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  1. Hi y'all! I need your help. I guess I need some encouragement, more than anything. I restarted Wellbutrin XL 150 and Prozac 10 three days ago due to mild depression and generalized anxiety disorder. (I say "restarted" because I had been on both meds for about 4 years, went off them last year, tried Trintellix for about 8 months, got off of that and here we are.) Anyway, I anticipated the lack of appetite, the feelings of having had too much coffee, the sweating, and dry mouth. But now I'm having extreme nausea a few times a day and a severe flushed feeling. And tonight I started getting numbness/tingling in random spots all over.. It started on my cheek and my lip (felt like a cat hair I couldn't wipe away) and bounces around to my nose, fingers, toes, and knees. It's really freaking me out because I've never felt this before. How long will these unpleasant side effects last? They almost threw me into a panic attack but I laid down and focused on my breaking and got myself out of it but I'm still having a rough time. I just want to make sure this is all par for the course and nothing too dangerous is happening. And that it'll all subside soon. Thanks in advance. ❤️
  2. So I successfully weaned off of Trintellix.. Was off it for a few weeks when I realized I needed to be back on something, and that I will undoubtedly need to be on an antidepressant for the rest of my life, much to my disappointment. Started back on Wellbutrin XL 150 and Prozac 10 and I have to say, as much as Trintellix helped with the sadness, it really didn't do much for the anxiety/panic, ruminating thoughts, or lack of motivation. I'm glad I used it to get me out of a slump but I'm realizing now that there are other medications that will tackle ALL of my symptoms and improve upon them, and with less side effects. (I have so much energy and motivation now but none of it is nervous or anxious energy.. it's kind of an eerie feeling, actually!) Keep on keeping on, y'all. If Trintellix doesn't work for you, I hope you find a combination that does, and find it quickly. I'm rooting for you all!
  3. So far, so good. Ive discontinued Prozac and Wellbutrin before with no issues, as well. I think the main thing to remember is to slowly taper to lessen the withdrawal effects. For me, Brintellix worked wonders and if I ever need it again, I'll happily utilize it. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and situational depression. I found that as my life situation and coping skills improved, that the Brintellix was a bit too much.. Overly stimulating and the itchy skin/constant hives side effects were really wearing me out. (Those side effects also made me way more anxious/ruminate about allergic reactions than I could handle.) I've just had such great results with a low dose of Prozac and Wellbutrin combined that I'd prefer to be on that, if needed, and save Brintellix until I'm in a SUPER depressive state again (knock on wood, that doesn't happen ever again!)
  4. After almost a year of Brintellix, I'm feeling like the drug may be a bit too strong/stimulating for me (plus the itching and hives was getting to be too much) and I'm attempting to withdrawal from it. I reduced from 10mg to 5mg a couple months ago. Three weeks ago, I reduced to 5mg, every other day. My last dose was Wednesday. Its Saturday and I'm doing fine. A little overly concerned about withdrawal symptoms but so far I've only experienced a few brain zaps. I was very emotional yesterday but it may have been hormonal, I'm not quite sure. Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly!
  5. I personally haven't experienced anhedonia or sexual side effects on Trintellix but my dose has never gotten above 10mg. And while I don't not have experience with the combination of bupropion and Trintellix, I highly suggest allowing your doc to make this decision. Trintellix can be extremely dangerous when combined with other medications.. I got a horrific bout of serotonin syndrome thanks to my 10mg of Trintellix plus IV Reglan I received in an ER for a migraine. I was sick for 5-6 days.. out of my mind. Felt out of control, like I could run into traffic, panicky, beet red with a high temperature, high blood pressure, etc. I thought I was dying. And my experience was a "mild" one. Serotonin syndrome can easily kill you and most doctors (including the ER docs I saw) aren't familiar with it. (They tried to give me zofran during my visit which would have increased the serotonin even more.) Make sure to talk to your doc before you increase or combine any meds. Best of luck to you.
  6. Hi, all! I'm new here but I've been stalking these boards for awhile and felt the need to post my experience with Trintellix. I'm a long time anxiety and intermittent depression sufferer who has tried plenty of different medicines over the past 15 years.. Nothing has ever worked for me the way Trintellix has. It has absolutely changed my life. I started off with 5mg a day for abour two months.. I'm a small person and also super sensitive to medications and their side effects so I insisted on going slow. Anyway, the nausea, GI upset, and malaise was so severe that I missed almost TWO WEEKS of work when I first started. It was awful. My doc insisted it would subside and that it was worth it so I stuck it out and I'm SO glad I did. After two months, I bumped up to 10mg and have been on that dose for about 8 months.. I've never felt better. I feel like myself. I'm happy, productive, not numb, and have minimal side effects now. I'm now the person I always KNEW I was and was trying to break through.. if that makes sense? I will say that I've noticed the med increases your histamine reaction so now my already severe allergies are even worse and almost anything slightly irritating will give me a bit of an itchy hive-y skin reaction. I'm currently thinking about reducing my dose back down to 5mg as addressing my metabolic disorder and low magnesium has been helping tremendously with my anxiety and I'm tired of my allergies going haywire. I still have anxiety attacks from time to time but this medicine (along with my precious CBT) allows me the ability to work through them. All that to be said: Trintellix could possibly change your life if you can make it through the hellacious transition period.❤️
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