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  1. I am calling it my magic pill...maybe that's not a good thing, but that's how I feel. I feel really good. I still have my emotions, they just aren't so severe and the bad emotions don't stick around for more than a few minutes. I was worried I would become numb, but I haven't. I hope it works for you too! Hey Blue- I am sooo glad you are doing good, that gives me hope! I know it's only been a week but i really do feel like i'm happier...it can only get better, lets hope! Good luck and keep me posted, i'll do the same. Thanks so much!
  2. Blue Eyes, Thanks so much for the info, i really appreciate it! How are you doing now on the Pristiq? I'm at the end of my first week but haven't had any side effects yet so that is good, i hope it continues. Good luck
  3. Hi Day2Day- Thank you so very much for replying to me, i really appreciate it! I'm glad the Pristiq is working well for you so far, i'm at the end of my first week and it seems to be going well so far, no side effects at all. Much better than the Lexipro/Wellbutrin combo i have been on. I understand about the marriage situation, i'm on my second marriage and have a 9 yr old girl from my first marriage and a 2 yr old girl w/my second husband. Marriage is very hard, my husband and i are having a hard time too right now. Hang in there.
  4. Hi- i am new to this board and not sure where to post things...i have been on lexipro and wellbutrin but have gained 20 pds atleast and it just wasn't working, didnt' like lexipro so my dr just switched me to Pristiq yesterday, so this is day 2...no side effects yet and don't feel any different yet but it is early still. Just wondering what others are on pristiq and how ya'll are doing. any info would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks!
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