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  1. I really dislike that I take different benzos for so many conditions. I guess the only neurotransmitter out of balance in mt brain is GABA, therefore thats why benzos usually end up being a part of my treatment plan I really have tried everything and am done having some crazy cocktail of medicines that my shrink doesn't know what the hell is going on. Easy does it. I just started Geodon 40mg tonight and I am exited because there are reviews that are very positive and I am optimistic. I'm praying this Geodon helps with insomnia and falling asleep. I don't want to have to take an additional sleep aid
  2. I havent noticed any motivation from Trintellix so far. My motivation comes from Deedrine. I am on week 2 and a half and dont really feel anything. Gonna wait it out for 4 more weeks to see if this med really does anything
  3. I just found out about this tonight when i clicked a Vraylar advertisement. So now the FDA says Vraylar is approved for bipolar depression and acute mania/mixed episodes (which it was originally what the company focused on in the advertisement an media. Big step for Vraylar I think, the drug that is quickly becoming prescribed more often, it joins like 3 other medications approved by the FDA for bipolar depression,
  4. Yea but I only take it as needed Well the doc wrote for 3 refills so I guess he will be liberal and give me refills when I am out
  5. Update: New doc and new halcion script, this time for #60 a month so 0.5mg at night. Ahhhhhhhhhh
  6. Greetings everyone, I have been meaning to post this for a couple weeks now and finally got some free time. Let me start by saying I switched from Paxil to Trintellix due to sexual side effects. I've been on 20mg a few days now and not any side effects that I notice, neither did I have any initial side effects at 5mg or 10mg. My reason for this post is to receive feedback from others about how trintellix did or didn't work for them, when went well and not so well, and I really want to get a better picture of how effective it is/was for others.
  7. ive been up since 7am yesterday and slept from 1am-3:30am. I am not manic I don't feel it, I heard Trintellix can cause insomnia tho but for 2 days. Cmon
  8. I would walk around all day lethargic and like a dope fiend nodding out
  9. OH my gosh you must spend almost an hour every day JUST taking your medications. That amount of meds is scary. Are they managed by one doctor or do you have multiple specialist? Do you really need 3 ssri's; and 3 more antidepressants on top of that? I would start thinking about what you can get off of and still remain stable, just a suggestion, because the human body can only handle and metabolize/process so many medications before specific organs begin to deteriorate and become less functional Just try to think long term, and reflect on whether or not you want to grow old and still have to take over 10 prescriptions a day, not to mention the long-term side effects of some of these drugs. They may not be happening right now, but later on you may experience some horrible and permanent side effects, or side effects that require ANOTHER prescription to manage the side effect. You're in my prayers @mikl_pls !!
  10. It started making a difference in terms of severity of my manic episode as early as day 3, I titrated initially from 1.5mg on day one and up to 3mg from day 2 until preset day where I am still on 3mg (was on 4.5mg but one of my medications has numerous drug-drug interactions that change peak plasma levels, half lives, etc. so far as Vraylar, it says concomitant use of nefazodone and vraylar resulted in 50% increase in the amount of cariprazine in your blood, therefore requiring a 50% reccommended dosage reduction. A lot of finding the right meds has to do with pharmacological properties and an assumed knowledge of how our brain works and how drugs work in our brain to balance our neurotransmitters. The more connected to and aware of you are to you your treatment plan, I believe has something to do with positive treatment outcomes. And no i dont think it's too early to nnotice annything from the vraylar. Given you're at week 1 right now, it can be true that you are feeling a positive effect/symptom relief from the vraylar.
  11. I was prescribed 10mg Belsomra after having failed all the 1st line treatments for insomnia and it didn't help me much at all. I even increased my dose to the max of 20mg and still couldn't sleep. I was really really hoping that this new drug and mechanism of action by decreasing the levels of the neurotransmitter orexin, the central promoter of wakefulness. Maybe one day big pharma will make a similar drug to Belsomra (suvorexant) that actually works, just how Lunesta and Sonata came after Ambien's introduction. I'm sure that big pharma is already in the midst of testing another drug similar to Belsomra, but come on speed it up a little guys.
  12. Eyyyuck lamictal/lamotrigine. I never once liked this drug when I was on it and just felt like being on this anti-convulsant for mood stabilization was pointless, given it's efficacy in my experience, side effects, and this negativity in my head surrounding lamictal. I didn't do well on it and took myself long before my psychiatrist officially decided to stop the lamictal. If it works for you though, that's great! If not, just know there are so many more drugs out there that can be prescribed to help with your mood stabilization. Lyrica is a great one for this because it also has some sort of antidepressant effect/feeling in addition to stabilizing the mood cycle. Is there a specific reason you don't want to try an AAP? My feelings towards AAPs is love/hate because they can be amazingly effective at treating depressive lows, but particularly mania and mixed episodes. You might really benefit from one if nothing else works
  13. Wow so you tried pretty much every dose of Remeron and in your case it didn't help much at all. As for the gabapentinnn, are you on this for anxiety or depression, or both? Have you yet to try Lyrica to replace the Neurotin, it's much more potent and works similarly to Neurotin but I believe has a slight differet pharmacology. Many think they act on the GABAergic system but they really act on other voltage gated calcium channels and from this mechanism enhances levels of inhibitory neurotransmitters. So it doesn't act directly on the GABA receptors, but its primary mechanism and pharmacological properties lend to Lyrica and Neurotin their tendency to alter/increase inhibitory neurotransmitters, which may be why many assume these 2 drugs to act directly to enhance GABA levels primarily through acting on GABA receptors
  14. ARGH What dose were you taking when you were on Remeron? I know that many say Remeron is a superb antideoressant and antianxiety. Do you think the massive depression was caused by excessive sedation or did you just not get along with the Remeron?
  15. I think theses "3rd generation" antispychotics, especially the 2 newest FDA approved drugs Rexulti and Vraylar, are great at targeting symptoms while keeping a low side effect profile. Im actually on both currently, Rexulti Qam and Vraylar QHS
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