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  1. My own fault, I was doing fraudulent and forging prescriptions. No bueno and psychiatrist didn't want any parts of it or be involved at all. 2nd pdoc this has happened with. I need to find some permanency in a providr but it is just so hard. It looks like I am doctor shopping like crazy because every month I am filling from a new psychiatrist. About the adderall and the generic manufacturers, don't be afraid to ask the pharmacist if they can order a specific brand of generic manufacturer, sometimes they can and sometimes they can't but it won't hurt to ask. If pdoc started it because MDD and now thinks it is something else, I would let her know how helpful it has been in all aspects of your life. I would maybe suggest getting on something that is more consistent than Adderall XR, and I mean possibly Vyvanse, Dexedrine, Zenzedi, etc. The drugs that vary very little in effect with different generics or drugs that do not have a generic formulation as of right now. It sucks that we have to do these things to get the most out of our medications, but to me I believe that meds improve my life so much that I have a huge out of pocket personal budget I'm willing to spend on medications I know I need to function like Vraylar and Rexulti. So you could maybe propose that route to pdoc. 40mg a day of adderall isn't too much in my opinion, I would say 60mg might be closer to the ceiling or possibly 90mg. You could always take an instant release "booster" dose in the afternoon when you aren't feeling the initial XR working anymore. It's frustrating when we ourselves know what medications and dosages work for us but our pdoc doesn't or isn't really on board so to say. Like for example, I know that 120mg of dextroamphetamine a day is what works for me, but not many pdocs are comfortable prescribing anywhere near that high of a dose. I don't like taking 2 or 3 different antipsychotics because the side effects scare the living crap out of me but it's what works to be honest. Sometimes focusing on your dx isnt really important but what is is focusing on your symptoms and how the meds are working for you. I guess you need to focus on your dx somewhat but don't let it discourage or confuse you if your dx is changing or not fixed yet. It will be. Sometimes it takes a longer time, like in my aunt's case almost 30 years, or in my case where it only took 2 years. It is sometimes very depressing thinking of our mental health when we are unstable because we often get to thinking that something is so wrong with us that we will never be able to fix it. That could be true, about the cymbalta causing mood changes, mixed episodes, or hypomania. I initially had my first bipolar episode of mania from being on Paxil. Even though it's a more sedating SSRI it threw me through the damn wringer. It's al;so very common for us to be unable to explain how we're feeling or what the meds are doing to us, especially when there is multiple changes in medications at once. How can anyone expect a person to unencrypt the science of psychopharmacology on themselves and report back to the psychiatrist? Like what... this is just one example of the problems that there are in psychiatry. My saving grace at the time was lithium. I was willing to try anything to stop my manic symptoms and get my ADHD under control. After I was stable on that I told the pdoc I wanted to look for a more ideal long-term solution besides lithium, due to the mandatory blood tests, side effects on kidneys, liver, and cognition, not to mention thyroid problems. This is when we began trying any and alll of the antipsychotics, higher doses than usual, combinations that were out of the ordinary. I mean I was definitely a "lab rat" in a way and my family even tells me that. My dad gets so concerned about me and my medications because it's not like hie is 100% confident that I am stable on my current cocktail so he still worries about me being symptomatic. I'd recommend this to anyone, but I strongly suggest becoming actively involved in your treatment plan and medication management. Take this switching pdocs as an opportunity to be more assertive and communicate with them in a way that shows you mean what you say and are serious about it. Tell them what works for you and what doesn't. Yes, they also have say in this of course, but don't let them take complete control and have you whacked out, because it happens pretty easily and quickly, right under your nose. I wish I could give more of a solid answer as well, but try to hang in there even with all the medication changes and switching providers!
  2. Doc took me off all conmtrolled substances Any particular reason she wants to taper you off Adderall and Cymbalta? Are you unstable on your current meds or are they working for you?
  3. In my experience, with Vyvanse and Seroquel in particular, I would not eat for the entirety of my day but after taking roughly 100mg of Seroquel I became crazy hungry. So I would eat roughly my entire days worth of calories in a binge episode. I wasn't binge eating on purpose it was just the effect of this medication combination, which I think is pretty unhealthy. However, if it's working for you amd you are having positive results then you have to consider that in your decision whether or not to stay on the combo. However even despite the binge eating at night, I really never gained more than 5-10 pounds
  4. It has taken many years to find one who actually does. I was beginning to lose faith in psychiatry until I finally found this guy who legitimately cares. He doesn't accept insurance but what do I care if I am getting superb treatment ya know
  5. Glad to hear you're doing better now, though. Sometimes our bodies and mind are so sensitive to particular medication changes or even changes in dose. It's better to be safer than sorry in certain circumstances and taper slowly up or down, it will usually help with withdrawal symptoms if you're having a particularly troublesome time with side effects or withdrawal. I was just taking Vraylar, Rexulti, and Seroquel and my new psychiatrist didn't feel comfortable prescribing 3 antipsychotics together because of the risk for tardive dyskenisia. I felt uneasy about simply dropping the 200mg of Seroquel while waiting for my Ambien to be filled so I have been still taking it, just at only 100mg for the past few nights. And until my Ambien gets filled then I will be using 100mg Seroquel for insomnia. I was happy though to hear that my psychiatrist had some medical concerns about me, I never had a psychiatrist who did this or showed a good bedside manner. I guess there really are actual good shrinks out there; I've only had experience with quacks and that's why I have been on almost every psychiatric medication in my days of med merry go round.
  6. Glad to hear it's working well for you. What do you take for akathisia? I had it terrible when I first began Rexulti but we took me bag down to 0.5mg and slowly worked my way back up; are you using the klonopin for akathisia? Do you feel like you're going through any Latuda withdrawals? I also have low mood in the winter but I guess my meds are doing so well that I am actually feeling pretty good in this quarantine.
  7. What dose of Latuda were you on prior to being on your current dosage of 40mg? And how do you feel the Lithium is working for you? I remember being on 1,350 mg a day of it and I am a pretty small guy so I'm surprised I stayed on it for almost 6-7 months. Latuda was also a miss for me, my Rexulti was replaced with Latuda 80 mg I think and I went into a bad depression, but how is it working for you?
  8. Just met with the psychiatrist yesterday and he adjusted things a little. Reduced my stimulants to half of what my usual dose is so I'll see how I adjust to that and swapped Seroquel 200mg out for Ambien 10mg, anyway, here are my current meds: Dexedrine Spansules 15mg x4 capsules in the morning Rexulti 2mg Vraylar 3mg Paxil 30mg Lyrica 300mg BID Ambien 10mg qhs
  9. I am going with the wonderful paroxetine hydrohloride at 30mg every day. I take it for social anxiety, panic disorder and generalized anxiety. Without it I am so reserved and unsocial, afraid to talk with people or even go to class where the room is filled with over 50 other students, my thoughts race and I get panic attacks over things like leaving my house to get groceries, going to a family dinner or cookout, and sometimes the anxiety stems from my negative thinking patterns (i.e. thinking about your appearance and then "reading people's mind" since I will tell myself that others must be thinking I look like a fool, stupid, or laughing at me) which in turn make my physical anxiety symptoms worse and more noticeable. When this occurs is the only time I should ever be using my alprazolam extended release, however, my physician prescribed it as one 3mg alprazolam extended release every morning. I am just afraid to take it everyday because then I will eventually addicted to it no doubt. I already have been in treatment for abusing benzodiazepines twice so I am very hesitant to take even the extended release xanax every now and then. I should mention that it is a very different drug than regular xanax. The extended release alprazolam has almost no high feeling at all, it feels super smooth and clean, and I don't have urges to take multiple of them at once.
  10. That was the song I was listening to before the one I’m listening to now which is now or never by Halsey
  11. Greeting everyone...here are my updates, including blood pressure meds to combat increased heart rate from my adhd meds 1. Strattera 80mg po am 2. Dexedrine Spansules 15mg x4 po am 3. Zenzedi 30mg 1 tablet po bid 4. Paxil 30mg po am 5. Cerefolin (l-methylfolate) po am 6. Namenda 20mg po am 7. Doral 30mg po prn qhs 8. Edluar 10mg po prn qhs 9. Lyrica 600mg po qhs 10. Propranolol ER 60mg po am 11. Seroquel 100mg po prn qhs 12. Vraylar 3mg po am 13. Xanax 1mg po tid I rotate my sleeping meds so one week I will take Doral and the next week I will use Edluar, all to avoid tolerance and prevent them from becoming ineffective. And I don't have dementia, instead I take Namenda to prevent tolerance from building with my ADHD stimulant meds. It works pretty well, for me, at preventing further tolerance but not so good for reducing your tolerance. Wow when I type out all my meds like this it seems out of control and excessive but I’ve never felt more normal and symptom free. This crazy and complex cocktail just freaking works and honestly I am ok with taking 13 medications because without and meds I am a wreck and life isn’t worth living. Took a lot of persistence to get the doctor to prescribe all this without getting his license revoked by the DEA but I think I have convinced him that I truly need every medication I am on. Thank God for Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield and my $0 copays for all my meds even when half of what I’m prescribed is brand name only, except the Cerefolin, I have to pay $174 every 3 months but that's not too bad (and I only pay $63 a month for my health insurance premium, shoutout to MarylandHealthConnection.gov)
  12. When I took vortioxetine I found it activating like others have said and I also found it was not good for my bipolar disorder and threw me into hypomania. I didn't get irritable or become irritated like I did on wellbutrin or have crazy amounts of energy like I did on Prozac. Because of my anxiety disorders, I tens to stick to the sedating ADs instead of the activating ones. Is there a more sedating SSRI or AD that is as wonderful for anxiety disorders other than Paxil?
  13. I see you take doral qAM. What do you take it for? It is marketed as a hypnotic sleeping aid but I assume you're taking it for other reasons
  14. Paxil and Vraylar. I can’t take either drug alone, without Paxil I’m very socially phobic and without Vraylar I become very manic
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