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  1. I don't see her till the 20th. Like I said just curious how long I should wait for awful side effects to subside before just quitting . I don't want to quit if they are going to stop but idk how much time to give it
  2. Not concerned about the lack of effect, I know it's a low dose. What I'm concerned about is the awful side effects, which is why I'm was asking how long I should try the medicine out. I'm curious how long it takes for side effects to go way. I definitely don't want to increase my dose yet since I already feel like shit on it
  3. Hello. After trying zoloft, prozac, abilify, and latuda, I was prescribed seroquel for bpd/depression. I am nearly 3 weeks (19 days to be exact) into and I'm not liking it at all. I have no energy or motivation, really hard to wake up, feel like im almost in a dream, and also experiencing constipation/stomach bloating (triggering body image problems). I am wondering how long I should stay with it to see if the side effects go away. I was thinking 1 month, as my next psych appointment will be right around the 30 day mark. However, I kind of want to stop taking it now, but i dont want to quit too early and possibly miss out on a well working med. The psychs i've seen always say how ap's start working so much faster than ad's so I dont know. Thanks!
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