po am 3. Zenzedi 30mg 1 tablet po bid 4. Paxil 30mg po am 5. Cerefolin (l-methylfolate) po am 6. Namenda 20mg po am 7. Doral 30mg po prn qhs 8. Edluar 10mg po prn qhs 9. Lyrica 600mg po qhs 10. Propranolol ER 60mg po am 11. Seroquel 100mg po prn qhs 12. Vraylar 3mg po am 13. Xanax 1mg po tid I rotate my sleeping meds so one week I will take Doral and the next week I will use Edluar, all to avoid tolerance and prevent them from becoming ineffective. And I don't have dementia, instead I take Namenda to prevent tolerance from building with my ADHD stimulant meds. It works pretty well, for me, at preventing further tolerance but not so good for reducing your tolerance. Wow when I type out all my meds like this it seems out of control and excessive but I’ve never felt more normal and symptom free. This crazy and complex cocktail just freaking works and honestly I am ok with taking 13 medications because without and meds I am a wreck and life isn’t worth living. Took a lot of persistence to get the doctor to prescribe all this without getting his license revoked by the DEA but I think I have convinced him that I truly need every medication I am on. Thank God for Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield and my $0 copays for all my meds even when half of what I’m prescribed is brand name only, except the Cerefolin, I have to pay $174 every 3 months but that's not too bad (and I only pay $63 a month for my health insurance premium, shoutout to MarylandHealthConnection.gov)
  3. When I took vortioxetine I found it activating like others have said and I also found it was not good for my bipolar disorder and threw me into hypomania. I didn't get irritable or become irritated like I did on wellbutrin or have crazy amounts of energy like I did on Prozac. Because of my anxiety disorders, I tens to stick to the sedating ADs instead of the activating ones. Is there a more sedating SSRI or AD that is as wonderful for anxiety disorders other than Paxil?
  4. I see you take doral qAM. What do you take it for? It is marketed as a hypnotic sleeping aid but I assume you're taking it for other reasons
  5. Paxil and Vraylar. I can’t take either drug alone, without Paxil I’m very socially phobic and without Vraylar I become very manic
  6. Absolutely have to say Paxil is my bread and butter. It helps my anxiety so much it’s unreal. Of course Paxil is complimented by Rexulti and Vraylar because without the APs I would be manic, as Paxil alone makes very manic. For acute situations, Zyprexa takes the win for this one. Olanzapine 20mg knocks my out cold and stabilizes my mood extremely fast, within days.
  7. My cocktail hasn’t changed that much, just a few tweaks here and there and dosage modification to find my sweet spot. Here goes it Paxil 30mg for anxiety. This is working wonderfully Vraylar 3mg for bipolar 1. I love Vraylar it personally works so great Zenzedi 15mg twice daily for adhd Rexulti 1mg for mood boost Zyprexa 10-20mg for acute mania and insomnia Clonidine 0.6-0.8mg PRN for insomnia Lyrica 300mg twice daily for mood stabilization Remeron 15-30mg PRN for insomnia Solodyn 105mg for acne Actually right now I am out of Vraylar and Zenzedi because I lost the bottle of Vraylar I had and it had a bit more than 39 zenzedi mixed in. So I haven’t had these two medications in about a week. I see the psychiatrist today after work and Medicaid doesn’t cover either of these meds, so I have no idea how I’m going to get more Vraylar and I’m going to have to see if my doctor if he can prescribe adderall since the generic would be like 10 bucks. I no longer have commercial insurance so I’m stuck with Medicaid only. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to do? I printed some prior authorization forms for both and filled them out and gave the rest to my dr but I don’t see these getting approved that easily. How about any information re the dosage comparison between dextroamphetamine and adderall. I’m thinking if I take 15mg zenzedi then 20mg of adderall would probably be sufficient but I haven’t tried adderall in so long
  8. When I once tried to come off Rexulti I did so too fast and felt into a really bad depressive episode. I remember specifically because it was thanksgiving and I didn’t leave bed or anything. I had switched to Latuda at the time because Rexulti was causing a little bit of mania. But now I am back on Rexulti for a the mood boost. I am supposed to be on Vraylar 3mg but I lost my prescription along with half of my supply of zenzedi so I am taking Rexulti for the time being until I can meet with the pdoc and get a new RX for Vraylar. For me Rexulti works very fast, so I would say that seeing improvements in days isn’t too far of a stretch.
  9. Current meds for ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar 1 severe mania, and a touch of OCD. Last p.doc visit I was taken off a lot of meds and only prescribed Xanax 6mg a day, Zyprexa 10mg, Lithium 600mg, Zenzedi (dextroamphetamine) 90mg a day, and Lyrica 600mg as a mood stabilizer and also does really well to prevent my seizures. I was very very manic when I last saw her, and I was acting erratic, excessive spending with dad's Amex, hypersexuality, not sleeping more than 3-4 nights a week, feeling amazing, and felt I could do anything, get any girl I wanted, and so much more reckless and dangerous behaviors. I have never felt more normal after being on Zyprexa. Now that I am not on an SSRI anymore, I am going to ask about Symbyax, the Zyprexa/Prozac combination pill, and she what she has to say about it. The reviews on Symbyax are outstanding but I sorta wish it was Zyprexa/Paxil combination pill because Paxil works like magic for my anxiety, social phobia, and self-confidence.
  10. I can second the improved cognition, I felt able to think more abstractly and felt like it almost helped with my ADHD symptoms. I don't think I got much energy from Trintellix, but I also had minimal side effects and definitely a mood boost, not any anti-anxiety effects tho so you might want to go elsewhere if you decide to try an antidepressant for anxiety. Too bad that Trintellix is pretty activating as it triggered a 2-3 week manic episode, I was hypersexual, opened 2 credit cards in my Dad's using his SSN and name, then spent over $1,000 on the AMEX and another $1,200 on the CapOne mastercard, I barely slept so I looked high more than half the time because I had gotten a couple hours or no sleep at all. Man bipolar disorder is freaing exhausting, it's difficult for me to hold a job, and I have been denied for SSDI twice despite my 6+ medical conditions that are pretty severe: hypersomnia, idiopathic insomnia, ADHD, Panic Attacks, Social Phobia, Bipolar 1, and Epilepsy. I am filing again soon, and will keep filing until I get approved (probably won't be for 10 more years). How long have you been taking it so far? How about other medications for your mental health? I know lithium carbonate is very effective for suicidal ideation/thoughts, but that would be a convo between your Dr. and you as the patient. Be honest and tell the Dr. you feel hopeless and suicidal, I am sure he will prescribe something to help with the major depressive symptoms. No psychiatrist wants their patient leaving the office still having suicidal thoughts and depressive symptoms because then if suicide did occur, the Dr. could be forced to go to trial, and possibly have his medical license revoked. Honestly though, I recently started Zyprexa at 5mg now I take 10mg at night and I wish I would have been on Zyprexa 4 years ago because it has been working so wonderfully. I finally feel normal and stable, my thinking is more coherent, I have more motivation, and just being stable is feels so weird to me now, in a good way, because I am so used to being manic and destroying my life with bad decisions and criminal activity. In my experience, Rexulti was amazing at relieving depressive symptoms almost 100% by day 2 or 3. Maybe bring Rexulti up to your Dr. He might not be familiar with it because it is newer, but definitely start out slow or you will most likely experience akathisia and feel the need to constantly walk around or pace the floors. I started at 2mg and quickly asked my Dr. to give me a sample starter pack with had 14 days worth, 7 of 0.5mg and 7 of 1mg. After that you could stay at 1mg if it's helping or get an increase to 2mg. What I am seriously considering is getting prescribed Symbyax, Zyprexa and Prozac pill combination, as the Zyprexa would prevent Prozac mania and I would not have to take 6mg of Xanax a day since Prozac works pretty well for anxiety disorders, though not at good as Paxil but there's no Zyprexa/Paxil combo pill so I will see if my Psychiatrist is feeling like Symbyax might be a good choice (BTW I usually just ask about or simply mention a med and she just goes with it; love my liberal doctor) however, she is strict with all benzos and even z-drugs like Ambien, so I get my Xanax from a different doctor. Yea she gets frustrated when she looks at the PDMD and sees that I filled Xanax XR 3mg #60, Xanax 1mg #90, and Xanax 2mg #90 within like 7-12 days of each other 🤦‍♂️this is why I plan to not have another psychiatrist visit with her for at least a month or else I'll get lectured about filling benzos and dextroamphetamine (Zenzedi) 30mg #90 plus Klonopin brand name #90 just a month ago. I even had to sign a benzo contract after I got caught Dr. shopping my first time around get RXs for Xanax. So she might even tell me that she won't see me as a patient anymore since half the meds I take for mental health are not written by my Psychiatrist 🙄
  11. Thing is, I am on 1.5mg of Clonidine and 2mg of Guanfacine daily. These must be weak as they don't lower my HR. Is propranolol a good beta-blocker or do you think my cardiologist would give me something stronger? I used to be on 180mg of dextroampehtamine daily but due to recentt mania my shrink reduced my stims by more than half.
  12. YEA I use Rakuten which gives me 10% cash back and then another 10% back from gnc.com
  13. Yea something like Serious Mass ? I've tried that before butt wasn't consistent with drinking the shakes 2-3x a day
  14. I tried Remeron in combination with Seroquel before at 15 and 30mg for the prior and 100 through 800mg of the latter
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