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  1. Thank you all for the responses. I really appreciate that. I just wrote a long response and got an error message so I'll try to make it short(er)?. My mother hasn't been involved since I was kicked out of her house at 18. I can ask her to come to a meeting with my therapists. Just writing that makes the anxiety ball in my chest pulsate and I feel nausea. Lol. My wife has attended multiple meetings with various therapists over the years but the reaction is always the same. It boils down to her not wanting to accept my afflictions and if only I was a little stronger, or tried these supplements, or exercised this much more everything would be perfect. Perfect enough I could go back to work, provide like a proper husband, and not have to come up with bull shit lies about what I do for a living. However, in all the years I don't think she has sat in with my actual psychiatrist. A parade of therapists yes but not my actual psychiatrist. I found one I like and have been with him for about 5 years. The longest I have been with a mental healthcare professional ever. So, @CrazyRedhead that is a good idea. I'll ask next time I see him and explain she doesn't "get it". Thanks again everyone.
  2. This is my first post here and I've never posted on a forum about my mental illnesses since I was diagnosed with them a bit over 20 years ago. I have a sense of weakness or shame being a man that can't get his shit together. I suppose being out of a hospital is good. Haven't been inpatient in 2 years now. (Hospitalized about 15 times since diagnosed) Just constant group therapy stuff. You know. IOP, PHP, And all that. I have a good medical support system. My psych doc sees me twice a month and if he notices something we tweak my meds. Up the Abilify or lower the Wellbutrin, or whatever. I usually end up in some sort of group program a few times a year each time lasting about 8-10 weeks. I must be doing something right not being in a hospital I suppose. The support system I wish I had would be my family. My illness, a couple years back, was so disruptive to my daily life I had to go on SSDI, aka federal disability. I have worked since I was 8. Not supporting my kids and giving them vacations and such is killing me because Social Security isn't a lot of money. Yes, I am grateful for it but I wish I could do more. Back to my family. My wife of almost 10 years is growing distant daily. I am pretty sure most of my family thinks my mental anguish is some sort of get over, or that if I was just a stronger person I could be a normal husband contributing to the family. I always wanted to pass on generational wealth to my sons since I didn't have any. But, I failed at that because of my lot in life. Now after all that, my question is this. How do you deal with close family members discarding your afflictions as if you simply have a common cold and you'll eventually get over it? I'm losing the love of my life because of it, my wife. My mother thinks I'm just weak, and the rest of the family just pretends I, and especially the illnesses, do not exist. Any responses anecdotal or otherwise would be helpful. Thank you so much for those that read my rant. ?
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