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  1. Not sure what a CNS interaction warning is, I tried to google the interaction between Klonopin and Zoloft and the term CNS but didn't find much. Shouldn't my pdoc know that there could be an interaction issue with these two? I use drugs.com's [link=http://www.drugs.com/drug_interactions.html" target="_blank]Interactions Checker[/link], it's one of the better ones, just remember to add alcohol to list of meds if you're drinking it. I have no idea what your doctor knows but if you don't tell him he wont know you're having a possible interaction (not everyone does). That's a pretty cool tool to use. I don't drink at all so booze doesn't play a part. Have cut down to 50mg per day of Zoloft now and still exhausted. Any idea how long it takes for a person to see a change by reducing the dosage? I'd like to start functioning again.
  2. Is Zoloft for anxiety or for depression or for both? The lack of energy, wanting to sleep all the time, not feeling like I want to do anything at all and the lack of motivation has me more depressed than before. I've always had depression issues, but never to the point where I just wanted to sleep all day. That part scares me.
  3. Not sure what a CNS interaction warning is, I tried to google the interaction between Klonopin and Zoloft and the term CNS but didn't find much. Shouldn't my pdoc know that there could be an interaction issue with these two?
  4. My pdoc prescribed me Sertaline (generic for Zoloft) in addition to my 150mg of Wellbutrin and .5mg (2x daily) of Klonopin because she said the Sertaline would help with anxiety and often works well with Wellburtin (she said some call it Well-Oft). I started at 50mg per day of Sertaline in addition to the others and didn't notice much of a difference. When she bumped me up to 75mg per day of Sertaline in addition to the others, about five or six weeks in now all I want to do is sleep. I work from home and have become very unmotivated to get any work done, find myself exhausted a lot and the sleeping during the daytime makes me soooooo depressed. I started taking the Wellbutrin and Sertaline in the morning so I decided to switch it to nightime hoping I'd be less tired. That worked a little bit, but I am still unmotivated to do anything and simply want to lay in bed all day. I see my pdoc in a couple of weeks but I am already started to cut back on the Sertaline (now taking 50mg a day). Has anyone experienced this with Zoloft? I don't wake up anxious like I used to, just depressed and lethargic. Not a good trade off for me. Can Zoloft make you more depressed? It's the 4th of July, finally sunny out and I've slept in until 1PM and don't want to do anything. Any shared stories would help me.
  5. Ok, I'm done with Pristiq 100mg. I started on Pristiq in September on the advice of my pdoc for depression and anxiety and she started me on the normal dose of 50mg once per day. Then when I gave it a good two months to work, she bumped it up to 100mg daily, which was a new dose that very few people were on. It is now mid January and I don't feel it has helped me at all. I am still feeling unmotivated to do much of anything, don't want to do the things I enjoy and am anxious every morning. The other drawback to Pristiq is that every time I try to get a re-fill, my pharmacy is out. I use Wal Mart which is a pretty big pharmacy and this last time I tried to get a re-fill they were out once again. However, this time they still don't have it and it's been six days since my last dose. Forget this. I see my pdoc tomorrow (Thursday) and I am going to tell her I want to change. Since I have been off the Pristiq I was very emotional at first (crying Sunday) and the last few days I've been extremely irritible and angry. Then today (Wednesday) I am feeling depressed and lonely. I know this roller coaster is basically de-toxing off the drug but as crappy as it's been there have also been more "windows" of happiness than at any other time on Pristiq. My question is this, since Pristiq is Effexor is there anyone who didn't respond to Effexor and moved to another anti depressant that was successful. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
  6. I've been on Pristiq 100mg daily since about November, up from 50mg daily when I started it in September. since it's a new drug, there have been times where its been out of stock but only for a day or so and I never missed a dose. This time however, they are out of it until Monday afternoon and I have missed two days now and will miss at least three before I get my refill. I woke up this morning (Sunday, second missed dose) with HIGH anxiety. Not wanting to get out of bed but not able to go back to sleep for any good period of time after 8AM. I stayed in bed until 11:30AM and it was torture, nearly an anxiety attack but not quite (I know, my mistake for staying in bed, should have gotten out and started moving). My question is, can missing two doses do this to me this quickly? I'm also on a very small amount of Klonopin (.25mg morning and .25mg evening) but tapered down to this current dose because I didn't want to be on a Benzo. Anyone else out there on Pristiq and has missed a few doses? I don't check this site often so any responses can also be e-mailed to mjfarrell5959@yahoo.com or hit me up at mjfarrell5959 on Yahoo Messenger. Thanks.
  7. I was wondering if my feeling lonely, unloved, depressed and crying spells of late could be due to my withdrawal from Klonopin. I find myself so oversensitive to everything and can't stand it. Here's a quick example.... Wife and I separated back in November, she moved back in March admitting it was a mistake to leave. Her abandonment triggered my repressed feelings of being abandoned as a kid by my mom who killed herself when I was 15. PTSD for sure but it has seemingly gotten worse the last many weeks. I saw a new pdoc July 22 and am currently tapering off Klonopin as follows... Was on 1mg morning, 1mg night did 1mg morning, 1/2mg night for 10 days currently doing 1/2mg morning, 1/2mg night for 10 days (am on day 6) will do 1/4mg morning, 1/4mg night for 10 days will do 1/4mg either morning or night for 10 days I am also on 50mg Pristiq, a new antidepressent and have been since July 22. Today I e-mailed her about a nightmare I had this morning about our marriage breaking up and how scary it was. We went back and forth a bit on the topic and in my last e-mail I said "I need your help through this, I love you so much" and she didn't respond until 50 minutes later in which she simply told me about a project she would be working on away from her desk for the rest of the day and she would call me when she got out of work. No "I love you back, etc." I was despondent and still am. I started to feel alone, unloved and just laid in bed for about 1/2 hour crying like never before about how no one in the world loves or cares about me, especially my mom and now my wife. I am still depressed and sad and could cry all over again. I feel like I'm so overly-senstive to everything, like every nerve is raw and exposed. Could this be a side effect? I hate feeling this way and hate being so sensitive but I'm not sure if it's the PTSD, the withdrawal or a combo of the two. Any responses would make me feel slightly less alone and if there's anyone out there who would like to talk, please message me at mjfarrell5959 on Yahoo messenger. I'd really love to talk to some people about this because I don't feel anyone understands what I'm dealing with.
  8. Hi, thanks for your response. It seems to me to be somewhat recent (last many weeks) as far as the morning depression is concerned. I started my taper July 28 and I wish I could remember if it was before or after that but I think after. Before I would wake up anxious but not sad and depressed so I think it's a withdrawal side effect. Sorry, what is a tdoc? I assume a therapist, right? If so, yes. I see one every week. Has it helped? It has been a long, slow process of therapy for me and I was making progress but lately I have been as despondant as I can ever remember. I was on a combination of Vyvanse (amphedamine) 70mg and Klonopin (sedative) 2mg, both daily, for 10 months thanks to my last pdoc (great combo he put me on). The anxiety started to get worse and worse, I suppose as a result of my brain building up a tolerance to the Klonopin (I've read this happens) and the Vyvanse (speed basically) has a big-time side effect of making you anxious so I think the Vyvanse was making me more and more anxious while the Klonopin didn't work. I went to a new pdoc and, after researching the combo I was on, I told her how anxious I was. I was already tapering off the Vyvanse through my old pdoc at my request so we were able to stop that cold turkey (from 30mg to none) and she wanted me to switch over to Xanax from Klonopin but I didn't want to. I didn't want to trade one Benzo for another. So I guess it's my decision to get off this stuff. Since I posted last I have become more depressed and feeling lonely, unloved and sad. Today was the worst day for that yet. I also find myself very oversensitive to everything. Like today my wife didn't say I love you back to me in an e-mail before she had to log off and I was despondent and cried for 1/2 hour and am still depressed. I feel like I'm going crazy.
  9. Benzo's are depressants? Not sure what this means, can you explain? Will going off a drug like Klonopin make me depressed? I originally took it because of severe anxiety due to my wife moving out on me (separation) and was on something else for depression. But if tapering off a Benzo is contributing to my depression I would feel a little better knowing that eventually once I get off this Klonopin I might feel better.
  10. Does anyone else wake up very depressed every morning after being somewhat relaxed and okay before going to bed? Is this because I have Klonopin in my system when I go to bed (I take it about two hours before bedtime which is usually around 11PM) and when I wake up at around 7AM it is not working anymore or could this be a withdrawal symptom? It's like Jeckyll and Hyde for me. It's Sunday night at 5:33PM EST and I feel okay but I know tomorrow morning (Mondays are the worst) that I will wake up feeling sad, depressed and just not wanting to face the day. It's so hard for me to tell if I'm messed up like this because I'm tapering off the Klonopin or if it's because I'm dealing with PTSD and feeling many of the things I felt when I was younger before and after my mom killed herself at 15 (fear, anxiety, sadness, loss, a hole in my heart). My taper schedule is now... 1/2 mg morning, 1/2 mg night for six more days 1/4 mg morning, 1/4 mg night for 10 days 1/4 mg either morning or night for 10 days I'm also on 50mg of Pristiq (new anti-depressant from makers of Effexor) and it is going on three weeks and it hasn't done much of anything. Can an anti-depressant work while tapering off Klonopin? Any response would be helpful. Thanks.
  11. Pdoc called me back and I told her I wanted to start back on the Klonopin since I had taken one this morning (1mg) and would then like to slowly, slowly wean off it. So we have a plan now to get me off this stuff and not onto Xanax or any other evil Benzo. These things are a danger, they could make someone kill themselves. I guess I misunderstood my Pdoc. She said take the Xanax to replace the Klonopin "as needed" and once the Vyvanse was stopped, I didn't feel as anxious so I didn't "need it" until today's near meltdown. Holy cow! But I don't want to stop one Benzo and start another, I'd rather wean off the one my system is used to rather than get my system used to another and then wean off that. So hopefully the slow approach to getting off Klonopin will help. By the way, to those out there my screen name on Yahoo messenger is mjfarrell5959 if anyone wants to chat about these horrible drugs or whatever. I am usually on during the day. Pdocs should tell you how potent these things are to get off of before prescribing them, don't you all agree?
  12. I started Pristiq last Wednesday and I thought it was working great until today (Monday) when I woke up anxious and feeling so hopeless I had suicidal thoughts. It was not a good morning at all. I am on the 50mg dosage, which seems to be the only way they prescribe it. However, I think the reason for my horrid morning was because I went cold turkey off both Vyvanse (amphedamine) and Klonopin (sedative) that my previous quack doctor had prescribed (I was down to 30mg of Vyvanse which had been reduced from 70mg for about a week and my original KPin amount of 2mg per day which I was on for 10 months). I started reading about Benzos (Klonopin, Xanax) and how you're not supposed to cold turkey them because they are addictive and how it takes a slow, slow withdrawal. Little did I know. My new pdoc replaced KPin with Xanax but I wasn't feeling nearly as anxious without the Vyvanse in my system so I didn't take the Xanax (.5mg) at all. Big mistake! I thought I was going to die today. I'm back on the KPin and will be tapering off for a month so hopefully that will help me and the Pristiq can start to work as well. But until I start reducing the KPin I don't think I'll know how the Pristiq is really working. By the way, my Yahoo messenger name is mjfarrell5959 and I'm on during the day alot if anyone wants to message. This drug stuff can be scary so talking to others helps.
  13. I went cold turkey off Klonopin last Tuesday (last pill was Tuesday morning) after being on 2mg a day for 10 months and this morning (Monday) I felt like I was going to die. I woke up and was sweating through the sheets, my nervous system was beyond active, pupils dilated and I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. Oh yeah, and I had minor thoughts of suicide (my mother killed herself when I was 15, I stuffed the emotions and feelings and now at 38 I am suffering from PTSD). It was one of the scariest mornings of my life. I called my pdoc and left a message and took a 1mg pill and felt calmer. I talked to her when she called back and I'm going to taper off Klonopin as follows... for 1 week I will take 1mg in morning and 1/2mg at night for 1 week I will take 1/2 mg in morning and 1/2 mg at night for 1 week I will take 1/2mg either morning or night (my choice) for 1 week I will take 1/4mg either morning or night (my choice) Does this sound right? She said every five days but after reading all this stuff about the withdrawal symptoms and experiencing the scariest morning in a long, long time this morning, I want to be as catious as I can. Thoughts?
  14. Hi all, new to this site, I'll make my long story short... I was on Vyvanse (amphedamine) and Klonopin (sedative) at the same time for last 8 months per orders of my old pdoc. I met with a new pdoc last Tuesday because my current one is a quack for putting me on an amphedamine and sedative at the same time in the first place. I told her the Klonopin wasn't working and the Vyvanse I thought was adding to my anxiety so she told me to stop taking the Vyvanse (I had been on 30mg for a week, down from the 70 I was taking before) cold turkey since my dosage was low enough and to replace the Klonopin (1 mg twice a day, three times if needed) with Xanax (.5 mg three times a day as needed). So after stopping the Vyvanse (speed) I didn't feel as anxious the day after I met with my new doc so I didn't take any Xanax. Same thing Thursday, Friday and Saturday but some side effects started hitting me. Upset stomach started it off but that ended but Saturday night I had a horrible headache and yesterday (Sunday) my anxiety was really high. This morning (Monday) I woke up and was sweating through the sheets, afraid to get out of bed and nearly had a panic attack. I actually had brief suicidal thoughts for the first time in a long time. I took my first Xanax last night a couple hours before bed but having read up about these Benzodiazepines (Klonopin and Xanax) they have horrible withdrawal symptoms which can lead to hopelessness, bad headaches, suicidal ideation, etc. I called and left a message for my pdoc today so she'll call me back later. I told her I want to go back on the Klonopin and then taper off it very slowly until I'm done with it and not replace it with another Benzo. I then took a 1mg Klonopin and it calmed me but this morning was so scary I am traumatized by it. I'm afraid I will feel that way again tomorrow and so on. I thought I was doing okay. I thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel but now I've taken a huge step back because of this withdrawal and it scares the heck out of me. I've tried to explain my fear and anxiety with my wife but I am not feeling the compassion I need. That could be the effects of the withdrawal as well (i.e. her compassion won't be enough because of my high expectations) so I'd really like some people to talk to. My Yahoo instant messenger is mjfarrell5959 if anyone wants to chat and any response to this post from people who have gone off this awful stuff before would help as well.
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