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  1. Those are your experiences unique to yourself and your husband and they have nothing to do with my own personal experiences which is what my post was about. And I would actually go and blame the majority of black males which I have negatively encountered in my lifetime for creating the stigma which negatively effects your husband more than anything else. Furthermore, I am not going to go out of my way and sift through what I believe are overwhelming majorities just to encounter good black males. Based on my track record with them going back over 30 years, I just don't see it as something worth doing anymore or ever again in the future. I will spare myself the agony.
  2. Well, you are obviously biased if you chose to become married to an African-American man. My experiences with the African-American males in the hospitals, county jail, and state prison have all been the most negative of all the racial groups. Hell, even the African-American males in the inhumane involuntary boarding schools which my parents sent me to as a teenager were among the worst in those places. Not just this except they are the most inherently racist and talk the most about race on a minute to minute basis compared to all the other races. And please elaborate on how he has been treated as a criminal and in the same exact situation you were not and given preferential treatment. Or are you again just talking about the entire black male collective compared to white females?
  3. I don't like the way you speak. You sound like someone which I could force into a point where they start squealing about how offended they are like Kyle's obese mother on South Park. And people here question my suicidal ideation and desire to be euthanized like its related to nothing. Look at what I have to share the planet with. It has bookmarks and sub-categorical bookmarks about something that is a compete, utter, waste of its time and does nothing for it in real life just for approval rating on Internet forums. Strike me now from above please.
  4. Are you the type of female which I could run into and easily offend just by talking to the point where your ears will start hemorrhaging foam in a self-hating caucasion, distorted, liberal fit of rage? Its a good thing that you probably don't live near me. I could run into you at your local food court and have this effect on you making you lose your appetite and choke on your food in a liberal fit of rage every single time. And do you know what? People like yourself are usually so mentally weak and harmless off of the Internet that you would probably never even come up for air while I'm stating facts let alone run your mouth like this posting references everywhere. Black people as a collective are not as remotely important as self-hating white liberals make them out to be yet they are obsessed with them because its good for their business and gets them collectivist approval ratings on Internet forums.
  5. You are passive aggressive. From what I hear, like most of these victims of police brutality, George Floyd wasn't even fundamentally a good person and had a very embellished criminal record going back decades to show for it. All probability points to the fact that like most of the victims, he would just naturally go on to not rehabilitate, commit more problems, and keep his revolving door of crime in full motion for the rest of his life until he was admitted to a nursing home. And who would waste that much time and energy reading about a current generation of criminals and donate to them? What is wrong with the species today, they are all collectivists and don't have any instincts left. If I am so privileged why can't you set up a donation that benefits me and my community? What have these people ever done for you that would make someone so self-hating and feel so indebted to a specific collective which does nothing for them that they develop a Bill Gates complex every time one of them dies.
  6. And if someone wants to accuse me of racism. How is this even considered racism on here when there is someone comparing the Presidents skin complexion to Chester Cheetah and I am not even making any food-based analogies based on skin color? You will probably turn around and come up with an excuse as to why you can have it both ways and stuff a cake down your throat at the same time. That is how the pathetic world functions and keeps orbiting today... Nothing that is in control or enacted by what is in control makes any fucking sense in order to maintain mainstream tribalism and fabricated peace which means nothing.
  7. I see a ton of politicized anti-Trump rants on here and this is not a rant by any stretch, just a true account of my individual experiences in comparison with a current collectivist movement and its agenda. I have had some neutral and almost decent experiences with African American females but never with black males. I have never gotten along with any of them individually and they always wind up doing something unfathomable to me and betraying me if my interaction with them doesn't abruptly end and one of them keeps at pretending they are my friend long enough and the interaction goes on long enough for an opportunity to arise for them to do something like that. There was one African American male which punched me in the face over talking on a cell phone too long and to be honest if I ever saw him as an individual police subject being arrested with full force on television, while I would admit that the police officer was out of line doing that to anyone in general as in "All Lives Matter", I cannot pretend that I wouldn't be internally pleased by seeing and hearing it and not see it as a reason to act like I am offended by his mistreatment or potential death but that is just based on my individualistic experiences. What I am saying is that at this point, 31 years into a miserable, unwanted existence, is it safe to say that if every African American male has made it impossible for me to be fond of them then is it safe to assume that my interaction with every single one of them in the future would be unpleasant and to no longer waste my time trying to represent anything to them and just be oblivious to them and their coinciding movements? I think I am existentially incompatible with black males. Not black females though, they are generally good, as I've had some as good friends.
  8. I just want some clarification on this and when by default they started deploying hospital screeners and the police every single time someone utters anything related to having the desire to take part in any of these acts? When in the timeline of are species or domestically for the United States did threatening to commit suicide, saying you want to be euthanized, or the act of doing it become an issue that is not just a mental, emotional, and physical but also a legal one?
  9. No I am not and I'm not interested in ever seeing one either. They put you on a timer and I assume that they would have a gender and that there would be secondary aspects of gender expression in there also and for that reason I am not inclined to ever see any type of therapist or counselor ever again. I feel like I am not their species therefore anything they tell me based on being a functioning human-being will not be relevant. I do, however, take Latuda 40mg at the moment to prevent hallucinations and psychotic episodes from taking place. Sertraline 50mg is from my female urologist (not a false narrative from me) but I eventually will not need that as I am planning to become castrated in the next few years for physiological reasons (inflammatory disease of the scrotum and failed scrotoplasty) but also to come as close as possible in any way to representing self-reproductive hermaphroditism before I transfer to an oasis where there is no gender or possibly even sex and I exist as a hermaphrodite humiliating myself before the creator for sustenance. All I need is a different chromosomal arrangement, the presence of male and female gametes, a thoroughfare of fast food restaurants, the ability to fornicate with myself and grow hair, and picturesque sand and palm trees making therapy and counseling even more irrelevant for myself than it is now.
  10. You basically encountered someone who thinks that females should be able to grow full beards and that if they could that it should be accepted in the mainstream. And not just the small amounts that they typically wax off of their upper-lip and sides of their face. That becoming a reality would however jeopardize my fantasy of marrying a bearded woman in a traveling circus and getting away without having to contribute anything to society by being a stay-at-home or behind the scenes rather hermaphroditic husband who doesn't do any work and travels the country with her financially benefiting from her virility and good genetics. The proverbial Adam and Evelyn were androgynous. She had 49% of his strength and he had 49% of her beauty. After that it was all downhill from there for this species.
  11. My intelligence is in the average range (possibly due to a speed processing disorder and a 7th grade math level dragging it down), however I feel as if I am dealing with a polar mirrored opposite of myself the same way you are describing me from your end. Like I was literally just saying to myself as I responded, "How the fuck do all of these traditionalist 1-bit types possess such seemingly high intelligence and knowledge when they regard things the way they do?" "I think it's safe to say that the world would be a better place if they used their knowledge and intellect to fight for whatever equality can be achieved for the so-called human race and / or blending and eradicating cookie-cutterism." "Or if they just weren't intelligent at all, that would make proclaiming my views on gender expression inside of a Methodist church and getting my point across much easier." That is literally what I was saying to myself as I was responding to you. And normally Cerberus puts me into a fit of rage also except this time he didn't thus I chose not to argue any further points with him but you said that my post was bugging you and then I encountered your blog which mirrors what my blog would ever look like if I had one.
  12. End of rant? Its comments like this that aggravate my existence and my illness which is related to being incompatible my respective environment. This is how statments like "we may never become equal" keep being perpetuated. You decidedly declare my topic a rant and want to use your patriarchal influence and manner to put a premature end to it, not allow it to evolve or go anywhere, and in any way possible, and I'll repeat, just keep things like the collectivist, cookie-cutter, black and white crap that they are and go on arbitrarily getting married, having children, building the metaphorical arbitrary picket-fence which has no practical value and bringing the kids into and raised through hynosis and brainwashing into a world knowing that by the time they are 18 that one of them will be recommended to have a same-sex chaperone if seeing a male specialist and the other would be laughed at, ridiculed, and mocked for wanting the same thing while seeing a female specialist of the same kind or even just wanting a chaperone while seeing a male specialist. And I could also go into how a male is rarely ever questioned if he wants to undergo a vasectomy at a young age and is seemingly in good health but a female is turned down 9 out of 10 times if she wants tubal ligation surgery in her 20's or 30's if she hasn't had any children yet because of the false ethics system which is really just trying to prevent young women from being more in control over the eventual extinction of this species and the fact that young females in good health are seen as having significantly higher and more unique reproductive value than a male the same age and also in good health. Essentially, young men's reproductive health is seen as more disposable, generic, and might as well just sterilize him to profit off of the insurance companies to lessen the competition while young female's reproductive health is viewed as having incomparable value like nothing else and if too many of them proceed with tubal ligation then enough young men which are sex hungry and want the cookie-cutter arbitrary nuclear family will suffer for it. Well that's just too bad. If you don't like it then go seek help and talk with a female therapist since that's the same thing people like you tell me for not accepting that most of the world is like this. And were you saying what patriarch?
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